[UPDATE: Mayweather Died] GoFundMe Set Up for Dog Attacked by Mountain Lion

From the GoFundMe page:

On Friday April 27th my baby Mayweather was viciously attacked by a mountain lion. Mayweather was playing with one of his friends at the time of the attack and his friend wasn’t so lucky and had to be put down immediately due to his jaw being ripped off. Mayweather is a 1 1/2 years old Brazilian mastiff/ Catahoula and is being so strong for how young he is. I have already taken him to a vet when the attack occurred & they sent me home with a dog gushing blood & his lip hanging off his face. They told me warm compresses & antibiotics will heal him up. Here we are at vet #2 with an enormous infection under his skin that burst open & he now needs multiple surgeries. Half of lip is hanging off & he has lots and lots of gashes and holes showing his insides & tendons covering his front legs and other holes from bite marks on butt and back legs. There are also possibly internal injuries that I am still unaware of. I am only 19 years old working a full-time minimum wage job living on my own just trying to take care of my baby & I can’t afford the second round of outrageous vet bills I am going to be given. I appreciate everything & anything that anybody is willing to give to help me and my baby on this long journey we have ahead of us. Please please anything helps I just want my baby back.

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page.

UPDATE: Mayweather has had to be put to sleep.

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  • Where did this happen? Location would be helpful for other pet owners.
    Cat bites are famous for infection. My friend treated her dog also with Aloe Vera along with the vet meds when it was attacked by a mtn lion. It took quite a while to really heal. Good Luck.

  • From the cold depths of the internet and from a lifetime dog lover, you did Mayweather an incredible injustice by either not having him properly repaired or put down on your first vet visit. You have allowed him to suffer for over a week, now, even with heroic, and expensive vet bills, his injuries will never be properly healed. I would have happily helped fund the vet bills if Mayweather had been properly treated on the first visit.

    • Do you not remember being 19? Its hard making confidant decisions. If her 1st vet said, “Here ya go, clean it, take care!”, well she was just going with what a professional said, cause that’s what one pays them for, their professional opinion! She did do the proper thing and went with a professionals opinion. How was she suppose to know, to get a 2nd opinion sooner, especially on a limited budget? She’s only a kid & they live & learn. So instead of being a meanie to the inexperienced in life, bite you vial tongue! Bad decision or not, I’m helping, instead of sitting back & judging away.

      • I remember being young and a very nice vet told me how care for cat at home. All turned out well for her. He saved me a ton of cash.

      • No vet would have sent a dog with half its lip hanging off and tendons showing home without offering a better plan of care than warm compresses. The owner chose the care route, not the vet.

        • I had a dog, who was hurt from some sort of wild feline. Its claw cut the bottom inner eyelid & was only hanging by the couple cm still attached. I could see the muscles & bottom of the eyeball. I was told to watch for infections but to let it rot off. It eventually did fall off & what could grow back for the eyelid, did its best & is enough for the dog to proper close the eye fully. So you were saying, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom?

    • They sent her away on the first visit… so maybe you should be upset with That vet.. and not someone trying to save her pet.. besides who are you yo judge. If you mot going to donate just scroll on.

    • 40 years ago I had a dog that contracted parvo I was young I did the Noble thing took him to the vet the vet nurse him back to health $500 later, and then 3 weeks later he gets out of the yard gets run over by a car all I had was a collar and a $500 bill, never again!

  • Bluehaired Hillbetty

    I will happily support a Mountain Lion hunting season.
    That being said we have a dog that suffered a mountain lion attack, and even though her head is a bit misshapen she still loves the great outdoors and continues to tromp the woods and prairies with abandon.

    Good luck Mayweather. Dogs are incredibly resilient. Good for you for working and trying to make it on your own. Don’t give up.

    • William Chiafos

      Are you really that nieve ? Mountain lions and wolves are tremendous animals for maintaining a good ecosystem. Mountain lions try to avoid conflict of any kind. 99 times out of 100 a mountain lion will not fight even when invoked. The only reason a mountain lion will attack is when you are close to their den, very hungry, or very sick. Now me, I would support a hunting season for pitbulls who attack, maime, or kill with no provocation.

  • What I’m seeing aren’t the wounds of a mountain lion, unless it was mad with rabies. What I see is that the “playing” between the two pit bulls turned into one of them being mauled so badly by the other that it had to be put down. And the other with huge vet bills the owners are trying to get paid. I see two sets of irresponsible pit bull owners trying to get the public to cover their mistakes.

    Thank God no children were involved in the “playing” pit bull incident. Nobody should own a pit bull. They are unpredictable killing machines and these photos show what the nicest ones have done when they surprised their owners by snapping and going after children instead of other pit bulls or other dogs.

    A mountain lion would not attack one dog and then turn to the other. Mountain lion wounds are almost always to the back of the neck. Any other part of the body would be deep puncture bites and not torn flesh like the photos show.

    If a lion can’t quickly and successfully kill by stealth from behind, they won’t stay and try to fend off bites from something as ominous as a pair of pit bulls. They would retreat very quickly. They don’t like to risk wounds and death from infection if they can’t make a quick kill. I’ve had several livestock killed by a mountain lion that I actually traced and found hiding with one of the dead stock in some bushes. All killed the same way; by ambush from behind on the back of the neck with one or two quick puncture fatal bites.

    The wounds in the photo are classic pitbull mauling attack wounds in a dog fight.

