[UPDATE 5:58 p.m.] Vehicle and Bicyclist Collided in Eureka; One Injured; Two Lanes Blocked

Medical personnel and a woman help an injured bicyclist. [All photos by Mark McKenna]

At approximately 5:25 p.m., a bicyclist and a gold Saturn collided near the intersection of 4th and B Streets in Eureka.

The windshield of the vehicle is broken.

One person has a leg injury and is down in the roadway. The number two and three lanes are blocked.

Emergency personnel prepare to lift the injured bicyclist onto a gurney.

Emergency personnel prepare to lift the injured bicyclist onto a gurney.

Please avoid the area if possible.

One lone wheel from the bicycle leans against the curb.One lone wheel from the bicycle leans against the curb.

One lone wheel from the bicycle leans against the curb.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 5:47 p.m.: The bicyclist has an open fracture, according to the scanner.

A fireman holds the bicyclist's helmet.

A fireman holds the injured bicyclist’s helmet.

UPDATE 5:58 p.m.: According to Eureka Police Sgt. Ed Wilson, alcohol doesn’t appear to be a factor in the collision. Wilson said that a number of witnesses described that the driver of the Saturn was headed westbound in the number 3 lane when the bicyclist shot across the street on B and collided with the Saturn.

The closed lane should be open soon.



  • “the bicyclist shot across the street” very, very typical.

  • I have seen it time and time again, people on bicycles pay no attention to the laws of the road, they are to abide the rules of the road same as the person driving in a vehicle… because one is on a bicycle does not mean you can blow thru stop signs, and it happens alot..

    • this is why I (in car) look both ways crossing a one way: stupid bikes going the wrong way on the roads, on the side walks… they have no regards for traffic laws that apply to them!

  • I almost run one over daily ! And I’m not kidding..it’s like they don’t care because they know we will slam on those brakes to miss them while they give us the finger, they are just lucky I don’t drive a bigger car. Lol

    • They do it for the payouts. If they don’t get killed, they just find a lawyer and get paid. As a bonus they gets lots of pain meds in the process. Win-win for the down and out addict. Doesn’t matter if they are the douchebag that blows across a street without looking or not. If they are a pedestrian or a bike, it is a near automatic win for them. It’s ridiculous.

      • Bike vs. Car lawsuits can take a decade to get through the court system and lead to a moderate payout. Not a good get rick quick scheme.

  • Here at Eurika, the drivers do not respect the laws of the traffic, although they realize that the pedestrians or the bicycles are in the middle of the tracks of the tracks in cluster, they rush to bring down the people

  • Benjamin (forever cyclist)

    Glad to know so many drivers are quick to joke and make assumptions about thise of us too poor to hide behind air bags. In the two years that I’ve lived in Eureka the only thing that’s typical here is harassment, screaming and throwing garbage at cyclists trying to commute to work.
    I bike through this intersection 5 days a week and due to the line of parked cars on the 101 visibility is terrible (especially seeing cars in lane 3). There should be no parking on this stretch. Further more car drivers can’t decide wether the speed limit is 35 or 60mph making windows to cross the street unpredictable. The most dangerous thing about cars when drivers do things we can’t predict.

    • There should be no parking entirely because you can’t deal with contributing to society?

      You can predict that drivers will continue to move in a straight line at a speed similar to the speed they’re currently going. But, to make this prediction, you have to actually, you know, stop and look at the oncoming traffic. Try it some day.

    • If you are experiencing cursing and trash throwing, look to your own behavior too. Not that I’ve ever seen anyone do that.

      Too many times a bike rider is seen weaving around in an intersection, going back and forth from sidewalks to road, looking to maintain their speed while searching for a way to thread the auto traffic. Rules of the road are not even an issue. Then comes their decision to go when the vehicle they missed seeing is on them and they have to scrape by in front of the car that has suddenly braked to avoid them. Giving the car driver a dirty look.

      The rules of the road are not “I ride a bicycle and I can do what I want. If anything happens, it’s the driver’s fault.” When was the last time a bicyclist was seen stopping at each stop sign rather than maybe slowing down a bit, wobbling back and forth a bit to keep balance, the darting through the intersection?”

      But I agree that Eureka has both buildings too close to the road and parked cars too close to intersections to allow good visibility for both cars and bikes. Which makes following rules that much more important.

    • Fed up with ride bicyclists

      If you can’t see clearly enough to cross through this intersection safely, then go to an intersection that has a signal … And follow the rules of the road like the rest of us do. E street, where there is a traffic signal, is only 4 blocks away. If you think that is too far out of your way, then ride the bus or drive. But stop putting others at risk because you don’t have a clear sight line.

  • Bicyclist need to follow the same laws as pedestrians and those in vehicles. A stop sign means stop. Do not assume that just because you’re on a bike and approaching a stop sign you don’t have to stop- you need to wait your damn turn! I see this kind of thing all the time- especially in Arcata where pedestrians walking up to a four way stop sign don’t even look up or slow down (let alone stop)before they start crossing the street, just assuming that because they are in a crosswalk it’s fine. There needs to be more education on the laws- pedestrians, bicyclist, motorcyclist, and those in vehicles all have the same rules on the road!

