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If you’re ready to honestly share your views about gun rights-and listen respectfully to those who disagree with you–you are invited to a community forum on gun laws. [Allow a little time for the PDF Flyer to load.]

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  • First the left[edit] have to actually read the Constitution, a document they hate. Then we can have a proper forum.

    • I agree. There are over a half a billion guns in this country, guesstimates of 750 million + -. The best part of this is more than half of all guns in US are NOT registered. This means the govt. does not know where they are, but we do. Then there are all the people who make guns every day, and no one knows. For less than $2500, you can get the machine tools needed to make AR 15’s all day, not to mention any other kind of gun, pistols and shotguns. Then, there are all those who make ammo, reloading and making new rounds, and there are estimates of over a trillion rounds in the US, and counting. So fear not patriots. The left cannot decide what bathroom to use, we have trillions of bullets.

  • The reason that the Founding Fathers entered the Second Amendment was so that there would be an armed populace in case the government’s actions ever became contrary to the aims of liberty.

    I myself don’t own a gun. Don’t even especially like them. But that’s the difference. I don’t like guns, so I don’t own one. Another sector of society who don’t like guns want to confiscate them.

    And school shootings? Mass shootings? Maybe stop drugging boys. Stop holding them captive in classrooms for twelve years.

  • The Supreme Law of the Land secures the right of the people to be able to defend life from life takers. Over 2 million lives are saved annually, by a good guy with a gun. If there were no such thing as the modern gun free zones, we wouldn’t have modern gun free zone murdering sprees.
    Speaking of good guys with a gun saving the lives of multitudes of people, here’s a recent one. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to save every single person the assaulter assaulted, but by golly, he most certainly saved the lives of all the remaining people.

    • Thanks shak keep up the truth. Funny how all you hear about is bad people with guns. No agenda there right.

      • Aren’t you curious about the source of his statement that millions of lives are saved by gun violence? Where did that research come from?

        • Agenda twisted statement are made not even necessarily being believe by those who make them. They are tools, just like the constant blaming of everything American is to you.

        • The CDC failed to make note of that part of the research, but the researchers made it public despite the propaganda arm of the traitors that were in office at the time.

      • Veteran's friend

        Most recent save was a good guy with a basket ball. 😁

    • The Supreme Law of the Land? I thought you meant money. That’s what truly makes and brakes laws.

  • The meek shall inherit California.

  • i’m not sure what the agenda is, but its kinda shrouded in my mind. Jessica appears to be a paid motivational speaker??

    • Agreed. Bought and paid for by all the typical suspects.
      PROVIDE A FAIR TOWNHALL or don’t provide one at all. To be honest, there shouldn’t even be any discussion on it anyway. The constitution does NOT GIVE us our rights, it SECURES our rights.

  • When state’s that can’t afford to protect the innocent, can find the money to pay $8,000.00+ per month to NOT protect the innocent, it’s up to the people to protect from both the state and the assassins-by-default.

  • Veteran's friend

    If you have to sign up for it, it’s a trickbag😁
    Pre-register & take a survey.
    They will know EVERYTHING about you before you arrive.

  • I have the right to keep and bear arms,not much to discuss

  • I work a paramilitary job with no criminal record and a thorough FBI background check. I also have three children and live 1 hour away from law enforcement. I own approximately 50 firearms,3 of which I keep “in house”. Im proud to live in this country and do my best to make it better. I am also a life member of NRA and will Always defend my freedom to bear arms and not to abolish the second amendment right any more than it has. Yes I live in California, the second most stringent gun law state in the nation and strive to kemp my firearms cal legal (a pain n the ass!). I teach my children the dangers of firearms and to treat them with the utmost respect…yes… there designed to kill. As far as my self and other law abiding citizens,I should be able to own ANY small arms out there to protect myself,neighbors and family members. This world is only getting worse with desperation and rampant drug use. YES , I am down with gun control,not banning of. Criminals will always be able to get guns so why do I have to turn mine in?

