SoHum Chamber’s Featured Business of the Week: The Sherwood Forest Motel

Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce

Every week the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce features a business of the week. We’ll be sharing their posts here to celebrate our community.

This week’s featured business of the week is The Sherwood Forest Motel!

Sherwood forest motel


The Sherwood Forest Motel is a local family-run motel nestled in the heart of Redwood Country, in Southern Humboldt County! This well established motel has been operating in downtown Garberville since the 1950’s and was purchased by the late Earl Mitchell in the 1970’s. In the early 1980’s Radar and Junia Mitchell moved to town and took over managing the motel from 1986 to 2018.

The Sherwood Forest Motel has been different things for different people over the years; a place for birthday parties, gatherings for family reunions, a day of swimming and relaxing by the pool, or maybe just the enjoyment of the sound of the water fountain as a couple strolls by hand in hand. Sherwood Forest MotelAs people hold on to the memories they created there, a little piece of each experience is left at the Sherwood, and it’s that shared history that ties us all together.

There have been some recent changes happening at this local motel. As of recent, Junia and Radar have retired and their oldest son David stepped up to the plate and is now the new operations manager! As Junia and Radar get ready for so much needed R&R, David, with the help of his brother Tanner, have since taken the bull by the horns and have many projects on their list for the Sherwood. They have recently launched an upgraded new website and facebook page, as well as starting in on some remodeling of the rooms themselves. By this summer, they plan on having at least ¼ of the rooms remodeled!

New beds have been ordered and the hot tub and pool area will be ready in time for summer!

The rooms for rent are affordable and they offer a 10-15% discount for AAA/AARP, Military/Law-enforcement, as well as several promotional discounts which vary seasonally.

The Sherwood is proud to begin partnering with local community and small-business members, offering services such as flower delivery, spa/massage services, custom locally crafted handmade furniture on consignment, even meditation and “Summer yoga” for their guests.

There are so many fantastic shops and services offered in Garberville and an incredibly vibrant business community. We think we can help play a role in connecting those services to people who visit our town.” (quote from the managers).

Both Tanner and David feel that what really sets the Sherwood apart from the rest for those that grew up here, is that this is a place that can remind us all of our childhood.

It’s a place that has been in town for as long as almost anyone can remember and one that, upon reflection, can make you smile just by remembering. That is the history we want people to think about when they think of Sherwood Forest, and to know we are working hard to remain a positive part of our community, like we have been for over fifty years.”

The Sherwood Forest Motel is located at: 814 Redwood Dr., Garberville, California

Hours of operation are: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, Monday-Sunday

Phone: 707-923-2721



Note: Redheaded Blackbelt is a member of the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce



  • Perfect. The same day as the national heroin story. umm….

  • Sherwoodn’t stay there, every motel in town is a drug den now, it used to be decent.

  • Oh, for heaven’s sakes, sometimes I think you guys would take a story about a rainbow and make it about the mud after the rain. Yes, many rural areas have drug issues. None of them have spectacular redwood trees, the Lost Coast, the Avenue of the Giants, the Eel River, and so much more.

    Now, let’s talk about a business that is making lots of new renovations. We had an absolutely wonderful time there at our class reunion. And Summer Yoga–I don’t even know what it is and I already feel like smiling.

  • shawnee sauers

    I agree,there are a few people who regularly add their two cents that can’t really afford it…

  • What a great cover, using business advertising as a news story. Awesome sales and marketing skills, while at the same time misdirection…

    • Ed, if I got a single cent for posting this without disclosing it, I would be unethical. But instead, I’m reaching out and offering a platform I have to my community for nothing. I do it for non-profits and I am doing it for the Chamber of Commerce which represents small businesses.

      Having disclosed all my connections to the post and where the information comes from, I have ethically discharged my responsibilities. I really am free to just happily say, “Hey, here’s what our local Chamber says is neat about this little local business. If you are interested, read up on it.”

      I see your comments on the sports posts involving youth and you offer support and warmth. I’m sure you can understand that my gift to the community is shared with love and hope.

      • No worries, no need to be so defensive, just a positive observation. BTW, the “Chamber of Commerce” (Southern Humboldt) is not a public benefit or charitable “non-profit” organization, they are a private for-profit business organization and found a way to advertise through you. But as you did disclose:

        Note: Redheaded Blackbelt is a member of the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce”

        Ethical or “unethical” are in the eye of the beholder…

        • She never said the Chamber was a non profit. She said she does it for Non-profits AND Is also doing it for The Chamber. Considering how in depth you do read things, you might consider cleaning your glasses Ed!

          • Correct and the “Chamber” is a private for-profit business, so what does that have to do with advertising for “non-profits”, better clean your glasses !

            • Squeaky clean my dear, I wasn’t talking about advertising but comprehension. YOU replied, as if she said The Chamber was a Non Profit. I just pointed out, she never said so.

        • Ed, ethics is certainly in the eye of the beholder, but I’m warning you now. I have no patience for responding to similar comments made by you another time. I’m over your insinuations that I am being unethical for posting a story that I received no payment for and will ban you if you continue to be baselessly inflammatory.

