Two Dead in Two Humboldt Cities Yesterday: Video and Photos

Shooting police eureka

Law enforcement consults behind police tape at the scene of the shooting in Eureka. [Crop of a photo by Mark McKenna]

A woman and the suspect in her killing died in the span of about four hours yesterday in two different Humboldt County cities. The woman was shot in the 3300 block of Eureka’s H Street at approximately 4:52 p.m. The suspect, Ronald Allen Crossland, age 52, died around 8:50 p.m. in a Fortuna trailer park.

Officer uses his vehicle as a shield as he steadies his rifle.

An officer uses his vehicle as a shield as he steadies his rifle at the Fortuna Trailer Park. [Photo provided by a reader]

Eureka Police say Crossland fled the scene of the fatal shooting in Eureka driving a Honda Accord. The vehicle was later found abandoned near Redwood Fields in Cutten.

Ronald Crossland should be considered armed and dangerous.

Ronald Crossland [Photo from EPD Chief Steve Watson]

At this point law enforcement hasn’t said how the suspect made his way from Cutten to Fortuna. However, at approximately 8:50 p.m., a gunshot was heard in a trailer park in the 300 block of North Fortuna Boulevard, according to a neighbor who wished to remain anonymous. At the same time, a Fortuna police officer called for backup at the trailer park saying that a shot was fired.

According to the neighbor, she was told that the suspect shot himself. The video below begins about 30 seconds after the shot was fired. The first few seconds are dark but you can hear the sound. Then officers can be seen ordering residents back inside their house. Parents can be heard frantically calling their children inside.

The video below by the same neighbor shows the scene a little better as an officer stands behind his vehicle using it as a shield as he provides backup to an officer closer to the shooting.

Soon afterward, medical personnel was allowed in and the suspect, Ronald Crossland, was pronounced dead.

There are at least three different crime scenes to be processed–the residence where the original homicide occurred, the vehicle used by the suspect, and the trailer park where Mr. Crossland died–so it might be some time before more information is released.

UPDATE 12:45 p.m.: More info released at this link–Eureka Police Release Name of Victim; Give Details on Yesterday’s Shooting

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  • Two homicides, or a murder/suicide?

  • Wouldn’t it be one homicide and one suicide?

    • A suicide is a homicide but…I should have realized that phrasing would have been confusing. I’ve changed it where I can. [Facebook doesn’t allow posts already made to be edited]

  • Also called murder/suicide in the news, & the incidents of it are on the rise in our country. Usually involving family/loved ones of perp.

  • He was a coward! This is such a sad day for her family. She was such a gentle soul and would have given the shirt off her back to anyone who needed it. This is such a sad day.

    • I was going to hold my commentary.

      But after catching up on the backstory, and reading your post?


      RIP gentle doggy that was brutalized by this coward , and died.

      RIP gentle woman who gave her best to love .

      And rot in hell mr narcissist and all narcissist abusers for that matter. And their folks can go pound sand too. Parents create these monsters .


      But I’ve lived it. Seen it up close.

      Boohoo my son is perfect.

      After making sure everything in life revolved pathologically around HIM that souless assembly of flesh deserves no more attention . Please take down his ugly mug and lets focus on the life of the good woman and dog .

      God! So gross .

    • So sad. So sorry for your loss. May your happy memories carry you through this overwhelming time.

  • Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?

    I edit my posts on FB all the time…
    Click arrow upper right or if photo view full size click edit

    P.S #breakthesilence!

    • You can’t edit the links you post though.

      • Can you delete and then edit to add corrected link?

        • I can delete the whole thing. But then, of course, all comments are deleted. And when I repost, Facebook then counts it as a second posting, directs less people to it, and then less people get to see the info that is there.

          • Oh well. Facebook apparently is one layer of rules after another. It’s interesting to hear about the reality anyway. Sort of a news story inside a news story like Hamlet’s a play within a play. Only we ‘poor player’s ” rarely are made aware of it.

    • Annoyed person

      Stop finding stupid things to pick at! The women already explained she can’t fix it and why! Let it go!!!!

      • Haha annoyed person all the inquiry or helpful suggestions were composed within 2hr of each other … Moderating may hold comment so it doesn’t post in order +and may post after
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    • Lost Croat Outburst

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  • BRandedtowhom?

    Another POS abusing women. I’ll bet he was a sweet talker who coerced her. Glad he killed himself. Now we won’t have to pay to in arcerste his lame ass.

    • Actually she was helping the murderous bastards ex girlfriend move her stuff into storage. My friend was not anyone to him but was just trying to help the other female. She was jusmt trying to help and he killed her

  • Was this a Lovers quarell that went sour? Not much information to go on.. Prayers to her family and friends. R.I.P. whoever you are.. So Sad Humboldt has become a Murder Place I have lived here all my life and things way back then never used to be like it is now days… It makes me Sick.

    • No my friend died because he killed her for no reason other than the fact that she was there helping the murderers on againnoff again gf move her stuff. That’s the exact truth

  • Probably killed the dog while it was protecting it’s best friend. Makes me sad and sick.

  • Wow, I am so confused. What happened in Eureka on H street? A shooting, from whom and why?

  • So this person killed a Good Samaritan assisting a woman he had brutalized?

    My heart breaks for her and her family.

  • I say why are we focused on a honest mistake of words when we should be focused on the fact that two people are dead?
    I absolutely hate fb and for what its become. But that’s not the point. Instead of us coming together to solve this matter we are falling apart and that’s a huge problem. For us and our country. My heart goes out to the loved one’s on both side’s because even though he did the right or wrong thing He’s still someone’s loved one and somebody’s baby at heart.
    So let’s stop all the crap and take a moment to respect the dead. R.I.P.

  • This is one of the reasons why this situation occurred

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