  • Why did we have to drop 2 nukes on Japan? We were worried about self-defense by the Japanese citizens. Bingo … history tells us why we need an armed public.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      It was either the two nukes or my father and about a million other already exhausted troops in a full-on invasion of the Japanese homeland. A huge armada was assembled for the final assault. Millions of lives were saved all the way around despite too many people on my liberal side trying to make it a war-crime by the U.S. Bullshit. If anybody ever asked for it, the Japanese Imperial Government did. Three sneak attacks in 50 years: on China-1894; Russia-1904, and, of course Pearl Harbor, 1941. The Japanese butchered their way through Asia: Bataan Death March, Rape of Manila, Rape and annihilation in Nanking (look it the hell up), on and on.

      The U.S. Does have a problematic record of unwarranted wars; we are far from perfect. But Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the result of a unique historical situation which must never be repeated. Of course, if Germany or Japan had developed the “bomb” first you KNOW they would have used it, given their obvious record of barbarity and destruction.

      Hope this helps. BTW, my visit to Japan during the Vietnam disaster was fun and cordial and the citizens were unfailingly polite and engaging with a knowledge of human frailty. That horrible young Japanese woman who was on Bonnie’s radio program a few years ago trying to blame the bombing on the U.S. was very wrong. Shame on her.

      • It was a war crime. The us had the surrender negotiated, but they wanted to test their weapon on “those” people.

      • “… on the 70th anniversary of Japan’s devastating bombardment of the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, evidence has emerged showing that President Franklin D.Roosevelt was warned three days before the attack that the Japanese empire was eyeing up Hawaii with a view to “open conflict.””

        • Yes, Pearl Harbor could have been stopped but was allowed to happen so US would have justification to engage Japan.

        • I’m always amazed what political opposites have in common. They believe in conspiracies, simplicities, startling revelations and reliance on everyone else being wrong to arrive to their opposite accusations and blame. Ernestine thinks the President knew and wanted the war in the name of the World Wide Conspiracy of Evil. Ullr Rover believes the same thing. Where they part is what that Evil is.

          What one of the links actually said was “But Mr Shirley said: “Based on all my research, I believe that neither Roosevelt nor anybody in his government, the Navy or the War Department knew that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbour. There was no conspiracy.”

          In the real world, the President is in receipt of many opinions and pieces of information each day, a lot of them in total conflict. Why is it so hard to believe that humans, including Presidents, incapable of controlling most things much less all things, are paddling as hard as they simply to keep afloat. They are neither omnipresent or omnipotent.

          • You have no idea what I believe.

            The idea that Pearl Harbor was an unprovoked, suprise has been built into our national narrative. The truth is the US Navy had a blockade established in the west Pacific and the US knew it was only a matter of time before Japan responded. The Telegraph cites declassified memos which explicitly state that Japan was preparing an attack on US soil.

            It is the same narrative that the events of 9/11 were a total surprise, despite the intelligence brief a couple of months prior that explicitly stated that Al Qaeda was planning on using hijacked jets as missiles against US targets.

            It’s not a conspiracy it’s good advertising. And the US populace bought it, both times.

            • That is not the same as the President knowing that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked. As to what you believe, I only know what you wrote, which I am polite enough to assume is what you believe. The one of the links you supplied was pretty clear about the memo you specified not representing what you said it did.

              I remember working in a place and a time where bomb threats became frequent. We all trooped out excitedly the first time. The second time, the third. By the fourth, we ambled out grumping about it all. The fifth, almost no body left. After that, the warnings were ignored universally. If a bomb had gone off, which it never did, we would have been surprised as all get out. That is reality. It is the reason that every threat, intelligence, possibility, etc does not effect what people do beyond a certain point. And why, on the very rare occasions when something does happen, people are taken by surprise. Or that anyone really believes, even if taken seriously, bad crap can be prevented like it was a movie set.

              • You assumed what I believe based on an article I quoted. I did not opine in anyway on the quote; it stood for itself.

                Again, with regards to Pearl Harbor, if you keep poking at the bear and it finally lashes out it should not come as a surprise. The US knew that Japan would eventually lash out, but playing the victim swayed the popular sentiment towards intervention into WW2 better than the truth.

