[UPDATE 6:25 p.m.] Salt and Pepper Matched Set of Dogs Found in Redwood Valley

Do you know anyone missing these two beautiful dogs? According to the person who found them, they “showed up yesterday (Saturday 5/19) afternoon. Found off of Stover Rd which is in Redwood Valley (Humboldt Co.) north of Hwy 299.”

He said the two are both large and female. The white looks like a Pyrenees mix. The black looks like a Newfoundland mix. Both are wearing collars with no information and both are friendly.

If you have any information, please call Paul or Kathleen at (707) 668-5775.

UPDATE 6:25 p.m.: Good news! The owner of Cotton and Nondi (AKA Salt and Pepper) was located by readers!



  • Yay! Great news! They are beautiful dogs.

  • These dogs were from Brannan mountain 30 miles from where they were found. Just luck that they were seen on different social media. Collars with name tags and a phone would have made things so much easier. Not that tough of thing to do.

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