Man Arrested After Meth Falls Out of His Pocket While Being Searched by Deputy

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

On 05-15-2018 at approximately 3:15 P.M., a Deputy was on uniformed patrol in a marked patrol vehicle responding to a call for service in the Covelo, California.

The Deputy was driving in the 24000 block of Foothill Boulevard searching for the dispatched call for service.

When searching for the address, the Deputy observed a male adult subject walking on the south side of the roadway. Upon seeing the Deputy, the male subject quickly turned away and placed his hand in front of his face in a possible attempt to conceal his identity.

The male subject then began running south away from the roadway and the Deputy stopped to attempt and speak with the individual.  When speaking with the male, he identified himself and was checked for warrants and probation with MCSO dispatch.

The subject informed the Deputy he had a knife in his pocket so the Deputy conducted a search for possible weapons. When obtaining the knife from the subject’s pocket, a bag of suspected methamphetamine fell out of the pocket. The Deputy detained the subject in handcuffs at that time and conducted a further search of the suspect. The Deputy located another bag of suspected methamphetamine in the subject’s pocket.

The Deputy advised and placed the subject under arrest for 11377(a) HS [Possession of Controlled Substance]. The Deputy learned that the subject had no form of legitimate identification on his person.

The Deputy was later able to confirm the subject’s true identity to be Robert Huang from prior booking photographs in Mendocino County. This was not the same name the subject provided when initially speaking with the Deputy. The other name provided by Huang was confirmed to be a real person who is believed to be a relative of Huang.

The Deputy advised Huang he was also being placed under arrest for 529(a) PC [False Identification to a Peace Officer].

Huang was subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $15,000.00 bail.



  • That’s what happens when you’re under the influence of a controlled substance

  • The “controlled substance” was just icing the cake. That anyone can do so many things wrong in sequence is astonishingly stupid: Meth in the pockets, meth in the brain, hiding the face to attract attention… Stupid to put contraband next to cash or weapons.
    Stupid to put that particular contraband into his body.
    Bail was too low. Once he’s out it’s like nothing happened and he’ll go do whatever he does in another community.

  • Be on the lookout also for a white female wanted on warrant for drug charges, multiple violation of probation ect. Known to frequently be armed with a switchblade or knife, and with a violent history. She’s wearing a red hoodie and pinkish colored skirt seen a few minutes ago near Moonstone drive on Scenic by Westhaven Drive junction. 31 year old female, white, black greasy hair, about 120 lbs. Most likely headed down to the caretaker’s trailer/house on Moonstone Beach, or up to Driver Road, or from there back North on Westhaven Drive to near the water tanks where she’s suspected to camp at times or Teh Pah Lane right nearby the tanks. May show up on Anderson Lane Trinidad later this evening.

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