Humboldt Progressive Democrats Endorse Local Candidates

Humboldt Progressive DemocratsPress release from the Humboldt Progressive Democrats Club:

At a packed meeting May 16th, the Humboldt Progressive Democrats club voted to endorse four candidates for local office: Dani Burkhart and Steve Madrone for Humboldt County Board of Supervisors (fourth and fifth districts respectively), Lathe Gill for Superior Court Judge, and Karen Paz-Dominguez for County Auditor-Controller.

4th District Supervisor: Nationally recognized as an industry expert in the field of sustainable cannabis agriculture, Dani Burkhart is an Environmental Planning Consultant, longtime resident of Humboldt County, and graduate of Humboldt State University. Her intimate understanding of this industry and its compliance framework, and proven ability to analyze all aspects of the industry and the effects on our rural economy are unmatched. Dani has a strong record of facilitating and building consensus among stakeholders. Ms. Burkhart has consistently demonstrated a conscious effort and commitment to doing what is best for the people of Humboldt, including building a resilient local economy.

5th District Supervisor: Steve Madrone has spent his entire adult career here in Humboldt County, raising a large extended family, studying and teaching at Humboldt State University, and working for over 45 years on salmon habitat restoration in nearly every watershed in our County. Steve has also built a reputation as an amazing facilitator and community leader. Mr. Madrone will undoubtedly work to represent all the people of Humboldt County and to provide the best future for our families, the environment and our local economy.

Superior Court Judge: Lathe Gill believes that making sure all our people have equal access to justice can make life better here for everyone. That means advocating for resources for the clerk’s office to shorten lines. It means high standards of service, respect, and dignity for workers, jurors, litigants, and counselors. It means making sure the court honors its longstanding commitments to outlying communities, and to programs essential to helping improve life near the courthouse, like drug court and homeless court. Mr. Gill has the passion to improve our often underserved community in advocating for these improvements in our justice system.

Auditor-Controller: Currently serving as our Assistant County Auditor-Controller, Karen Paz-Dominguez has demonstrated her ability to lead and has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to fiduciary policy and procedure. Karen is a long-time resident of Humboldt County and has many years’ local experience for CPA firms and government, providing accounting, auditing, and tax preparation services. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting, and is an Enrolled Agent (U.S. Department of the Treasury). Karen has been instrumental in leading efforts to streamline County accounts payable and identifying material findings / non-compliance with independent auditors. She has developed a clear plan of action to bring county departments into compliance with the State of California Controller’s Office as well as the California Board of Equalization. We could not be more pleased with the qualifications, work ethic and the demonstrated commitment of Ms. Paz-Dominguez to pursue fiduciary compliance and transparency, and to bring our antiquated systems into the 21st century.

“Humboldt County needs real change and a new direction. When it comes to the most critical issues facing our County, our economy, government departments and our judicial system, these candidates are by far best positioned to lead the change we so desperately need. By the leadership they have shown working alongside us in the community, each of these candidates have demonstrated the vision and the courage necessary to take on our most urgent problems: the lack of affordable housing and the epidemic of homelessness; the entrenchment of staggering economic growth and economic inequality; and the struggle to lift the voices of Humboldt Counties working class above the voices of wealthy developers, special interest and corporate outside influence. I speak for all of us when I say we are both excited and optimistic to see the many great accomplishments that each of these candidates will accomplish on behalf of our community.” – Allen McCloskey, California Assembly Delegate

“If we want to move Humboldt County forward and resolve our very real issues we must elect candidates who will listen, represent, and fight for all the residents of our rural communities. We must elect those who won’t be bought by special interests. These four candidates will do more than just perpetuating the status quo – they are ‘walking the walk’ to represent the working class and poor, the unrepresented, and all of us struggling to make ends meet. I am so proud and hopeful to have candidates running who are committed to the change we need for the future of our County.” – Helene Rouvier, California Assembly Delegate and HPD Chair



  • Agree with all except Gill. And only because I know how tight mormons are with each other as influential men in the church. There’s another mormon lawyer who might gain favoritism, seeing as how he already does with all the old Superior Court judge guard. A new one still greasing the skids for this man is completely intolerable as an idea.

    Killoran might also dole out favoritism; I actually can think of only two judges in the last several decades who weren’t complete sellouts to the good old boys. Buffington & Brown. Brown was an asshole, but he was a fair, equal-opportunity asshole. Many lawyers had a love/hate relationship with Brown for this reason. you didn’t chew gum or wear a baseball cap in his courtroom. LOL. Miss the old bastard. Unfortunately the two running now are..well…I’m going to vote for Killoran by default. And I’ve stated my reasons.