                • Japanese expansion was a vigorous national policy for more than a decade prior to Pearl Harbor. It was not going to be stopped by appeasement or negotiation anymore than Chamberlain succeeded with that with Germany. Japan had been pushing the US since it invaded China, where the US had a presence, building a very large modern fleet. The US split it’s fleet between the Atlanic and Pacific to deal with German attacks on British and American shipping. Something the public supported. Japan saw the weakness and struck. It was with hindsight a mistake but it wasn’t some diabolical plot. It seemed that was the only choice at the time.

                  It does not take two to war. It takes one to make war. It just takes two to fight a war.

                • It was a “diabolical” plot. I don’t know what their real intention was, but it seemed liked dominating the Pacific Rim was part of it. They sent ballon bombs into the western USA as terrorist acts…. I don’t think they really knew how big the USA really is. One of those bombs landed in Hayfork. Another one of those bombs caused casualties in Oregon.

                  The industry that was built around the war machine of the USA entering WWII propelled the USA into the country we know now. This was intentional. The “Great War” showed the industrialists the money that could be made in massive wars and WWII was used as a money making machine. The narrative of the righteousness of the USA involvement in WW2 is part of our psyche…. unfortunately it is BS.

              • “The one of the links you supplied was pretty clear about the memo you specified not representing what you said it did.” Quote please.

          • Look into Operation Northwoods and the Gulf of Tonkin incident for a couple of examples of the trustworthiness of our government.

            • The powers-that-be use of false narratives through history to sway the current of public opinion is enough to make one a cynic.

              • So pearl harbor was an inside ? Twin towers was an inside job? Holy shit batman, you mean to tell that people think ahead ,nawww,no way , from what I see everyday in Humboldt I strongly dissagree

                • I never said pearl harbor or 9/11 were inside jobs. The facts are that these were predicted events that were played off as total surprises.

          • Okay, you may be my new favorite conservative. (Although, I reserve the right to believe that this latest president is either remarkably unable or not paddling very hard.)

            • The Trump administration came in with a lot of political capital to “drain the swamp” and carry out a big agenda that ran counter current to the powers-that-be. Instead that capital has been squandered and the administration has taken up the neo-con agenda… ironically, the same agenda Hillary spouted while running. Moar war.

              • I ran across this list today made by a commentator on YT.

                “There’s a big big list of alligators not seeking re-election.

                Not seeking re-election.
                Bob Corker – Republican
                Jeff Flake – Republican
                Orrin Hatch – Republican
                John McCain – Republican
                Bill Shuster – Republican
                Bob Goodlatte – Republican
                Carol Shea-Porter – Democrat
                Charles W. Dent – Republican
                Darrell Issa – Republican
                Dave Reichert – Republican
                David Trott – Republican
                Dennis Ross – Republican
                Edward Royce – Republican
                Elizabeth Esty – Democrat
                Frank LoBiondo – Republican
                Gene Green – Democrat
                Gregg Harper – Republican
                Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – Republican
                Jeb Hensarling – Republican
                Jim Bridenstine – Republican
                Joe Barton – Republican
                John Delaney – Democrat
                John J. Duncan, Jr. – Republican
                Lamar Smith – Republican
                Luis V. Gutierrez – Democrat
                Lynn Jenkins – Republican
                Niki Tsongas – Democrat
                Paul Ryan – Republican
                Rick Nolan – Democrat
                Robert Brady – Democrat
                Rodney Frelinghuysen – Republican
                Ruben J. Kihuen – Democrat
                Ryan Costello – Republican
                Sam Johnson – Republican
                Sandy Levin – Democrat
                Ted Poe – Republican
                Thomas Rooney – Republican
                Trey Gowdy – Republican

                Al Franken – Democratic U.S. Senate
                Blake Farenthold – Republican U.S. House
                Jason Chaffetz – Republican U.S. House
                John Conyers, Jr. – Democrat U.S. House
                Louise Slaughter – Democrat U.S. House
                Patrick Meehan – Republican U.S. House
                Patrick J. Tiberi – Republican U.S. House
                Thad Cochran – Republican U.S. Senate
                Tim Murphy – Republican U.S. House
                Trent Franks – Republican U.S. House
                Xavier Becerra – Democrat Attorney General of California

                Then you got DOJ, FBI, CDC, FTC, and literally hundreds of CEOs of major companies since around November last year. Way too many to list here”

                So, I went searching for the lists. Sure enough, they’re for real.
                There’s also an impaneled jury, 30,000-ish sealed indictments, EO’s for Rico Law and military tribunals, and so much more.

