NCPA Endorses Erik Rydberg for California Secretary of State

This is a press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

EUREKA, CA – At  the General Membership meeting on Saturday May 19th the North Coast People’s Alliance took a bold vote for transparency and accountability by endorsing Erik Rydberg for California Secretary of State. The North Coast People’s Alliance was particularly impressed with Mr. Rydberg’s experience working for progress as a Bernie Sanders delegate in 2016, and the passion that experience has given him to work tirelessly for voting accountability and transparency.

“We believe we must ensure that all Americans are guaranteed an effective right to vote, and that every vote is counted.” said Caroline Griffith, Steering Committee member. “We reject all attempts at voter suppression and uphold the necessity of integrity when it comes to vote counts. Erik Rydberg is the clear choice to carry this vision forward.” For more information on Erik Rydberg for Secretary of State, we encourage you to visit his website at

“Early in-person voting is available at the Humboldt County Office of Elections at 2426 6th St. in Eureka, and Tuesday June 5th is election Day. Mark your calendars and make sure to get out and Vote” added Sandy Farrell, fellow steering committee member.



  • we certainly cannot allow more Bernie the commie Sanders people in our state. How awful the left is, they have almost destroyed this state, and communists socialists have killed over 100 million people in the last 100 years. Lets get some real people in this state like republicans, whose success in many other states has resulted in better economies, better schools, better life. Go to North Korea Rydberg, see how a commie country is run. No vote from us republicans, we reject the left completely. In this democrat state, the poor suffer, children suffer, the working poor suffer, the elderly suffer. All because of such high taxes and over regulation have driven prices so high, the poor must decide if they will have to not eat, or take their meds. Democrats hate the poor. Rydberg is just another political hack, who cares for nothing but his bottom line, and the party, the party of slavery and injustice, the democrats.

    • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      Take your meds, Stuber. 💊

      And enjoy the Summer of Mueller! ⚖️

      • Take your meds. This is the response of someone who knows they live in a failed state. 70% of blacks cannot read up to their grade level. This is a failure of the democrat school system. Also, Schiff, and other representatives are so busy chasing lies, they do nothing for their people. Thousands of companies have left Calif for states that help business grow, not over regulate them and tax them into leaving. Which means that the people who have left are doing much better than those who stay and struggle. Just try to start a business here, the cost is so prohibitive, no wonder they cannot pay a living wage. People who live elsewhere also live a better life, keeping more of what they make, which means they have money for fun stuff. And no one spends $25 Billion on illegals, who come here to mooch off us, no, just the Calif politicians. The increase in energy costs are a direct result of green energy being inefficient, and any electrical car is very polluting, before it is made, during its pitiful life, and during disposal. The windmills alone kill more than 4500 raptors a year. Windmill energy is inefficient, and harmful to our wildlife. This state is failing because democrats run it. They hurt the poor. And remember, the people in Maxine Waters, Schiff, Fienstein, Pelosi, districts, the people have benefited more by Donald Trump being president, than they have at the hands of such poor and inept representatives. Hopefully people will continue to turn away from incompetence and corruption and join the winning party, Republicans. Trump is here, we are helping him every day, and he will bring down the Brown regime. Trump is a superior human to Brown, and Brown knows it. As for Mueller, he has found nothing, and has hurt many people, he needs to be in jail with his buddy Hillary. With all the millions spent, and people who have been hurt, NOTHING has come from it. It would be neat to key their cars, or fly a drone over their outdoor pools, and dump a bunch of horse shit in it.

        • Yep.
          Except, I’m not convinced that Mueller is a black hat. I believe he had no choice at the time of his misdeeds (U1). I have a feeling he’s paid his pertinence already. We’ll see.
          Like many have expressed, this Spygate is going to be the most fascinating mini series we’ve ever seen. It’s unbelievable.

    • Divide by Zero

      Oh so true, and here’s their hero FDR and his stance on the anti-lynching legislation;

      “I did not choose the tools with which I must work,” FDR explained. “Had I been permitted to choose them, I would have selected quite different ones. But I’ve got to get legislation passed by Congress to save America. The Southerners […] occupy strategic places on most of the Senate and House committees. If I come out for the anti-lynching bill now, they will block every bill I ask Congress to pass to keep America from collapsing. I just can’t take that risk.”

      Then when have Martin Van Buren and ole Andy Jackson (founders of the democrat party) Research their involvement with slavery. Jackson was particularly brutal. Did you know Republicans weren’t allowed to join the KKK. You had to be a democrat. Then there’s, I’ll have those “N word” voting for us for the next 2 hundred years” Lyndon Johnson. Least we forget, these are the folks that believe a gaggle of the unwashed fornicating in cow-shit and mud while stoned on LSD in a farmers field in Upstate New York was a defining moment in American history.

    • How much money does the Government dole out to the disabled? $200 BILLION? How many severely disabled are there total? 55 MILLION? If so, Where did the missing money go? Who was helped? How many severely disabled still need a ramp or full time nurse? Why aren’t they getting the help they need? If the money was directly given to each severely disabled home, instead of to the bureaucracy, how much money (per year), would each severely disabled person have?
      Why are the severely disabled hushed? Why are they in despair? Why aren’t the taxpayers yelling at their ‘officials’ for allowing such horrendous treatment?
      What is this new administration hoping to address as soon as the people wake up enough to make noise?
      Why does the opposition wish to get more money into their long held bureaucracy?

    • This “failed state” just became the fifth largest economy on earth, surpassing England. So you can either join the real world or live in your depressing little fantasy land. Get yourself a U-haul and move to one of your republican dream lands.

      • If you like your tarp, you can keep your tarp? I’ve seen the woes in the EU. It doesn’t take much money to get to the top of the richest list when all the competitors are swimming in despair too.
        Tent cities for miles upon miles is not exactly what most would label ‘prosperous’ and ‘wealthy’.

  • I’m surprised their title hasn’t been sued yet, because they are not a people’s alliance, they are a progressive’s alliance.
    False advertising at it’s finest.

  • read it and weep

    In 12 days all of the candidates that the north coast people’s alliance endorsed will go down to defeat. It will be stunning but predictable. So much so, that any future candidates will probably not want ncpa Trying to latch onto them.

  • No shit. That’s all we need another Bernie socialist. Give me a break. More of the same California Bull Shitting.
    He says he is for voting accountability and transparency. What does that mean. No voter ID laws, and voter suppression so Illegal aliens can continue to vote.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      Name one undocumented immigrant who voted in 2016. You can’t, can you? (Well, other than Russian hackers. 🇷🇺🏌️‍♂️

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