Help Fund a Drug Dog…He’ll Be Used for ‘fugitive apprehension, deputy protection’ also

K9 FundraiserPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:



You have the power to unleash safety! How? By investing in a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Dual Purpose Canine (K9) Deputy!

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is raising funds to purchase and train our new K9 Deputy Gusto. Deputy Gusto is a 13-month-old German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois dog who will be specializing in fugitive apprehension, deputy protection and narcotics detection. Our goal is to raise $40,000 to cover the purchase price of Gusto, in addition to his and our K9 Handler’s training costs.
Why Invest In A K9 Deputy?

Every community needs patrol canines. Having canine deputies available to cover as many shifts as possible makes a big difference in public safety. Canine deputies are trained to track and apprehend suspects hiding in buildings and homes, search for narcotics and keep deputies safe from dangerous subjects. Canines also assist in deterring criminal behavior by having them present at active crime scenes. Put simply, canine deputies ensure public safety, prevent violence and educate children and seniors during on-site visits.

Canine deputies don’t just belong to the Sheriff’s Office, they belong to you, the people of Humboldt County. Canine deputies are loyal to their community and dedicated to serve and protect those in need. As we grow our K9 Unit to better reach the communities of Humboldt, please consider investing in K9 Deputy Gusto and his career with the Sheriff’s Office.

What About HCSO’s Other K9 Deputies?
K9 Deputy Benny, a narcotics detection trained dog, has recently entered into retirement. Benny has served the Sheriff’s Office well in the community, but is ready to be a full-time dog. Due to Benny’s retirement, the Sheriff’s Office is left with just one canine, K9 Deputy Louie. Louie is a narcotics detection dog that is assigned to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. Deputy Louie is hard at work making sure drugs are not brought in or used within the jail. Because this is a full-time job, sheriff’s deputies are left without a canine’s help in the community.

That is where K9 Deputy Gusto comes to the rescue. Deputy Gusto is not only a drug detection canine, he will be trained in fugitive apprehension and deputy protection, meaning he can help us track down criminals and make our streets safer. Deputy Gusto’s skills are crucial as the climate of crime changes within Humboldt County.

How You Can Unleash Safety
Please help unleash safety for your family, friends and fellow community members. Any amount
helps! Donations of checks and cash are accepted, and are tax deductible. Checks can be made
to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office- K9 Unit and sent to:
HCSO K9 Unit | 826 Fourth St.
Eureka, CA 95501
Thank you for investing in safety. K9 Deputy Gusto is eager to join our team and start serving you, the people of Humboldt County.


  • You told a compelling story! However incomplete, so tell me more? I missed seeing a contact phone number or how I can make a donation?

  • I am all for getting and training another K9, but how come we don’t have enough money? Measure Z etc?

  • Shouldn’t measure Z money fund this?

  • Jorge Cervantes

    I’m almost certainly positive the county / state / or federal government could help with this fundraiser. Sounds like a pretty expensive mutt. Mabye use some of the canna-tax.

  • Disgusting! Use bloodhounds ON LEASHES!

    People are innocent until proven guilty, therefore we should not allow suspects to be savaged by dogs.

    It is inhumane to ask dogs to endanger themselves in order to reduce the risks that police officers take on, as part of their job. Humans can understand the risks, and morality of their actions, dogs cannot.

    No new K9 should be trained to detect cannabis, and all K9’s currently working and trained to detect cannabis must be retired!

    Will this K9 detect the legal substance (cannabis) and be used to justify illegal searches?

    • I agree, we need Bloodhounds to find missing persons, whether they be criminals or just plain lost on the trail.
      Other state’s constantly report the abusive misconduct of corrupt officers using drug sniffing dogs by falsely claiming the dog alerted the officer to suspicious products. The innocent has no option but to allow a search, and even when no drugs are found, all money is confiscated.
      Think of these sniffers as cash sniffers, because to the corrupt, cash is a strong drug they just can’t shake.

  • So where is the information on how to “invest?” What’s the fund raiser?

  • I want one!

  • I’m with you Guest. They’re great protectors.

    • Not to mention all the times “Get Away Zach” from Alderpoint, has eluded capture by running off into the woods!!! A K9 officer could have found & detained his nasty ass on the first encounter!!! Let alone the following Multi times!!!

      • All the money they spent chasing Zack, they could’ve funded the dog themselves?

      • Go Zach!! I hope they never catch you! Who cares if you`re dead or alive, you`ll be a legend. No one will ever be certain Ol’ Zach isn`t drawing down on them with his rusty old .30-30. Toothless, long whjite hair, blood shot eyes, but still deadly dangerous!

  • As a dog lover …this dog must be trained for drugs…not cannabis but hard drugs ect.
    my dog is trained for “butt monkeys” … which i define…he is on a search and destroy
    mission ….Are u a butt monkey? I hope is your choice.

  • Veteran's friend

    Using these wonderful animals as viscious law enforcement tools is animal cruelty. I am 100% opposed.
    I like the suggestion of using bloodhounds to track fugitives or missing persons. But the dogs used by law enforcement have caused innocent people severe injuries that subsequently have cost agencies far more than their investment in lawsuit payouts.

  • Hmmm, they just confiscated 3 million in cash that should be plenty to pay for the dog and still have enough left over to buy him a set of platinum plated dog bowls.

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