Human Foot Found Inside Shoe Near Where Hart Family Plunged Over Cliff

Hart family with three missing outlined

Hannah and Devonte Hart are still missing.

Possible human remains have been found near where the Hart family plunged over the cliff and into the Pacific Ocean on March 26.

The following is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department:

On 05-09-2018 at approximately 7:15 PM a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to the area of North Highway 1 and Hardy Creek in Westport, California.

Upon arrival the Deputy learned a local resident had found a pair of jean pants with a shoe entangled inside one of the pant legs on the ocean beach near the mouth of Hardy Creek.  This area is approximately 1 mile north of the Hart Family crash site.

The jeans were a girl’s size 10 regular and the shoe appeared to be a 3.5 US big kid size and/or 5.5 women’s US size.

Upon inspection, it was determined skeletal remains of what appeared to be a human foot was inside of the shoe.  The shoe with the skeletal remains were released to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Coroner’s Division.

The California Department of Justice Bureau of Forensic Services Richmond DNA laboratory is being asked to identity the remains through DNA analysis.

On 05-10-2018 a group of Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue members were being deployed to the area where the skeletal remains were located to conduct a search during tow tide conditions.  An assessment of the ocean and terrain will also be conducted for the planning of a future search operation.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Coroner’s Division to date have received analysis reports on all of the Hart Family members who have been recovered and identified.

The toxicology analysis showed three of the children had a positive toxicology finding in their blood for Diphenhydramine (an active ingredient in Benadryl), while one child had no toxicology finding.

At this time the Coroner’s Division is not releasing the names of the children associated with these toxicology findings.

Future press releases will only be disseminated when significant developments occur or when large scale Search & Rescue Operations are scheduled.  The daily press release is still being discontinued at this time.

Ongoing updates/photos will also be posted on the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office facebook page as information becomes available (

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  • Veterans friend

    Let the ghoulish speculation proceed

  • I’m not sure I needed to know about the foot. But “If it bleeds, it leads”.

    • I’m pretty sure the foot has quit bleeding…

      Yes, I could have been discreet and just said human remains. As a country woman I tend to prefer my news straight and not covered with softening feathers obfuscating the facts.

      • When it touches so many hearts so many times, I’m up for a little bit of euphemism. This was a particularly painful one.

        • You are following the wrong reporter then. Every publication has a “style” and I’m not much for softening the facts.

          • I have had nightmares that they were thrown from the vehicle and it landed on top of them and they are buried in the sand under the car.

          • Truth isn’t always pleasant but appreciated

          • I appreciate your writing style. I too believe in not sugar coating things. I don’t think some of your readers realize how much time and energy you put into your posts. You work day and night. You are always taking time away from your family. You have made a sacrifice few other writers have locally. Keep true to your style Kym 💜

          • I for one appreciate this form that you have created Kym, if they need a safe place they can go to the Lost Coast out house

          • Hey Kym considering main stream media keeps us in the dark and covers the lies of the power structure, your news reports are just as all news reports should be, honest.

          • So much for empathy.

            • I do my best to balance humanity with reporting the news. But, there are a variety of reporters in this area, if I am too harsh, you could try to find someone who is willing to offer a softer view.

      • If you had just said “human remains,” the speculation on here would have been worse than the fact you reported.

      • Thanks for giving us the facts, Kym. Our imaginations may have been worse. I do wonder about the rest of the body though. We may never know. What sadness. What tragedy.

      • Amen Kym thats why you are the best!!! Keep up the awesome honest no hiding the true facts news It dont need to be honey-coated!!!

  • unbridled philistine

    I was holding out hope that one of their party would be found safe, Alive… Dashed.. Just keeps getting worse.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Did the editor miss that? OMG!

  • Knowing that it`s a foot in a shoe is important and appreciated. It provides us with a better “understanding” of things.

    • Yeah. Like great white sharks and other sea life devouring corpses that are floating in the ocean. Sorry. But the rest is probley crab bait by now. Just a reality check people. Yes,sad.

  • Your doing great Kym I for one like my news straight thanks for all your hard work I could only imagine how many hours you put in I would get sick of just moderating comments

  • Why such intense interest in this “story?” And all the police resources. Thousands and thousands. One or more of the parents were abusive and/or crazy = family annihilation. Adopting all those kids is suspect to begin with. Think Brangelina’s kids will grow up “normal?” Doubtful. We should focus on the people contributing to society in a positive way, not on lesbian suicide pacts and heroic dope growers.

    • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      Stormy, you seriously can’t figure out why this awful story is of interest to so many people? I don’t believe that. You know why… Because many people actually care & were affected emotionally by this story. Don’t tell us you think there’s something wrong with that. Please….

      And, by the way, thank you for your public service Ms. Daniels (AKA Stephanie Clifford). Trump is going down in flames 🔥🛩🔥bigly, and of course Stormy Daniels is in part responsible for that wonderfully encouraging development in American politics. So, again, thank you Stormy!

  • Proud Deplorable Grandma

    So very very sad. I truly believes those innocent children are in the arms of Jesus.

  • 👍🏼

  • This continues to be so beyond horrific….. community members Reach Out for help… so many Healers in this community available to those in need

  • And now we know that’s not exactly how the remains were acquired. Instead they were given by the Finder to a friend of one of the Hart women before finally being surrendered to authorities. Why?

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