Overflow Crowd Watches as Cubs Pick Off the Panthers to Advance in the Playoffs

Cooper Scott gets in front of a Panther base runner in a pick-off for the third out

Cooper Scott gets in front of a Panther base runner in a pick-off for the third out. [Photos by Becky Crossland]

Press release from the South Fork High School Boosters written by Suzanne Van Meter:

The South Fork High School Cubs baseball team extended their post-season in the North Coast Section Division Six playoff series Wednesday with a win over the Anderson Valley Panthers. The top seeded Cubs earned home field advantage where the bleachers overflowed to the lawn areas with a great crowd supportive fans.

After a shaky first inning adjustment period resulting in an unearned run by the 8th seeded Panthers, the top seeded Cubs, led by senior ace Scott Coffelt, ultimately handled their opponent in six innings.

The first-round game saw the return of lead-off hitter and short-stop Cooper Scott, who was benched for three weeks after suffering an injury earlier in the month. Scott, who led the team during the regular season in OBP picked up right where he left off during the regular season and went 2 for 4 with 2 stolen bases.

The Panthers were able to capitalize on some overly aggressive base running which resulted in outs at pivotal times during the first and third innings and the Cubs left bases loaded three times in the contest, but the Panther offense never gained momentum and they defensively sputtered out by the fourth inning.

To conserve pitching efforts in anticipation of a potential appearance in round two, Coach Corky Coffelt switched first baseman CJ Van Meter and Scott Coffelt in the fourth inning. Junior lefty Van Meter pitched three innings in a bright performance on the mound.

Scott Coffelt turns on a pitch that results in a home run deep into center field.

Scott Coffelt turns on a pitch that results in a home run deep into center field.

In addition to the pitching change causing problems for Anderson Valley, South Fork made outstanding defensive plays with a great effort foul-ball catch at first base by Coffelt and a hot pick-off play between Van Meter and Scott to kill a stolen base attempt at second base to end the inning.

The Panthers were never able to fully recover. Down 7-2 in the fifth inning, the Panthers made a pitching change of their own but the Cubs were able to continue to dominate at the plate with hits throughout the lineup, a homerun deep beyond the centerfield fence for Coffelt in the sixth inning and a stellar walk-off knock by spark-plug Cooper Scott ended the game 12-2.

Asked after the game how he thought his Cubbbies played, Coach Coffelt admitted, “ I was little worried when the game started but we settled and got the win. We are going to have to play better versus Laytonville on Saturday.”

In a contest that saw every player on the roster see a pitch, stand-out Junior Cody Wyatt, who caught the entire game, went 2 for 3; Sr. Coffelt 2 for 4, Jr. Van Meter 2 for 3, Jr. Scott 1 for 4; Jr. Paula 1 for 2, Fr. McConnell 1 for 2; So. Butterworth-Bignon 1 for 1; Sr. Malley 1 for 2; So. Pogue 0 for 1; Fr. Contreras 3BB; Fr. Messenger 0 for 2 and Fr. Truscott 0 for 1.

The Cubs play Saturday May 26th 1:00 at South Fork High School against the 4th seed Laytonville Warriors who defeated Pt. Arena to advance to the second round.



  • was everyone at the snack bar in the 2nd photo? and how many windows/windshields do they go thru a game!? go Cubbies!

    • Suzanne Van Meter

      Yes, actually they were at the snack bar. Thanks for asking. We are so grateful that they support the Booster Club by visiting the snack bar operated by dedicated Boosters who raise money to fund 100% of the athletic endeavors at both Miranda Jr. High and South Fork High School.

    • When I played we never broke any windshields but definitely dented some roofs and hoods. Nice cars usually tried to park up by the Jr high.

  • Brooks Robinson

    Do all position players now wear face protection? To all players: wearing your cap backwards while on the field looks totally Bush League, respect the game.
    Go Cubs! Go!

  • Martin Stockel

    Keep mowing them down Cubs! Was an outstanding game. Well done guys.

  • We had 140 people show up at Wednesday’s game. The picture shows the over flow of kids on the other bleachers. The community is awesome for showing up and supporting our boys. As for Cooper, a big standing ovation for getting back out on the field after having his nose broke by a line drive not to long ago.
    GO CUBS!!!

  • Congrats Cubs nice to hear positive things from these sohum young men, respect the the game and the competition but dont take your foot off the juggler until the game is over

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