[UPDATE 9:22 p.m.] Homicide Suspect’s Vehicle Located in Eureka; Suspect Should Be Considered Armed and Dangerous


Ronald Crossland should be considered armed and dangerous.

Ronald Crossland should be considered armed and dangerous, according to the EPD. [Photo from EPD Chief Steve Watson]

Today at approximately 4:52 p.m., an adult woman was fatally shot in the 3300 block of H Street in Eureka. Eureka Police have named Ronald Allen Crossland as the suspect in her homicide.


The residence

The victim’s residence is blocked off with police tape. [Photo provided by Police Chief Watson]

They located Crossland’s vehicle, a black Honda Accord, about 7:20 p.m. in the 2400 block of Fern Street. Eureka Police are in the area now. They have cleared the vehicle but are searching the area.

UPDATE 8:11 p.m.: EPD and Sheriff vehicles block an alleyway off Fern about 8 p.m.

EPD and Humboldt County Sheriff vehicles block an alley/driveway off Fern.

EPD and Humboldt County Sheriff vehicles block an alley/driveway off Fern. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

UPDATE 8:25 p.m.: EPD Chief Steve Watson tweeted, “The black Honda has been located and recovered unoccupied near Redwood Fields in Cutten.

UPDATE 9:22 p.m.: Ronald Crossland has been located (possibly injured) in Fortuna. See here for more information: Shots Fired in Fortuna; Possible Gunshot Victim

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

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  • I grew up with him. He always liked to fight but I never thought he would use a gun. Welcome to prison (again) this time for life I hope. Now my opinion is you use a gun on a female your a chicken shit. Now you get to rot I hope

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      What’s really scary? People on various crime groups on FB that lived near where he shot the woman, recall her being chased by him in the alley off H St, screaming for help. He was out to kill someone.

    • Wow… very opionionated of u! Let me guess, you knew Nicole or saw a picture of little miss innocent and now you, like every other dirt bag low life will go and comfort her in this situation she clearly had a hand in!

  • laura cooskey

    Time for the scent dogs.

  • He’s dead in Fortuna, shot himself – confirmed 1144 at 9:17pm

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Address on scanner puts it at the trailer park behind Ray’s in Fortuna.

  • Space 49…..I heard them say they had Crossland in custody and the victim was deceased

  • Does anyone else want to see the crime rate for the area broken down by demographics? It seems that 2/3rds of the crime, crashes, and deaths around here involve natives. If we could show that then maybe people would actually start caring about these people enough to help identify the root causes of these issues.

    • I’d like to see those demographics. It’s been awhile since I did some research but that isn’t what I remember at all.

    • Settlers are not natives and the natives lost that war. Ha Ha you win. The judge all ways wins. He did wrong and did not wont to be judged by his choice.

  • “her being chased by him in the alley off H St, screaming for help.”. Scary.
    Why didn’t somebody help her?

    • People don’t want to get involved. When I was 21, my fiancé was beating me. I grabbed our infant son and ran down B st Eureka, yelling help. No response. He caught up and took our son. So I stopped and screamed “ HELP, someone took my baby!”. THEN people came out. This was 29 years ago. Sad

      • I always go outside. I’ve been victim to violence. And I have no problem stepping in and helping someone out. It sucks that we have all separated ourselves from each other. “Oh, she chose to stay.” “ it’s her own fault.” Bullshit. Help each other and two people might still be alive right now.

  • Service Coordinator L.H.C.

    So people will go on line and report that a woman is being chased through an alley yelling for help, that’s the extent of their intervention. I understand not wanting to get involved but if more people knew that the result of their actions would result in a mob of resilient neighbors and coming for you, some may reconsider crossing the line.

  • Franklin Ferdinand

    Did anyone see this guy, Ronald Allen Crossland, in Arcata on Saturday the night before the murder?
    Im pretty sure I saw in the area of the Plaza/ Arcata Co-Op. Just curious if anyone else did.

  • I’m honestly shocked that he didn’t murder someone years ago. Ron had the personality of a serial killer and our system failed us. He slashed a women’s face at a bar once and classic Ronnie, “I didn’t do that” in a dumbed down innocent voice. He did the same after he murdered this grandmother. He was a meth user, a pathological liar and now a murderer. I can personally sleep better.

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