                Another list that’s worth noting, is the list that keeps track of all the pedo rings that have been broken up, the pedo’s that have been arrested, and most importantly, the people who have been rescued from their captors since the day POTUS took office.

                World Wide. Not just county or country wide.

                edit: there’s also a list of who’s been fired or demoted. Some retirements were what the boss calls ‘forced’.
                This list will become widely known shortly, according to the whistleblower.

            • Trump is a politician, the same as all previous presidents, he just uses the media, and plays them like a violin, and now north Korea is doing the same.

              • Unlike so much of the public, as represented here anyway, and the press, I didn’t expect Trump would get as much done as he has. Washington has a massive self indulgent conceit that is hard to move. I would have said impossible to move. At the very least they think that they can out wait Trump and let the fickle public turn on him. As they always do unless constantly charmed.

                But, even though he was surprised by the amount of drag and active resistance, he is much more of a bulldog than I expected. He keeps pecking at it. And, the greatest surprise, he really tries to fulfill his campaign promises as best he can. If this is a wave of the future, I’ll have to start paying attention to other’s promises in the future.

                Actually if Trump has been a politician like “all previous Presidents”, he would have avoided much trouble by using the tools that the Clintons and others honed to a fine art of misdirection and cronyism. The Clintons and Obamas played the press too but in their case the press was a willing accomplice. A cozy, back patting accomplice.

                North Korea has played the same game of shy bride through at least four administrations. They throw a public hissy fit, allow themselve to be wooed into negotiations then shy away from the bedroom at the last minute, taking whatever perks have been given with them. Trump has played it differently in that he has not given North Korea any goodies just to go back to their usual bluster and bullshit. So they are now trying to play with others. China and South Korea will be dancing but whether it will lead to anything ??? As Trump put it “everyone plays games.” Bush and Obama knew it but played along for political cache at home, even to the point of risking America. Who knows what will happen if the old game doesn’t work so well anymore.

            • Why does your setup limit ‘response ‘ at certain points? E.g. I can’t respond to ‘guest ‘ and their last comment l

      • Not to mention the Japanese public was ordered to fight to the death, even though they were lacking weapons and munitions they were told by their government to use sharp sticks and anything they could.

        On the flip side, no evasion was specifically ordered on the west coast of the United States because the Japanese knew how well-armed America was.

  • Divide by Zero

    Shall not be infringed, end of discussion.

    • I’d be in this camp if you-all with guns had a lick of sense, but you cower and continue to allow the government to enrich the elite while you blame the poorest and weakest for our social problems.
      And that cognitive dissonance makes our kids crazy and they take your guns to school and shoot their classmates.
      The purpose of the second amendment was to be able to stand up to authority not to terrorise school children.

      • The purpose of the second amendment is actually self preservation. The second amendment enables a citizen with the ability to defend ones self from criminal assault as well as governmental tyranny.

        The purpose of the second amendment is not to commit crime but to defend oneself from criminals.

        Murder is already a crime, laws pertaining to murder are numerous carrying penalties up to and including punishment by death depending where the crime was committed.

        Our police do not have an obligation to protect each and every individual in the country. This is obvious otherwise each of us would have our pwn private police officer 24/7.

        Assign each person a cop/bodyguard and the second amendment would still serve to guarantee our ability to thwart a tyrannical government. In regards to the “good luck fighting the military “ crowd of thinking, it’s already illegal for the military to be used against its citizens.

        The left has been trying to destroy the second amendment, ban and confiscate our firearms for decades. Banning guns only makes sense to liberals for as long as there remains a strong gun ownership, America is relatively safe from a foreign military invasion. The only way to defeat the US is from within, which is why the left needs to abolish the second. Yes, Socialism is that important to them.

