[UPDATE 1:27 p.m.] Law Enforcement Appears Ready to Raid in SoHum Again; Woodchipper Heading South on 101

raidOnce again multiple law enforcement vehicles headed south on Hwy 101 this morning. They were seen a little after 7 a.m. about Redcrest so they could be heading to a number of different Southern Humboldt communities. One of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles was hauling a chipper.

Yesterday, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and other officers were in the Rancho Sequoia area in the hills east of Garberville. We’ve asked the Sheriff’s Office to provide some information about what occurred and we’ll post about that as soon as we get answers.

UPDATE 1:27 p.m.: Multiple reports that the convoy is in Rancho Sequoia again. The Sheriff’s Office says it isn’t them this time. We’re checking with Fish and Wildlife.



  • Man that 4 million dollar bust which only 3 million was “seized”, sure has inspired these guys! Beats the hell out of growing weed these days. Payroll time! 🤑

  • If pot is legal why are we raiding growers?

    • Because the meth labs are run by relatives of our local Good ol’ Boy network, which includes politicians and the police.

    • It’s legal to grow for personal use (up to 6 plants) it’s also legal to grow if you have a 215 (not sure what the plant count is these days it used to be 99 years ago) problems occurs when your growing to sell which your not supposed to do unless your permitted to grow commercially. Long story short, unless you have a permitted farm or are growing for personal use within the boundaries of what’s allowed, you are growing illegally

      • I’m no lawyer but I think that legally 215 no longer offers a cover for producers. As far as the state and county are concerned you must be permitted for more than 6 plants. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling for profit or giving CBD oil to sick children.

      • So is a 215 still usable? It would seem to me that a persons medical need to smoke/ingest should out weigh the recreational use limit. Does anyone know? Where would I find out the limit for a 215 now?

        • Maybe ED Denson will see this and weigh in.

          • The personal medical amount with a 215 remains, as it always has been, as much as you need. In Humboldt county there are spacial limits on gardens on land up to 5 acres. and I don’ t believe larger parcels have them. This is the last year for collectives or coops in the state, and as the dispensaries get licensed, that market is shutting down. If you are growing for your own use, 100 square feet is the rule of thumb for outdoor cultivation, but it is not the upper limit if you need more. I do not believe there is any plant count limit. 99 is 1 below really awful Federal penalties. However, law enforcement is likely to be very confused about the state of the medical law this year, and I’m not sure I have a tight grip on it. So be careful, especially on parcels under 5 acres. Stick to your 100 square feet unless you are prepared for a court fight – or have documentation from a doctor allowing more. Caution: “up to” 99 plants is actually a ceiling and does not mean you can have 99 plants necessarily. It means you might need that many, certainly no more, and the doctor will likely not be useful to you in court.

            Hope that helps.

        • The 215 gives you 15% off at dispensary. Since theyre taxed 40% of their profit it still makes it too expensive for actual patients.
          Anything grown on parcels less than 5 acres is illegal. Its amazing more folks dont know that. Call your supe!!!!
          Thanks Estelle for f*cking all the small growers over and making medicine too pricey for those who really need it. What happened to the rule you had to prove you lived here at least 6 months before you could get a permit?????
          Vote her the hell out and get someone in there who will actually help the small farmers and patients who just want to grow for personal use. They could easily make a $25/yr permit for patients to grow 6 plants.
          Estelle is too busy having secret meetings to screw us all over yet again regarding the 70% of eel river water diverted to the Russian river at potter valley/scott dam.

          That said, if anyone gets busted for 6 plants they need to call Ed and let kym know so we can all stand behind ya and help. Thats when you call your reps too. Supposedly Gavin Newsome took four $125,000 donations from four big pot & fertilizer companies in no hum (advanced nutrients im telling on you!)and that led to the last minute change in rules that limited pot garden sizes and thus made no size limit statewide. Its a good time to call each of the campaigns of everyone running for office on every level and let them know its an issue that can change your vote.
          The folks I know who are getting permits were told to have at least 2 years worth of living expenses costs stashed away on top of permit costs to survive.

          • Just wanted to chime in again if there was a 25 bucks per year permit to grow six plants I believe that would be against the law. Anyone can grow 6 plants since the day prop 64 went into effect. I also do not believe there is any minimum acreage you must have to grow your 6 plants but I am not positive about this.

            • No permit, the acreage varies by jurisdiction. In some places you must grow indoors. In Humboldt I don’t think the smallest “acreage” allowable is enough to hold 6 plants.

    • Martin Stockel

      Simple, they all don’t have permits and do not follow the rules and regulations. Scum growers. We don’t need this garbage in Humboldt. You want to grow get a permit.

