Naked Man on a Mission

At approximately 11:30 a.m., a naked man with an apparent mission marched along southbound Hwy 101 headed north between Eureka and Arcata near Carl Johnson’s. According to the scanner, he was “causing a traffic hazard.”

We are sure there must have been a good reason…we’re just not sure what it was.

Law enforcement detained the unclothed man.



  • Anti troll league

    Nudists’ Rights of course.

  • Food for thought

    Worst mothers day gift ever …

  • wow! meth is 1 hell of a drug! downward spiral!

  • When that dude sobers up, he’s gonna be so em-bare-assed!

  • Only Janis Joplin would be proud of a son like that

      • Exactly what I was wondering, WTF does a dead rock star have to do with some fool walking down the highway airing out his junk???

    • Ditto. What’s Janis got to do with it? “Seems like everyone in the whole round world is down on me” she sang. But still? After all these years? Still, nice that you remembered her.

      • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        I presume “Canyon oak” with that bad joke was trying to make a point about alcoholism with the Janis Joplin reference, but still… STFU about Janis Joplin, “Canyon oak”! Janis had more musical talent in her pinky finger than you and your whole inbred family combined!

  • BFD. Hopefully, people don’t cause a crash rubbernecking, and/or circling around for a better look/pictures/video.

  • Just airing out my junk!

  • Lol. Fucking Humboldt. Shit never stops.

  • Who is he? Where are his clothes?
    This is sad, looks like a zombie!

  • Just a little spring cleaning

  • what the buggary bollocks???

  • A naked man fears no pickpocket!

  • Nothing up his sleeves…!!!

  • A poster child for Bath salts consumption?

  • It’s Starman!

  • Lost a bet?
    Took a dare?
    Doesn’t care!

  • How else does one get exercise and no tan lines at the same time?

  • Running naked down the state highway
    Runnin’ naked in the middle of the day
    Runnin’ naked like a tom cat’s behind
    Runnin’ naked, but the cat don’t seem to mind

    Give me your heart
    I’ll give you mine first
    Give me your time
    I’ll give you my trust

    And we’re buck naked now
    Like when we were born
    When will we find out
    Why does it take so long

    And we’re buck naked now
    And we’re buck naked now
    And we’re buck naked now
    In the eyes of the lord

    Running naked like the day when I was born
    We’re all naked in the land where I come from
    I’m a long long way from New York City now
    We’re all naked if you turn us inside out

    And we’re buck naked now
    We ain’t got no clothes
    Bare assed for sure
    In the eyes of God

    Naked in my heart
    Naked in my soul
    Well, how does it feel
    Does anybody know

    (Well we’re) naked inside
    You’re naked too
    Well there’s nothing to fear
    And there’s nothing we can do

    (And we’re) buck naked now
    Buck naked now
    Buck naked now
    In the eyes of the Lord

    – David Byrne

  • Run Ronnie Run!

  • Covelo or busted

    Got caught in someones bedroom, jealous hubby took his jeans, shirt , wallet shoes.what else are one supposed to do? Headed home to Arcata…. regroup…Glad the police gave him a lift.

  • And if this was a woman….

  • Only in Shitboldt

    • Bringin back streaking!!

      Wow you must not get out much troy.
      And speaking of getting out, maybe uou ought to leave humboldt if thats all you think of it!!!
      Ever see the guy who was naked every day at college in san Fran? Classic!
      Being naked in public isn’t illegal but causing a traffic hazard with your streaking self apparently is!

  • Leave him alone let him go about his business. We’ve all thought about doing it. Cite the drivers creating the mess like the lady who shot the above video as she obviously did a U turn.

  • Blacktail Addict

    Suns out, nuts out? Twig and giggle berries on parade? Cock walker?

  • He’s trying to air out his unit so he doesn’t get trench cock

  • Garberville Vagrant Dingleberry Underpants

    I do this all the time, its completely normal. Dont deny your birthdaysuits dumby!

  • Garberville Vagrant Dingleberry Underpants


  • unbridled philistine

    This guy going to have register as sex offender now? Yikes I think my eye balls burned out when I saw that pic!

    • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      Regarding the spanked monkey 🐒, I hope someone called the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Poor lil’ monkey… 🐵

  • I’m a strong believer in the accomplishment of my bucket list. If I grew up in the craziness of humboldt county, I would probably have some weird things listed on said bucket list to cross off. Maybe after years of driving that stupid ass safety corridor he decided he was going to streak jog that shit once and for all. If he had made it without going to jail most of you would be calling him a hero. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sober. Stop hating y’all bravo buddy. I salute you! #f***thesafetycorridor

    • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      I WOULD be surprised if he WAS sober! 🍺🍻🥂🍷🥃🍸🍹🍾⚖️👮🏻‍♂️🚔

  • Naked and afraid is coming to Humboldt haven’t you heard thar puting them out by the edge of the bay only thing i can figer is he tapped out

  • Wow! I believe this is the rare, seldom seen, Humboldt Albino Sasquatch!

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