Bear Pair, Wounded Warrior and Cinnamon Honey, Check Out Each Other Again in a ‘Dating Game’ They’ve Played Before

In May 2016, local tracker Kim Cabrera, who also uses game cameras to learn about wildlife, caught the dating game (so to speak) of a pair of bears we called Wounded Warrior (because of his injured right ear) and Cinnamon Honey. You can watch their casual/not really casual interest in each other here. That was almost exactly two years ago.

Well, spring is in the air, May is mating season, and Wounded Warrior is sniffing around Cinnamon Honey mamma bear again. According to Cabrera, “The bears follow each other around for a while before they approve of each other.”

Below in the video of the two this year, Cinnamon Honey leaves a scent trail the Wounded Warrior seems to like. Later, she seems to be showing interest in his scent.

According to Cabrera, “We should see cubs next January!”

More videos about this bear pair:

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