Get to Know Your Candidates Today and Tomorrow: 4th and 5th District Supervisor Forums

4th District of Humboldt CountyVoting for 4th District Supervisor? Today and tomorrow there are two chances to compare the candidates in a public forum. And, the forum on May 10th will also have candidates for 5th District Supervisor.

Mary Ann Lyons, Dani Burkhart, and, incumbent, Virginia Bass are vying for the 4th District seat. Today, they will be on KEET TV at 7 p.m. This forum will be moderated by the League of Women Voters. According to the webpage, “Questions, via email, will be accepted until 6:45 PM.  You can also telephone (707) 445-0811 during the forum and a League volunteer will take your question and submit it to the moderator for consideration.” Submit questions via

Humboldt county 5th DistrictThen, tomorrow, the candidates for 4th District Supervisor, as well as Ryan Sundberg and Steven Madrone who are running for 5th District Supervisor, will be at the Labor Temple at 840 E Street in Eureka for another forum.

According to a press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance,

Nine community groups have teamed up to host a community forum for all five candidates running for a Board of Supervisors seat in the upcoming election on June 5th. The Humboldt Del Norte Central Labor Council, North Coast People’s Alliance, Cooperation Humboldt, Health Care for All Humboldt, Northcoast Environmental Center, Centro del Pueblo, Move to Amend, Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, and True North are co-sponsoring the event, which will be held at the Labor Temple (840 E Street, Eureka) on May 10th from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Each group will pose questions relevant to their missions to each of the five invited candidates – incumbent Virginia Bass and challengers Mary Ann Lyons and Dani Burkhart in District 4, and in District 5, incumbent Ryan Sundberg and challenger Steve Madrone. The forum will be moderated by Central Labor Council Secretary John Frahm, and will be livestreamed on Facebook and recorded to air soon after on Access Humboldt.

“Local residents are deeply engaged in political and social issues right now,” reports Tamara McFarland, North Coast People’s Alliance steering committee chair. “There is a growing awareness of the need to work collaboratively to achieve positive changes for the environment, economy, and social safety nets – that’s what is unique about this event, and why we’re so pleased to have such broad participation from multiple groups working on these issues in our community.”

This event is free and open to the public.




  • Booo, no on Sundberg

  • Ryan Sundberg, he should let his constituents know that he’s the kind of politician who puts dollar stores next to schools. He should have let us know that when he first ran for office.

    • Sundberg had nothing to do with putting a Dollar General next to Mack High.
      I don’t necessarily agree with the location, but the zoning is correct.
      This is like saying the Eureka City council put Walmart in the Bayshore Mall.

      • local observer

        I wonder how he got approval to place his massive campaign sign on subject property? probably no link right? just wait until they rubber stamp the re-zoning of the chicken farm to high density low income which is already in the works. now do you think the placement of the dollar general is linked to that project?

    • Scott W Binder

      Sundberg is opposed to the Dollar General project in McKinleyville. Quit spreading rumors. To quote:

      “I wanted to clear up some of the information on the Dollar General Store (I included a picture of a typical store) that has applied for a permit across from the High School on Mckinleyville Ave. Our staff is looking into the size and if alcohol will be sold on site.

      First off, I am not supportive of this project, and would like to see something that sells healthier food for the kids and neighborhood.

      How we got here:

      – Property was zoned “neighborhood commercial” in 2002 so that the neighborhood could have a small store that they could walk to and shop for general grocery and household items.

      -A Dollar General store (not a Dollar Store, just all prices are rounded to $1) is a small neighborhood store that fits into the principally permitted use this zoning requires.
      -Trying to change the zoning now, after a permit has been turned in, is not only a difficult and long process, according to the county attorneys, it is an illegal taking.

      -The road service levels on Mck Ave and Central shows it has capacity for more traffic.

      How I think we can work together:

      -They will need a waiver from the Board of Supervisors to sell Alcohol. I have a great relationship with the other Board members and they will vote with me on blocking the waiver.

      -I have let our Planning Director know that I am not supportive of the project and that we should not allow any variations from what is absolutely required.

      -I think that a letter writing campaign along with me sending a letter to the company to let them know that the community is not supportive could let them know this is not a good investment.

      -I am your representative, and if the community does not want this, I will do everything legally that I can to fulfill the wishes of the neighbors.

      -If you know of any other ways to help this effort, we can have a group meeting or you can contact me individually at 707-476-2395 or

      • Ha! It’s now your rumor that he opposes it. What’s he said or done about it? What is he going to do about it? A liquor store next to a school, great work, Ryan.

        • Scott W Binder

          I think that you can read what he wrote on my post about, straight from the horse’s mouth. If he said it, it’s not a rumor.

          • You mean like getting money from the pot growers! Not a rumor!

            • We are all just humans

              Are pot growers not citizens and community members too? Are they not allowed to participate in the system that is layed out for every legal adult in this country? Individuals can give up to 1500 to any supervisor each year if they so choose no matter their occupation. For you or anyone to not think it is not ok for someone be able to participate in this process is crazy. Pot growers ARE community members, business owners, parents, and are on track to be the number 1 tax contributor in this county. You have a car that you drive and burn fuel to stay warm and get to where you are going. You are covered in colorful clothes that pollute our planet with all the dyes and yet you sit on your high horse as if you have no ill effect on our Mother Earth but are quick to point the finger at pot growers because you want someone to Blaim got the very things you do yourself. Until you have zero negative effect on this earth Who are you to point the finger at your next fellow human for what they are doing when you can’t even take the proper steps in your life to stop your distruction of this earth.

          • I live there. Sundberg hasn’t said or done a thing. Parents haven’t been informed whatsoever. We’re only learning about this now, and not from him. And based on what he’s said to you, he’s taking no initiative to get the ball rolling. “Write a letter, I’ll sign it.” For a County Supervisor, that’s the equivalent of sitting on his thumbs. Ryan Sundberg is a rubberstamper. He doesn’t deserve the job. I don’t know much about Madrone, but Sundberg lost my support.

            • …and I’d like to see Ryan Sundber look his constituents in the eyes and tell us Dollar General is just a “small neighborhood store”. It’s a corporate megachain that’s earned a deservedly bad reputation. I want to hear from Sundberg himself, his personal vision of Mckinleyville’s landscape in twenty years. If he’s not thinking that far ahead, I don’t want him representing anything or anybody.

              • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

                Ryan Sundberg (AKA Ryan DUMBERG) should go back to selling insurance. Or maybe Dumberg can try selling used cars! (His ethical standards are sufficiently low.) Maybe Harvey Harper VI will give him a job.🚗🍋

  • If whoever does the four main things on their County Supe. job description, we would get what we pay for.

    Protect the airspace above Humboldt
    Protect the forests
    Protect the rivers
    Repair and maintain the roads

    The rest of their performances are hooey; a committee here a commission there, Redwood Coast Energy Authority BOD, pass Tax ordinances, go to D.C., Sacramento, “Reach-Out” to other counties, bribe debt grants up the gazoo, the list of non$ense is endle$$.

  • This forum will be broadcast on KMUD starting at 6pm.
    91.1 in Southern Humboldt, 88.1 in Northern Humboldt, online at

    • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      Where In The World Is Ryan Sundberg? Not at the forum. What a coward! 😭

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