Man Arrested for Fighting With Arcata Police Officer

This is a press release from the Arcata Police. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Arcata police badgeOn 05/06/2018 at about 11:19am an Arcata Police officer on patrol observed a subject walking in the middle of the southbound traffic lane on the 1200 block of K Street. The traffic lane was completely blocked, causing vehicles to swerve around the subject and creating a safety hazard to the subject and to others.

The officer attempted to speak with the subject, who ignored commands to move out of the roadway. The officer attempted to detain the subject who actively resisted, fighting aggressively with the officer. A Taser and pepper spray were used before the subject was detained.

Nathaniel Cobb III, age 26, of National City, CA, was arrested for a violation of PC 69; resisting an executive officer with violence. He was evaluated at Mad River Community Hospital and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

The officer was treated and released for minor injuries.



  • Another case of police brutality against innocent young male bodies. If only we had sidetracked society to cater to his needs and hear his insightful stories! The directors of Arcata’s social policy At H.S.U. Should investigate this as yet another troubling example of how society lets such visionary degenerates slip through the cracks.
    With enough public funding, this young man can be rehabilitated and maybe become a art history major, or a Arcata city council member.

  • Well….. he must have been white because arcata PD wouldn’t have done that to a POC. Sanctuary city rules

    • If it had been a ‘POC’, someone would have been recording it; then posted only the part where the officer was taking him down. At that point, everyone in Arcata would be on here claiming police racial brutality; not knowing the officer had to defend himself. Then, the marches would start tomorrow.

  • I witnessed the most outrageous cop fight in Arcata about 2 years ago. This person was standing on the sidewalk at a cross walk. An officer on a bike told the person to cross or move and the person refused. After a couple more words were exchanged the cop then got off his bike and attempted to detain the person. This chic wasn’t having it and started flailing their arms. Then they started to really fight. Of course some Arcata citizen had to be upstanding and help the officer. The woman was taken into custody. I gave one of the other officers who arrived my contact asking him to please include my statement (usually im a “I didn’t see anything” “I didn’t do anything” type). Never received a call and honestly forgot about that incident until I saw this story.

  • bones so whats your point? maybe just mind less rambling, never mind.

  • BugOnAWindshield

    APD is just dealing with another city’s problem. Few good things, or people, come out of National Shiity, or its neighbor Chula Juana, except the Mexicans sneaking through to find a decent wage.

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