HSU Police Served Search Warrant on Residence Associated With Assault on Campus

HSU map Humboldt State University mapPress release from Humboldt State University:

The Humboldt State University Police Department continues to investigate an incident that took place on campus at Pepperwood Hall on Friday, May 11.

Over the last week, police have gathered evidence and identified a number of witnesses. They have seized a vehicle that was used during the incident, and earlier today, they served a search warrant on a residence associated with one of the subjects in the case. Charges in the case are pending.

University Police believe that everyone involved in this incident has been identified, and stress that there is no ongoing threat to campus.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Humboldt State University Police Department at (707) 826-5555.

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  • This is about the small caliber hunting ammo on a table beside a broken window at HSU? I’m still waiting to hear what was damaged besides the window.
    I may have missed it when it went by, but more details would make this news.

    • Do not expect any details from HSU. Their campus police department is more concerned about keeping up the school’s reputation as a safe place than even apprehending criminals or stopping threats. I will never forget how they covered up the rapes and sexual assaults that were going on when I was there. We had to march on the administration building before they even acknowledged what we all knew. It’s called “public relations” and they are all about it.

      • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Sundberg

        I noticed (during the debate as to whether or not HSU would eliminate its expensive football program) the local media would not go anywhere need the issue of HSU football players committing multiple rapes and sexual assaults & their resulting criminal convictions. Seemed like a very relevant issue during that debate, but the cowardly media apparently were too afraid of the HSU football team to bring the already well-documented issue up. Just another reason why the local media has very little respect from the public; they don’t deserve any respect, especially after serving as craven cheerleaders for HSU football. 🏈🤮

        • In an admittedly quick search, I found one football player charged with a sexual crime in the last two years. Should a whole team be condemned because of one person? Yikes, think if someone suggested that a race be condemned because some members are criminals… Perhaps you could link to stories that show this well-documented issue?

          • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

            I see you came across the recent rape prosecution and conviction that actually was covered by the local media regarding HSU football. It seems that you didn’t come across the news stories elsewhere about the former HSU football player/gang member arrested and prosecuted for a gang-related murder. That shooting took place in So. Cal, as I recall. Part of the problem perhaps (as the commenter “Farce”says) is the lack of local prosecutions for certain crimes, which has been more-or-less (depending upon your personal proximity to the HSU campus) an open secret. There are criminals still walking around on the HSU campus, which is well known by many HSU students. I’m not saying all HSU students and their parents are aware of these unfortunate & unforgivable circumstances, but many are. It’s somewhat surprising that the local media (which often pats itself on the back for God knows why) failed to bring up any of these arrests, convictions, stories, etc. during the debate over the continued existence of the HSU football program. Well, actually, it’s not that surprising after all… 👎🏻

            • If they are readily available, could you please link to them? Saying that some group is en mass guilty of a crime would seem to require at least a little proof.

        • From your handle it is hard to take you seriously. Second, IF, and I doubt you know anything about what you wrote in your post, there should be other rape cases from the College of the Redwoods, Eureka High School, Arcata High, McKinleyville High, Ferndale High or Fortuna High. According to your thinking there should be rapes at the other schools. And if there were the media missed all of them? All football teams! Your post does not make logical sense.

  • Mobius sounds like a suspect !!!

  • Arcata is working on a bill that would require all guns and ammo to be in separate locked container while within city limits, including residences, so when that passes obviously this could never happen again.

    • I’m sure those commies are also working on many more bills to destroy constitutional rights. Next up, a requirement that all knives are sealed in plastic and locked in the garage.

      • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Sundberg

        Attempting to destroy constitutional rights is 🇷🇺Traitor Trump’s job. He has that covered, until his indictment of course. ⚖️🐘💩🚽

    • Yea you think. Not if I lived there. There are many home invasions in our area. I rest better with the magazine in the sig not locked in another room

    • Armed criminals will love that. “So….it’s gonna take you 2 mins to unlock your ammo and gun and me 30 seconds to kick in your door!?” Cool

      • Knock-knock........bang, bang!! Ouch! Shot in the back.

        Thirty seconds………. try five seconds. And then you are killed using your weapon.

        • So you are just down for doing nothing? Tied up, robbed and potentially loved ones raped! Nice…a home invaders wet dream. I’ll take my chances answering my door with a 12 gauge at 3 in the morn. Ps. My front door is reinforced by the way

        • If you are against protecting your home with firearms, please post this sign outside your house for criminals and stop hiding behind the second amendment right!

  • John North Willys

    I didn’t read the story — i’m full up to HERE — with bad news — when I was at HSU , 50 years ago , we didn’t have nonsense like this — it was all GOOD — no probs — oh sure , we had some Koreans in the next dorm room brewing KIMCHI , but , that was about it , ALL GOOD ( except the putrid smell of KIMCHI brewing under the kitchen table )

  • Him.thatdude.thatcracker.

    How the hell kimchi became a topic in this discussion is beyond me and anybody I know. God people suck. I think it’s the chem trails

    Y’all need to reinvent yourselves lol

    As a man who’s ex stepmom was south Korean I know the stench of fermented ripe kimchi. Fact of the matter is out of all the things you could think of that went wrong at Hsu 50 years ago , them damn Koreans and their kimchi is what came to your mind.


    • Enlighten us as to what really went wrong at HSU 50 years ago since you seem to be more of a authority on the subject than someone who went there then. I would leave out chem trails for credibility issues though.

  • Him.thatdude.thatcracker.

    I think credibility of the kimchi guy is in question. The chem trails statement was a joke. I’m pretty sure he can come up with something else than his neighbors stank kimchi.

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