REMINDER: Redwood National Park’s ‘Rock the Redwoods’ Concert/50th Birthday Celebration Starts Tomorrow

This is a press release from the Redwood Parks Conservancy:

In 1968, America recognized the invaluable resources of our redwood coast by establishing Redwood National Park. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the park, Redwood Parks Conservancy (RPC) and Redwood National and State Parks staff are working with local museums and art galleries to organize The Redwood Community Festival of Arts & Culture to inspire local creativity and honor our redwood parks throughout 2018. RPC is inviting arts and culture organizations in Humboldt and Del Norte counties to host exhibitions, workshops, or other activities that highlight the rich natural resources, cultures, and histories of the redwood coast. Several local organizations are already planning to host activities, including the Morris Graves Museum of Art, Clarke Museum, Trinidad Museum, Phillips House Museum, and the Gallery of Arts and Culture. Visitors of all ages will be invited to attend a variety of activities including historic exhibits, contemporary art exhibitions, live plein air painting, and more. Event dates will range from spring through fall. The collective festival will kick off with a concert fundraiser, Rock the Redwoods, at the Arcata Playhouse on Saturday May 19th and will culminate with a final public mixer in October at the Morris Graves Museum to celebrate the actual birthday of Redwood National Park. This will be the first-ever arts and culture event organized in collaboration with Redwood National and State Parks.

RPC and NPS staff are working together to create original festival media, including a festival schedule that will be maintained on the RPC website ( Refer to the festival calendar of events for specific information on each hosted activity. Information will be updated throughout the year as event details are received. All events are family-friendly, and most events are free.

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  • Yes, there’s nothing better than celebrating wild nature with loud electronic noise. Trees love it. And a mixer, with all those upper middle class libs and wealthy local scions who arrived in fuel-guzzling motor vehicles (or toxic electric cars, take your pick). Ah, the smell of burning hypocrisy in the evening. Smells like, your typical technocrats.

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