          • Please, stop with the “warning” crap. If anyone is being inflammatory, its you. You can do whatever you want, it’s your personal and private site. And who said anything about “I received no payment”, not me, that was all you…

            • Ed, Repeatedly you have insinuated that I get gain from posting positive stories about businesses. Now you don’t have to read them but unless you have proof that I am doing something unethical, stop posting about it.

              • For heaven’s sake, I never made one suggestion that you “gain from posting positive stories about businesses”, but you keep asserting that I do. Please point out where I “insinuated” you do?

                • Ed, let’s agree that you never comment on these positive stories again. You freely grind your axe elsewhere but since I am so obviously am prone to “misunderstand you” don’t risk getting banned by commenting on them.

                • OK, and let’s agree these are not just “positive stories”, but also free advertising.

                • I am definitely into letting my community know about the great businesses that exist here and if you want to call it free advertising, then you may say so but never again on this site because it is possible I may believe (possibly wrongly) that you are implying that I am doing something unethical by doing so. And, I’ve let you know that I’ve reached my limit on this conversation.

        • “Ethical or “unethical” are in the eye of the beholder…”

          Not when it comes to journalistic practice.

    • Your comments sound pretty snide to me, Ed.

  • Thank you Kym & everyone else for your support & confidence in us! It means so much!
    It’s disheartening to work so hard only to have people tear you down..

  • Twinkle Winklestein

    Well stated Kym! Your support is genuine and welcome by all in our community who want to see a renaissance of Good vibes and business here, in SoHum!!! You rock.

  • I had an experience once where an innkeeper near the south end of Gville quoted me a rate over the phone. The room was for a Spanish speaking couple. When they arrived he tried to charge them twice the rate he had quoted me. They went to the Sherwood and were happy with the room and the rate. Dean Creek gave me a great deal on a room when I got caught in town by a fire on AP road a few years ago.

  • I love that David and Tanner are getting involved in the family business and making such positive changes! … and Kym I appreciate you posting positive stories about our local business community!

  • Sherwood is run by an amazing family who is invested in the local community! They provide opportunities for youth and want to see the hotel and Garberville flourish. Same thing with the So Hum Chamber. Great group of people that are in it for the community, not just themselves. Thank you Kym for all you do in sharing stories, both positive and negative.

    In the words of Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    And remember, it’s not what you do, it’s why you do it.

  • Radar, Congratulations on yours and Junia’s retirement. You both deserve it. I have been there many times! I worked for City Ambulance and I can’t tell you how many times I pulled in and out of there. The pool is awesome too. Great Place! Good luck David and Tanner. I hope it is still a big party when the bikers are in town. I think my son literally saw God when Radar took him towards the “Pit”. He was only 16 years old. He’s been riding on two ever since. #❤URadar

    • Tanner Johnson

      Choni if you’re in town you oughtta stop in and say hi to Radar during the pre-Redwood Run event in June, he’ll be grillin’ in the parking lot 🙂

  • That was a nice write up. It’s good to see that at least one family business made it through the oppressive years.

  • Thank you kym, we really appreciate your efforts. Some people just can’t help them self’s 😜 Sherwood try’s really hard to keep it a nice place to stay, we applaud their efforts. It’s a very difficult finical time.

  • Just ban ed, he’s did imply that you were unethical and implied that somehow it benefited you. You run a positive sight here and even after the warning he ran his mouth.Your sight and the rest of the internet truely doesn’t need to hear his “voice” anymore, all it does is instigate negativity and pick apart the people who live here.

    • Please point out where you think I implied Kym was “unethical and implied that somehow it benefited” her!

      My family lived, volunteered, worked and owned our homes (1961-2015) in Southern Humboldt, My family and Kym’s family were very close and did allot together my whole childhood. I attended K-12 SFHS Class ’75, first registered to vote in SoHum, I served my country from SoHum and we owned our home there until 2015. Sorry, I cannot change my hometown. And sorry you think only current residents of SoHum have 1st amendment rights…

  • I would just like to thank you Kim for your ever
    Positive attitude. I grew up here, have been gone all over the world for 21 years and just returned at the start of the year. When I left the times standard was pretty much the only source for local news and info. Your site has been a wonderful breath of fresh air since I came home, the comment section is often my favorite part. I don’t even bother with loco and TS anymore. You provide an outstanding service to this community and I just wanted to make sure you heard that today. I love that you let people share their opinions, even if they are negative or even insulting to you and your professionalism or motives. You are far more patient than I could be. Even when pushed or baited you always seem to take the high road. At times I swear you come off as kindergarten teacher in this comment section but your ethics IMHO are above reproach. Please, to quote CSN&Y..
    Again, thank you for what you do, you provide a service and you do it with positivity, Grace, dignity, pride, love and an enthusiasm that is contagious (at least I think to most of us.. lol.. and the world and comment section needs and has room for the others and trolls as well..)
    PS, Ed, you’re cool too, I appreciate everyone’s input..

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