  • Spending their entire budget before June. This is to scare everybody into completing that Interim Permit by the July 1st deadline and signing up to PAY those county taxes! Don’t forget- immediately after your Interim Permit is granted you will be receiving phone calls from the Track And Trace people! So you can pay taxes AND be unable to sell your product out-of-state in the traditional or underground market. You will be forced to compete in a VERY flooded CA market that is already dominated by massive corporate grows. And you must go through a licensed distributor- no selling that stuff yourself to anybody…ever again! Isn’t “legalization” just swell?! It sure is great to be “free” and “safe” and get to tell your mommy and daddy that “I’m a farmer not a grower!” Sheeple to the slaughterhouse….

  • Wouldn’t want to spare any deputies in Trinidad investigating yesterday’s car smashed-window purse theft (with fingerprints, ID pending, supposedly, if the Sheriff’s have time…Kym, care to report on this?) parked by the school dropping kids off. The woman walked her kids from her car parked right near the school, broad daylight, people milling around, and a person skilled at breaking safety glass had a hole in her window and her purse gone by the time she came back to her car. 10 minutes she said.

    Our kids aren’t safe and they’re still playing cat and mouse pot games using deputies that otherwise could be dispatched to protect. Wow. There’s at least one car break in a night, often more in Eureka’s outlying areas. How about funneling some of that cash in LE to doing stings with dummy cars?


    • No money in that

    • Yes but weren’t you and several others lambasting people who were requesting more police presence on the neighborhood blog after someone got stabbed and is being stalked by a known suspect who has a restraining order to stay out of Trinidad? Care to rethink this one or are you still embracing the Westhaven pot growing crowd? It’s very different when it is someone you know isn’t it?

    • Never leave your purse in a vehicle where someone can see, why didn’t she just leave the door unlocked. this is the society we live in and yes, it’s not safe and can’t always be trusted. Hide it and lock it, opportunist are everywhere

  • Never had a 215 never will. Shoudn’t have every had to have one. Should never have been illegal. Anyone gettin’ rich off of it was part of the Humboldt 1%. I voted for it so I could grow a plant for myself next to my snap peas without my neighbor rattin’ me out. Not sayin’ the rules & regs are the greatest, but I’m not growin’ big. You get some good regs on the ballot and I’ll vote for them. But don’t take away my (regained) freedom to grow for my personal use.

  • law enforcement is FEDERALLY funded,,,get hip,,weed is still FEDERALLY illegal,like it or not??? They are doing they’re job

    • No 6 in Kym’s rules of the road- “Also, grammar, punctuation, spelling criticisms should come from parents, teachers, and bosses not anonymous people on the internet. If you can understand what someone says, refrain from telling them how to edit their comments. The one exception to this is me. If I make an error, politely pointing it out is fine.”

    • I too encourage to be corrected from those with two cents of knowledge combined with an indubitably PLETHORA of punctuation to boot..!!!

  • Any updates?

  • The convoy is in Rancho

  • Garberville Vagrant Dingleberry Underpants

    Out of over 2000 illegal grows you take out 3 growers,…
    A waste of effort and a drop on a hot rock!
    Enforcement needs to step it up and help the legal growers big time!

  • Just once I would pay money to see the law enforcement bust a meth lab .

    • As would I, or better still a Heroin dealer of the LARGE variety, at least occasionally!!!

      • Six pounds plus of heroin earlier this year. Shouldn’t be hard to find the story if you look.

    • especially since meth is why we have so many Chomos. meth makes monsters.

    • Bust illegal BHO labs

      Are there really still bustable meth labs in California? I’m pretty sure that most of the meth being sold on the street these days is coming from super labs in Mexico.

    • Most meth comes from the valley or Mexico. Not many meth labs around here. Instead of hoping they bust a meth lab we should hope they bust everybody that is violating law and polluting our environment. If you want a nice place to live and clean water to drink these assholes need to go. If you want to see meth labs get busted move to Oroville.

  • Cannibisislegal

    Cannibis is legal

  • Can’t shoot up weed ,so we have needles infesting Humboldt county .soon we will have to use streetsweeper to clean them up .way to go law enforcement not.

  • Garberville Vagrant Dingleberry Underpants

    Pucker up them sphincters boys! The reaming is aboit to start! Make way for the long d of the law!

  • Heard u can now find poppy fields in the mountains!

    • This may be true but I suspect it’s rare. The only time I’ve seen it documented was related to that Bassler guy in Mendo a few years ago. As I understand it there is an awful lot of tedious work involved in opium production.

    • They Like To Call Me Big Poppies

      Yes of course, it’s California’s state flower.

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