Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Wants Residents to Know They Aren’t Interested in Your Grow; They Are Looking for Missing Woman

The incident command is quiet but over 50 searchers are combing the Piercy area.

The incident command headquarters is quiet but over 50 searchers are combing the Piercy area. [Photo from Talia Rose]

The blades of a lone helicopter beat an insistent sound over the sunny hills around the tiny hamlet of Piercy and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office wants to make sure that any marijuana growers know that chopper and over 50 searchers are looking for a missing elderly woman.

Margit Prichard

Margit Prichard

According to Officer Jeff Andrade, the searchers are not interested in anyone’s grows. He explained they just want to find Margit Prichard who has been missing in the area since Friday. Pritchard, a 76-year-old local resident who may be suffering from dementia, was last seen wearing a purple shirt and capri pants.

Andrade asked for the community’s cooperation and access to their lands if needed. He assured the community that there would be no photos taken. He asked that everyone act as if this were their family member who was missing and allow access accordingly.

Searchers from many areas of northern California are in the area looking for the woman. Lt. Shannon Barney said that Pritchard had voiced a desire to go back to the Bay Area. “She may have headed towards there,” he said. “We have to consider that she might have got a ride.” He said that the driver might have been doing a good deed. He said that sometimes Good Samaritans will try and help the elderly. “They might not realize this person is experiencing a medical event or dementia,” he explained. “It is a good possibility that someone picked [Pritchard] up and gave her a ride.”

Barney explained that searchers are also looking through the nearby hills and the river. People who are lost or confused, he said, “tend to travel in drainages until they hit some kind of barriers like a river.”

He thanked the many people who are looking. “They’re all volunteer,” he explained. “They have to leave their jobs. They lose money when they’re searching.”

If you have any information about the missing woman. Please call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 463-4086.

Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue searching for the missing woman.

Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue searching for the missing woman. [Photo from Talia Rose]

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  • Probably all the grows are permitted anyway.

  • Nice to know the law looks the other way while dope dealers make it rich. Typical.

    • I believe the point is that a human life is worth more than a difference of opinion about a plant…

      • But remember when shane Miller was missing ? They said the same thing . Then several large busts followed in the search areas . They would say that those were on their radar already though . Law enforcement never turns a blind eye , just a blurry one .

        • With satellite mapping, only small indoor grows are unnoticed. Mostly. The police know what you’re doing. If they’re interested. Which they mostly are not.

      • Yes it is and I hope growers see it that way.

    • local observer

      who gets rich? CAMP guys make 6 figures.

    • [edit] No one’s getting rich any more. And a human being other than yourself is at great risk.

  • Thank you for all who have volunteered to search. Margit is a sweetheart and I hope she is safe.

  • Veteran's friend

    They will make a note of it however, and will come back if they see violations. You may be sure of that.

  • Natalya Jackson

    I thought maybe they meant the woman who disappeared after a domestic violence kidnapping incident awhile back. Did they ever find her Kym?

  • I can’t believe she’s still missing. I hope she’s safe and sound at a friend or relative’s home. How do we donate to the search and rescue op? I find it appalling the stupidvisors haven’t set up a monthly account for their needs. Sell the park benches, pay a rescuer’s rent. It’s our tax money, not theirs.

  • Alt Right For Life

    Multitasking ap isn’t available?

    Why not do both with a handheld GPS?

    Laws are laws and many of us that are vested here want to see drug dealers tossed in jail, if they are found guilty.

    They should move elsewhere and no longer be a burden on the community, we have children that need to be raised free of drug dealer culture so our culture can grow.

    Move along, dope money is somewhere else, go away.

  • I think that all police units have dash-cams, and GPS. Anyone who thinks they are not under some scrutiny is delusional.

    If you are a probationer, a convict, crazy, or out of apparent control, you should be watching for the black helicopters!

    No permit, no peace!

    Have a beautiful day, pot growers!

    Farmers should farm on farmland.

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