Man Killed in Accident on Mad River Road Not Wearing Seatbelt, Says CHP

chp tc reportPress release from the California Highway Patrol:

On May 11th, 2018 at approximately 11:35 hours, [a man] was driving…[a 1997 Toyota] north on Lower Mad River Rd at an unknown speed south of State Route 36 with a passenger in the right front seat. For an known reason, [the driver] allowed [his vehicle] to leave a direct course of travel. [It] overturned and collided with a metal beam guardrail on the west road edge.

[The driver] was not wearing his seatbelt and was subsequently ejected from [the vehicle]. [He] sustained fatal injuries as a result of the collision. [The] passenger was wearing her seatbelt and sustained minor injuries and declined medical treatment at the scene. The cause of this collision is still under investigation, however alcohol appears to be a factor.



  • Sadly I was right he was NOT wearing his seatbelt just as I suspected & said so & was told I didn’t know what I was talking about!!! Sad when the stupidity of not wanting to wear a safety device such as your seatbelt ends up like this!!! :-C

  • Any time you see that someone was ejected from a vehicle you can bet they did not have their seatbelt on. Sadly you can usually bet they have major, if not fatal, injuries as well.
    I have had people tell me “who cares if I wear a seatbelt? It’s my problem, my choice, not theirs.” But it is the problem of those first responders who work to put you back together & get you aid, and your friends and family care. It may be your choice, but it’s all of their problem as well.
    Please, buckle up.

  • CHP report indicates that the driver who was tragically killed was female?

  • Alcohol was the cause of the wreak says that in the press just a blessing no one else was badly hurt or killed i would like to send the family prayers

  • The way you people talk about someone who dies makes me sick that was my brother [edit]

  • Yet another drunk driving death. And what else is in the news today? How terrible it is that there won’t be as wide of variety of alcohol at oyster fest as there could be. As a society, we need to stop acting like alcohol consumption is acceptable. That’s the only thing that’s really going to reduce drunk driving. At least this time we got lucky and no innocent people were killed too.

  • Dj was an amazing human being. Anyone who knew him was blessed. Anyone who passes judgement on him is a shameful excuse for a person. He was human, like the rest of us. Mistakes happen. We all make them. God rest his soul. And many prayers for his family.

  • I agree about people are just mean,selfish,and thoughtless with there words,on condolence to u and hole family.

  • Please remember we lost our best friend! His amazing wife and 3 kids have to deal with the loss of husband/father! If you ever had the pleasure to meet DJ you would know what a generous and loyal friend he was you would understand why we are upset! We know he was wrong to have driven but it’s not going to bring him back. He is gone we need to support his family. If you are able to please donate to

    • unbridled philistine

      3 kids and a wife? That man had a resposibilities to wear his seat belt! Now what are his family to do? Huge loss to a needful family..

      • Easy words to type behind a keyboard. Easy to make an assessment by reading an article. [edit] One thing I can say the man who passed lived more life then you will ever live [edit]

      • Is this seriously the time to be chastising someone who just passed away, whose FAMILY is probably reading this? Shame. On. You.

  • Man some of these comments, why can’t you all act like the adults you are instead of bratty children, it’s pretty pathetic! Someone dies and all people can do is make fun and be nasty and rude! Closed minded rude people should come with closed mouths!

  • So sad…my sympathies go out to the family…

    I am curious though why his name wasn’t released? Normally it says pending notification of next of kin, but his wife was there and the report says pending investigation…why is that/how does that get decided?

  • Hey Dan, it’s never too late to get real and apologize.

  • Dan is obviously a lonely miserable man…love to the family so sorry for your loss i will certainly make a donation

  • I’m NOT going to apologize for expressing my opinion!!! Don’t like what I have to say??? Then I suggest not reading it!!! Because I WILL continue expressing my opinion!!!

  • Bluehaired Hillbetty

    My condolences to the family and all who are effected by this tragic death. Two things happened here that could have been changed had the poor soul just decided that he had too much to drink. First drinking and driving,second not wearing a seat belt. Poor irresponsible choices. I have lost loved ones to drinking and driving. It happens all too often in our communities here in the hills. If we try to sugar coat the outcome of poor choices how can we hope to educate the next generation. I know suffering, have heard the wailing and weeping of mothers, fathers, who have lost sons and daughters, Aunties Uncles, children left behind because of foolish choices to get behind the wheel of a vehicle when intoxicated. Please be safe. Love and Peace to all, and please slow down.

  • Him.thatdude.thatcracker.

    [edit] I lived in dinsmore and I have made that foolish gamble of a drive to get home drunk from journeys end. Its dangerous and claims many. Condolences to anyone affected by this loss. Not my place to apologize for dans rude heartless comments but ill say sorry [edit] anyway. Rest in peace dude. Drive safe everyone. Humboldts way too dangerous to be sippin and cruisin and hopefully we can all learn from this tragedy.

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