Please Save Sweet Sam

oLDER dogSam’s owner died and he needs a new home. He’s 8 years old. He’ll soon turn 9. He’s fully housebroken, doesn’t bite, loves walks, has lived with a cat and another dog (cat-sized) and hates being left alone.

If you have the heart to help Sweet Sam, please call (707) 498-8157.brindle dog



  • I feel so sad snd hope there is someone out there who can help this sad puppy

  • Poor pup, hope someone opens their heart and home,so he can find happiness again.

  • Poor guy! Thats such a hard one for pups to lose their person :'(

    Just to put it out there, I know someone who lost a close loved one and adopted a dog who’s owner had died and they help each other so much its amazing. They go everywhere together, its been awesome to see them both heal. If you know someone grieving that loss right now, maybe gently mention sam to them.

    Hope Sam finds a loving new home where he feels safe ♡

  • I just called the number. Hoping to find out more about the Sweetie. Is he neutered? Vetting up to date? Will walk on leash? That sorta stuff. I hope I get a call-back.

    • Margaret Lewis

      Sam is 8 years old, neutered, walks on a leash and understands simple commands (sit, come, go, etc.) I have been boarding him until he’s adopted. He is eager to please and very smart. He has tags, and I think they’re up to date, but am not sure. The Garberville vet should have records. I am sending another couple of pics which show his whole body and give a better idea of him. You can call me at 707-923-4346

    • Justkeepswimming

      Hi Anon, did you call Margaret? Her number is in the first reply to you. She has Sam until a home is found.

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