        I realize it seems this is the wild, Wild West at times. But if you look closely at the criminal behavior patterns and mental health issues we have today, you can blame it on the left. Stop blaming guns and firearms manufacturers and place blame where it truly belongs, piss poor parenting and role models. Piss poor mental heath, psychotic drugs (prescribed or not) violence in films, television and video games. Not to mention a revolving door penal system.

        School bullying and teenage hormones were responsible for the Santa Fe shooting as per the media reports I read, go figure.

        In the old days grudges were settled with fists but now kids can’t hit kids so they just shoot them. Rather than give the kids a certificate for “bully awareness” or whatever, teach them to defend themselves without resulting to deadly force.

        Colleges also became much more liberal in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The violence we’re seeing now is possibly a direct result of this liberal teaching.

        While I agree something must be done about violence in America, it’s violence that’s the problem, not guns. Quit mixing the two together.

        • Very well said 1ideJim.

        • This guy for president

        • Between Bush and Obamas National Defense authorization acts and specifically Obamas Executive Order 13528. Posse Comitatus is no longer, the federal government has the right to commandeer the National Guard for use against fighting terrorism or during National emergencies. One of the first cases was during Hurricane Katrina, where the National Guard literally went house-to-house confiscating guns from homeowners trying to protect and secure their items from looting.

          As far as the argument that there’s no way the people could stand up to our government, with all of their nuks and big bombs and such. Take a look at the Middle East were people with no more than AK-47s and rifle launched grenades have been keeping our military in check for almost 20 years now. Or the Vietcong for that matter. Who won a war utilizing little more than sharp sticks, AK-47s and grenades.

      • Everything's not all about you

        No. As usual you got it wrong. The Constitution was written to have the beneficial effects of government while simultaneously keeping that same government from taking all power to itself. The Second Amendment defines the limit of government, not the duty of citizens. It defines what the government must not do to its own citizens. Nothing more.

        As to the reconstructed history you create to cast shame on the US, it just didn’t happen that way. Your persistence in twisting everything to blame the US is simply embarassing and superficial.

      • Yo Ernie, I’m a gun owner ,and my guns are always locked in a safe, my kids are grown now and we’re never allowed to be around my guns, end of story, and if your poor , well tough ,so am i ,and if your weak ,tough so am i , cut the poor me crap, if you have a job and your productive then your the richest person

  • GW said it best.

  • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

    This discussion thread is the perfect example of why this blog’s comments section has a well-deserved reputation for being loony right-wing & idiotic. 🤪

  • Many on this thread are bashing those who hold different political views than them. On a post that is about a meeting to CIVILLY discuss this issue. Shame on them…

    I support some gun legislation to address problems we have had for decades. Close the loopholes on background checks (not every dealer is required to have an FFL and thus do not have to perform background checks), research funding also and allow greater access to ATF records by law enforcement by digitization of records. I would also like red flag participating agencies widened to better identify people who are mentally unfit and prohibit them from purchases. I own guns. I will never support bans.

    Thank you to those who can debate and express opinions without ad hominem attacks or bashing others views.

  • The end of World War II was a little more than 70 years ago. Only 70 years ago the major power structures in the world we’re in a multi-year battle that cost the population of the world millions of people’s lives. Most of the people killed in these conflicts were civilians or the unarmed populace that were being exterminated by armed people for a little more than the their ethnicity. To think this can’t happen again is naive. Look at the rise of radical Islam or the proliferation of the Chinese military. Sooner or later there’s bound to be another huge armed conflict in this world. Someday when you have nothing better to do, you should sit down and discuss gun control with a Jewish person that survived the death camps in World War II. This country needs to stop perpetrating guns as toys and start teaching people to respect them again! If we are to have a second Amendment, which I strongly think that we should, than each person needs to be taught how to use Firearms, how to respect them and why we have them. Freedom is not free, it comes with a high level of personal responsibility, something that has been lost in this country.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      There is a much more sane (and popular) answer to the problem than your pointless band-aid approach – REPEAL THE 2ND AMENDMENT. 🔫🐘💩💰🔥

  • Once again CA Legislators voted to punish gun owners and also failed to pass AB 2670, a Bill that would have placed an armed Resource Officer in every k-12 public and charter school in the state!

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