  • Good thing the rider had a helmet on. Looks like a good one. Hope they heal soon.

  • Here’s my experience. Take heed, folks. It has nothing to do with this story– but please file it away for your own future reference:

    I had a teenage kid turn and ride his bike slowly right in front of me on Summer Street, a Eureka side street. I slowed down to accommodate him and, surprisingly, he came to a complete and abrupt stop in front of me. My front fender bumped his back tire and I pushed him forward a little bit.

    He yelled, “I can sue you!” and pedaled off on his wobbly back wheel. He didn’t come back to me when I called him. I was surprised and confused and wanted an explanation for his bizarre behavior. I soon found it.

    Thinking twice about what he had said, I went straight to the EPD. The smart female officer I spoke with said the parents had already filed a complaint against me, even though just a few minutes had passed! I explained what had happened in detail. The officer nodded, said she knew the folks well, and that she also knew fully what was up and going on.

    She said to me, “Tell me you will file a cross-complaint. I’ll call the parents and I’ll let them know you’re going to go to court unless they drop their complaint on your behalf.” I said, “OK,” and she contacted them. She told me, “They dropped their complaint and you’re free to go.” I offered to pay for the kid’s back tire but she said that in knowing the folks herself, I should just forget about it altogether.

    Yup. It was obvious this was a scam, a set-up, a flim-flam trick. Thank goodness the EPD officer I spoke with was a smart, intuitive person with some common sense and who took the time to listen.

    Be careful, folks. Take it from me.

    • I just wish that attorneys who participate in such abuses were held responsible for costs.

    • Thank you for telling about your experience. Good move on your part to report the incident to the police immediately. Wonder how many people they have taken advantage of?

  • There is a big difference between cyclist and tweekers on bikes

  • There are people on bicycles who disregard the rules just as there are people behind the steering wheel of a vehicle who disregard the rules. This doesn’t mean all people are bad, or that we should stop looking out for each other. Sometimes people make mistakes. Have you ever made a mistake while biking or driving? I have. Fortunately, those mistakes didn’t injure me or anyone else!

  • Last year, I was north-bound on B. And a motorcyclist hit me going west. I hate this intersection!

    • Bug on a Windshield

      Which means you were paying attention. B street has a stop sign., 4th street has the right of way. Let me guess, you blamed the motorcycle for coming out of nowhere? How many bikers have to die cuz some distracted cager pulls out in front of them? Or, keep it up, kill us all off, have the road to yourselves.

  • Don't blow through stop signs

    I am an avid bicycle rider and I’m a careful driver, especially around cyclists. However, the outrageous behavior of “tweeker bikers” in Eureka is a thing to wonder at. They dart out into traffic on 4th and 5th streets without even looking, causing cars to slam on their brakes or swerve to avoid them. I’ve almost hit them several times.

    Not saying this latest guy is a tweeker, but if you don’t follow the rules of the rode it increase the chances you’re going to be in an accident.

  • Hopefully they have uninsured insurance.

  • A lot of generalizations here: Bicyclists! Cars! Motorcyclists (in other recent news)! C’mon folks. Not that I’m a believer in any one doctrine, but one famous guy once said, “he who is without sin can cast the first stone.” Cars: have you all really never sped through the corridor or down broadway, or changed lanes without looking well enough, or… texted or phoned while driving? Bikes: have you never ran a stop sign ’cause it looked clear or got a little wobbly pulling your waterbottle from the cage? Motorcycles: have you really never zig zigged through traffic even if it was to get past a gusty big rig?

    I personally drive, bicycle, and motorcycle. I see every one breaking the law. When I motor and bike I try to be as law abiding as possible. Often times folowing basic laws that most people don’t know exist. Which makes me look like the idiot. But I do stray, in all vehicles, and get the adrenaline pumped wakeup call.

    I know that intersection and would bet big money that the bicyclist was of the least desirable population of Eureka. But still, don’t put me in the class of bicyclist as the idiots who cross Broadway at 5pm between intersections, I have the balance to stop, feet up, and wait and I do. Do not group me with the motos that redline everywhere they go weaving through traffic, my tires have the tread and chickenstrips to prove my safety. Do not call me just another cager whose head doesn’t swivel because I’m in a car with the windows rolled up, I mourn Dirty Dave and he was even riding at the time.

    Everyone, keep your head on the swivel. It could be your own life you save.


  • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

    Hilarious that some of you hypocrites appear to be so outraged at a bicyclist for getting himself mowed down by an automobile. 🚴‍♂️ 🚗 When some of you same crazy commentators had no problem at all with 10 people being killed in a mass shooting yesterday (go read that thread if you haven’t already). The only thing these hypocrites were concerned about was the NRA’s image being damaged. Nice priorities. 👍🏿 And no concern for the injured bicyclist…? 🚑 Of course not. Pathetic.

  • Popocatepetl ~

    exactly why I don’t ride a bike in EUREKA

    • And why I have taken to shopping in farther off McKinlyvile rather than run the gauntlet of bikes and pedestrians on Broadway. It’s hard enough taking in what’s coming from 5 way traffic without trying to read minds of those nearby walking or riding bikes.

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