    • Replace Mormon with Catholic and you have the argument against Kennedy and others. Or replace it with Jews and you have the argument used against a number of others. Lumping someone by their religion is problematic. Note: I was raised a Mormon.

      • I’d agree with you except the particular lawyer I’m talking about is most insidious, the religious tie thing could’ve been me saying they’re both tight in the same local Freemason or Fried Chicken Lovers Chapter Humboldt” group. The point wasn’t religion. The point was “tight with local”

        • Then if you mean good ole boy network, you probably should say that. Attacking a religion doesn’t convey the same message. Especially since I’m not aware of a Mormon connection in the good ole boy network. And I’m both a born here local and raised a Mormon so I’d probably be aware of it.

    • Buffington was a good ol’ boy, too…came right out and told me that “the one with the most money, wins…”

      True dat.

    • I remember Buffington. He was a fair, honest and ‘to the point’ judge. Went a few times just to watch him in court. Always left learning something and enjoying the day in court.

  • That first chick does not know anything about cannabis other than cannabiz. The downfall of our culture. Now it’s in the hands if politicians. 10 years here doesn’t give you an appreciation I’d the “industry.” Democrats Republicans, you’re all peons.

    • Agreed.

    • Agreed. Dani Burkhardt is not so savvy. She can read compliance regulations well but miss the forest for the trees. How the regulations are written and who they are written for…and the end result is clear to many of us who have been here in the trenches for 35+ years. Consolidation at the expense of all small-timers leading to a near-complete takeover by outside corporate interests. I guess some people will make a small fortune selling out their farms and telling us how they “love our community”. And how Dani helped them with that. I have zero respect for the enablers and facilitators like Dani.

      • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        Too bad for crass Virginia Bass that she has to run for re-election against Dani Burkhardt, who has garnered even more public support than her supporters thought she would, probably in part as a result of Bass’ bad reputation and unpopularity in Eureka. Having two opponents (contrary to the “expert” opinion of some) is actually worse for crass Virginia Bass in next month’s primary than having one opponent, because voters who may not like Burkhardt OR Bass, will vote for Lyons, and voters who may not like Lyons OR Bass will vote for Burkhardt, thus almost assuredly keeping crass Bass under the 50% threshold (under 45% is my guess). Which means there will be a runoff between Bass and probably Burkhardt in November, which would more-or-less be a tossup at this point keeping in mind the likely large voter turnout this Fall. BLUE WAVE, BABY! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🐘💩🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • The Progessive Democrats? A redundancy these days. If there was an unprogressive Democrat he’d probably win with votes from a range of political philosophies. The endorsement touts the very ideas that have lead to the growth of the problems they seek to change by applying more of the same.

    “These four candidates will do more than just perpetuating the status quo – they are ‘walking the walk’ to represent the working class and poor, the unrepresented, and all of us struggling to make ends meet.” That’s been a large part of the problem- listening only to those who have been unable to cope rather than seeking solutions from those who haven’t failed. We have no status quo. We have a constant deterioration due being unable to deal with the reality that good, well paying jobs resolve poverty rather than constant attempts to regulate jobs out of existence to get money to support the increased number of people believing they are owed without contributing. That a hard working, drug free citizenry will have the resources and the will to pay for care for those who aren’t only if they are not out numbered by those demanding care.

    The “working class” is probably trembling in their boots over the idea of being saddled with funding more attempts to help the non working classes when the old attempts just created more problems. Too bad they are already out numbered.

    • The proverbial system hasn’t been catering to people “unable to cope”. The system is governed by those who squeeze nickles out of everybody regardless. That “sollution” applies to everybody. That’s called good business in this country. That’s the status quo. The undeniable increase in poverty and desperation proves it, as that’s the undeniable result of the uniform governing. Doling dollars to people who can’t “cope” is a hard fight, never ahead of the game, always falling further behind the sheer number of people the status quo deteriorates. The status quo is adjectival. To argue it doesn’t exist is to ignore the prevailing system, and usually that argument is used to defend the status quo.

      I agree with your statements about jobs.

  • Veterans friend

    You cannot say “progressive” and “democrat” in the same sentence and keep a straight face. At least I can’t.

  • …but still, anybody but the incumbents, please.

    • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      🌊🌊🐘💩🌊🌊🌊 Just do it.

  • An endorsement from “progressive democrats” is like getting an endorsement from Old Nick himself. Laughable – and scary. We need to turn this country around from destructive liberalism, not bow down to Clintonian 60’s/70’s leftism. And we need to purge dope “culture” NOW.

    • Oh were you planning on trains & camps?

    • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      Trump Crime Family Death Camps, no doubt. ☠️ Is Disgusting Donald’s D.C. hotel not pulling in enough unconstitutional cash from foreign dignitaries? 💰 New real estate project necessary to maintain’s Trump’s farcical facade of pretend billionaire? Too bad for Trump that Mueller has his tax returns.⚖️

  • Here in Zenia, we have potholes that go all the way across the road. They have been getting bigger for the last two years. We have called the road superintendent, a democrat. No response. The director of public works, a democrat, no response. The county supervisor John Fendley, Jim woods, the assemblyman, Huffman, the congressman, Mike Maquire, state senator, and governor Browns office. All democrats, and not one has returned a call or email, not just to me, but to anyone we call who is a democrat. Try calling Estell Fennel, you get nothing from her, typical democrat behavior. Democrats have hurt this state by causing thousands of businesses to leave, due to over taxation and regulations that cripple them. They spend 24$billion on illegal aliens, yet 75% of black students in LA cannot read to their grade level. And in Humboldt, the average salary for a teacher is $49k a year, when the superintendents are at $150k a year. Superintendents do not do nearly the work a teacher does. Why pay them so much?
    Any way, since the democrats have performed so miserably, have failed to do their job, especially something as important as road repairs of pot holes, we are voting republican, and are working to break up the democrat regime who hurts the poor, and cares nothing for us. After all, they have displayed their ineptness for years, and we have a shithole county because of them. Join so many of us who have been republican, or have left the party of losers, and come to be Trumpians, the real Americans. So many states have seen the Trumpian way of success and freedom, in order for California to become great again, we have to rid ourselves of such evil and selfish creeps like Maxine Waters and Gavin Newsome. Kamala Harris is also quite the loser, she has been slapped down so many times by people who are obviously her superior, just shut up Kamala. #Not my senator.

    • Martin Stockel

      That covers it for me Stuber. Well said! Long live the Republications.

    • Yep, I was a registered Democrat until this year, not anymore. But yet I’m not under the delusion that Republicans are any better. we need to get money out of politics if anything’s going to ever change. The Republicans and the Democrats are on the same side, which is playing for themselves. Neither one of them give a crap about the people that elect them, they only give a crap about the money that elects them. With that said, I will be voting for Republicans just to break up the Monopoly that the Democrats have in California because unfortunately this country is still trapped in the two party system.

      • Same here, except I was a half hearted Libertarian, before turning back into a Political Atheist. Now I’m happy that Trump won, and if the talking heads are right, we’ll have the money out of politics before we know it, as the swamp slowly drains.

    • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg


    • Well said Stuber.

  • Trump is the most embarrassing President this country has had. Never have I been so stressed out listening to the news about every new fuck up he has done. Do not use a multimillion dollar brat as a role model to solve poverty and ignored issues which have paved the way to our nation”s decline. It will be a cold day in Hell before I cast a vote for this joke of a President nor will I ever support a candidate who follows his philosophy.

    • Last election left us with the two worst candidates in history. People took a chance on hoping Trump could ‘drain the swamp’ and bring honesty and hope to Washington. Well………how did that work??? We have a president who is a proven liar time after time about everything, has no morals, is greedy and is an embarrassment. Hillary wasn’t any better, but Trump actually believes his own lies. I hate that the youth of today have to see that people actually condone, and support, this kind of behavior from our president. What are we teaching them????? Democrat, Republican or ??, let’s just find a president who is honest and truly cares about the American people. (if there’s a politician like that anywhere)

    • Harding has Trump beat, with bonus points for how his widow treated Nan Britton.
      Buchanan got us into the Civil War.

    • Maybe it’s your news stations. Try OANN channel (One America News Network tv) for a new perspective. Believe it or not, the NK/SK peace flag is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
      This site, magapill, lists a lot of surprising news we never hear on the main stream channels, like job rates, bringing 3 hostages home, releasing sealed documents like JFK, and other interesting things.

    • We can stand back and be negative, or we can embrace the truth. Trump has lowered unemployment, especially for blacks and hispanics. This info from the labor statistics board. He has brought back thousands of companies who left the US, and there are now millions more jobs than when he took office. A woman now runs the CIA. He has appointed many women to positions of great power. He is constantly meeting and working with the black labor caucus, who tell us Trump has kept his word and he is helping them so much. It now costs a lot less to start a business, due to deregulation, and the lowering of taxes. Real working people with real jobs are benefiting from his policies. Only in Calif and New York are people still suffering from the overbearing tax code, and it must stop, or we are doomed. Perhaps you could check things out that are going on outside our state, and join the winners, the Republicans. So many are, so many have come over.

  • Warner Von Braun

    Thanks! Now I know who not to vote for.

  • Progressive democrat I will just sit here and laugh at that thought. Thank you for the list of who not to vote for

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