(Listen) Angry Business Owner Has Nearby Cat Painting Scratched, Artist Interviewed; Other Top Stories

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Humboldt Last Week, Episode 84

  • Angry Business Owner Has Nearby Cat Painting Scratched, Artist Interviewed

(6:42) Samantha Moore has agreed to paint another utility box for the City of Eureka, perhaps this time adding some glitter. She chats about herself, her art, and the situation.

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Samantha Moore, submitted



  • People don’t judge a business by the artwork that is located outside, off to the side, and down from the front of the business on an electrical box. Who cares. I believe this was an over reaction by the owner of Scrubs. I had always hoped that Scrubs would have continued as a spa. I’m not quite sure what it is now, an event venue? What events? Seems like a waste of a good sized space to just host events every now and then. Bring back the spa. I think this city has more important things to worry about than art on a box. How about needles on the streets, tweakers, thieves, murders, violence? Or kitties on an electrical box? Perspective people

    • Yes you are right, these business owners who pay for their business spaces and such should have no right to complain about what happens around their businesses. They shouldn’t even worry about what is happening or being done around their businesses, it does not involve them. They should not have been advised or consulted about what is going on around them. They should just roll over and accept it just like all the residents should about the homeless tweekers invading their neighborhood. And the artist should be upset over the business owner’s comments because her unheard of work is now in the public’s eye, and who wants that. And cats depicted as food? Oh no here comes PETA. How is that for perspection?

      • You are clearly making a strawman of Chameleons position.

      • Good lord. You have taken this beyond what is necessary. No one was hurt. Art is art. Can’t wait to see what the owners inception of art will be for her very own personal electrical box. Maybe the other business owners on that street should have their opinions thrown in too. By gawd, let’s put it on the ballot. This is too darn important. Smh. Big difference between friggen art on a box than tweakers and drug problem don’t you think? Or do you think?!✌️

      • Oh yes. Thank you “Enough Already” aka Molly the Scrub owner. Back to ranting again I see. We all thought you were busy trying to create “ambience” in your ScrubloMat.

    • She doesn’t even have the right occupancy for events. The fire marshal is gonna shut her down now. Rules apply to all, not some. Her events are in blatant disregard for occupancy codes. As the old saying goes,”those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.”
      Bullies always get the karma they deserve.

  • Although it was a poor priority for the city and the utility (how LA can you get?) I liked the painting. It was humorous and fun. Something the dang world needs a lot more at the moment.

  • Has the artist explored the symbols and topics for which she presents her own visual imaging to? If so, we can assume she is promoting the starving people in places like ex-rich, now poverty stricken Venezuela whose people are having to kill and eat their own pets, the zoo animals and any.. yes, any,… meat source they can get their hands on.
    Has she researched the crazy ‘conspiratorial’ stories about the missing children, that aren’t so conspiratorial? (Weiner’s laptop is just one of the proofs it’s not conspiratorial).
    Has she taken into consideration that others might be strongly upset about her visual presentations in light of the horrific crimes we are witnessing?
    It’s not just ‘art’ when severe pain grabs the hearts and minds of the people.
    If she hasn’t researched, then we can assume she will research, and then make informative decisions of which images & emotions she wishes to convey.

    • One need not take into account the psychosis of others when developing one’s art.

    • Ok. You’ve convinced me. Something even Dumpberg couldn’t do. This whole county is bat shit crazy.

    • TreeFairyPrincess

      C’mon…it couldn’t just be a punny play on the title “cat food”? Do you go to the grocery store to protest gummy bears&goldfish crackers? After all,they’re the snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off.

      • shak is making a joke about the art world and political correctness.

        • Ow! Are you sure? Didn’t think of it like that. He’s always been so super serious. But it’s possible. It was the Venezuela mention that convinced me of the seriousness of his post. Now there’s a controversy inside a controversy going on. It’s a conspiracy…

        • I wish, with all my heart, that I were.

    • “Functionless art,is simply tolerated vandalism!” Groucho Marx.

      • He also said “Well, Art is Art, isn’t it? Still, on the other hand, water is water. And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now you tell me what you know.”

        • Graffiti is art!?!?

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            Graffiti implies the illegal defacement of public or private property. A form of vandalism. A crime, perpetrated by entry-level sociopaths.

            Art connotes a project that involves permission of the owner or due process in the administration of public property. Not a crime. Error of omission, maybe, if the business owner was not polled, but this seems like a tempest in a tea cup. I admit , I have only seen pictures, but the art seems very cute and imaginative. Looks charming, not repulsive.

  • I don’t know but while i was parked at the stop light texting the box caught my eye all of a sudden assholes were blowing there horns at me…

  • Vern’s furniture across the street should have Samantha Moore do a mural on the west facing side of their building.

  • Life is Art, or an Art. Or should be. Some graffiti is good Art, some is graffiti is bad art. And the people who create it don’t really have art in mind while they are creating it.

  • For f@ck sakes people! Screw Scrubs and the owner.

  • I don’t think it is right to say screw scrubs and the owner. I can only hope she realizes she should have handled things differently instead of flying off the cuff angry. It happens sometimes. I have a few regrets in life myself from over reacting. We have all had our fun. Let’s move on. We have more important things to worry about. Fer sure!!

    • she went to city council to complain about three things: the cats, the needle exchange program, and Betty Chin’s new location. She had a new artist already selected before going to complain. based on how many different people have leased that location over the past 20 years, I would assume she will be complaining about bankruptcy soon and blaming her failure on these 3 fine scapegoats, when in fact its the location.

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