[UPDATE: Owner Located] Found: Very Amorous Unneutered Male

DogToday this unneutered male was found in the vicinity of Palmer Creek Road in Fortuna. He’s “very friendly and very amorous with our male dogs and won’t leave them alone,” according to the person who found him.

If you have any information about who his owner is, please contact (707) 496-1744.

UPDATE: The owner has bee located.



  • He’s being taken care of for the night. Please share so we can get him home to his people.

  • Unneutered Male dog very amorous with our male dogs? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • A friend of mine taught her dog to hump people`s legs on command. I thought it was a real hoot! Not everyone else did, though. No sense of humor. I also knew a camel by the name of Abdul who would hump cars. This wasn`t very funny since it would cave in the roof.

  • A lover, not a fighter

  • Probably more aggressive than amorous. Prison style..

    • Actually you may be closer to the truth than you thought, this type of behavior in Male Dogs is more of a dominance thing, than sexual!!!

  • Hey there little red rooster,
    well you ain’t shit to me
    Think you’re a stud boy,
    well I doubt you’ll ever be
    While your gone I’m gonna fuck with your henhouse
    I’m just being neighborly!

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