[UPDATE: Pups Have a Home] Can You Help This Mama and Her Pups Find Good Homes?

This information is provided by Redwood Pals Rescue. If you know someone who can help get these dogs into forever homes, please pass this along to them.

This is Mama Kali. She is very smart and easy to train. She is about 35 pounds and is looking for a foster home for a little R and R after pups and before she is ready to be spayed. She might enjoy an only dog home after so much company!

This is Caroline. Female.

This is Freckles. Male.

This is Io (“Eye-O”). Female.

This is Lord Wyman. Male

This is Odin. Male.

This is Charles. He is a male.

There are several other dogs that need to be adopted that are listed on Redwood Pals Rescue. If you’d like to make a donation to Redwood Rescue Pals, you can do so at: https://www.razoo.com/organization/Redwood-Pals-Rescue

UPDATE Tuesday: The Pups have all found homes, according to Redwood Pals Rescue.



  • Hope someone has loving homes for these cuties.

  • I wish I could. Very very much. Alas, I have two active pups already. I hope these cuties find a foster home. And mama gets a rest! I had a pup once that gave birth to nine babies. Talk about a handful. But so much fun.

  • I left a VM and sent an email to the contact info on the Redwood Pals Rescue website. Any other form of contact I should use?

  • Redwood Pals Rescue

    Thank you for sharing this album. It looks like all the puppies are now spoken for. We do have nice adult dogs available!

  • These look like the puppies I saw outside Shop Smart in Redway a week or two ago. They are darling. Too bad I already have two dogs (both rescue).

  • I’m curious: are your shelters up there “No Kill” facilities? Does anyone care enough to take that project on? It DEMANDS accountability of the owners [edit]

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