    • Wow true hill paranoia at its finest!
      “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate!
      I’ve had an animal hurt from wildlife.
      This looks no different, Dr. Doolittle.
      Back off the hate dopamine!

    • The dog pictured is not a pit bull. Its a mastiff/catahoula mix[edit]. You cant possibly be an expert on mountain lion bites if you cant even tell a mastiff from a pitbull.

      • Guess he or she forgot also missed the link, to an earlier article, announcing mountain lion attacks, in 2 separate incidents, in the same area.

    • Concerned Trinity County Resident

      You are absolutely correct in the manner in which a mountain lion attacks and kills; I agree, these are not indicative of a mountain lion attack.

      • Well documented attack with confirmation from Cal Dept of Fish And Wildlife as well as County Sheriff…

      • Yes. The wounds are way more consistent with a dog fight than a mountain lion. Maybe the owners couldn’t imagine that dogs would do this to each other. But mastiff/pit bull type dogs will snap and rip the bejesus out of each other with wounds exactly like those in the photos. Maybe its’ more comforting to the owners to imagine that a mountain lion did this than that the dogs they own could do this to each other.

        Again, lions bite from the back of the neck in ambush-style. They don’t head on confront attack while an animal as vicious as they are fights back. Much less two vicious dogs fighting back. The cats are way too smart to risk being wounded on even ground. They prey on the weak and unsuspecting using ambush and stealth. That’s the reality of it folks. Unless the mountain lion had rabies. Then all bets are off.

        As to the Sheriff reports and documentation. I could call the Sheriff right now and claim aliens landed and took my lambs. They could document that too. Ranchers & field biologists are way more likely to know the signs of a cougar attack than layman sheriff deputies. They see blood and ripped flesh and hear “mountain lion!” and they think, “yeah, a big cat could do that type of damage”. Only they don’t know that normally a cougar would not do that type of damage confronting that size and strength of prey. It’s just not worth them getting hurt. There are no vets in the woods and the kitties know this in their DNA.

        • What’s really your angle here? Do you have problems too & past due bills? Are you irritated someone asked for help publicly & have received $600 worth of help so far, while you did nothing but complain, pick & accuse? Sure glad your not my direct neighbor, you big meanie, geez!

          • I’m not complaining. I’m calling BS when I see it. If it was me, I’d have said “well my dog has these massive injuries and I need money to pay for their care” and left it at that. It’s not cool to mess with facts in such an obvious way (to those who actually interface with cougars’ damage on a fairly regular basis) to get money. I have a problem with people who lie to get money. People still would’ve been heartwrenched at the dog’s wounds and stepped up.

            I’ve been in a position to observe the nature of cougar attacks for many many years now. Facing off with two powerful dogs who are fighting back is not how cougars roll. Unless they have rabies. Then as I said, all bets are off.

            • Get a life and educate yourself. Work on reducing the negative energy that comes out of your fingers.

            • Uhhhh LMFAO! Generally folks using Go Fund Me, post their back story,
              to back why they need help, than just ask for $, cause they have a big bill.

              So do you have more info than the rest of us, indicating the mountain lion had no rabies? Are you sure its not just a control issue? It seems you just don’t like how someone went about asking for help, considering you just stated yourself, there’s a possibility it could be true, if the feline had rabies. Do you open and shut the door 3 times before going to bed too?

              Besides, the dog passed anyways, anything else unpleasant to say?

            • William Chiafos

              Yep. I call BS on this whole story. This person is a liar and should have never received any money from such deciet.

        • The attack was WITNESSED by people including the owners. What part of that do you refuse to acknowedge?

        • These are dogs that go after other animals to kill them,so the cat was more than likely fighting for its life,of the dogs would have been dead and eatn from the start. Thow I am sorry about the dog dieing later.very sad ,but I bet cat is hurt or dead to.my bet is they did it to each other .

    • If its a dog fight why should she care if it dies? Why 2 expensive vet visits? [edit]

    • Nancy Harmeyer

      NOT Pit Bulls! WOW, way to mis read and mis lead! on information! Just WOW…

    • [edit]There is proof a lion did it. Witnesses and police reports. News stories and DFGW reports. Dont use an animals pain and suffering from an attack to further your uneducated views on dog breeds..

    • William Chiafos

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this story is BS. I see many discrepancies with this story.

  • Uh the dogs not a pit bull if you actually read the words.
    Youre doing a serious dis-service to all dogs by making claims like this.
    Any dog thats trained to fight to the death will do just that.
    If pits are so dangerous to everyone why were they used to protect infants and toddlers from predators for so long in the late 1800’s? People literally left their kids alone outside with the pit to protect them, and they did.

    I agree the bites do not look like traditional lion attack but my guess is the lion is not well. A sick lion chased by two dogs could fight back in a “not normal” way.

    Either way this poor pup needs good vet care and im so curious who sent her home without doing anything else for the dog, was it the cutten vet?
    Hope this pooch can recover well!!!

    • I do believe the vet in cutten closed down. They were the WORST! also curious as to which vet sent that dog home like that!!! Hope he recovers and will be donating!!

    • William Chiafos

      Lol! The nanny dog myth has been proven to be false. Pitbulls kill far more disproportionately than any other breed. You are either terribly misinformed, or a bully yourself. Go educate yourself with real facts.

  • Good Grief Kym, some of the ignoramus comment above remind me of those at the Lost Coast Outhouse. Better call Hank, some of his trolls are missing…

  • Sage Centers located in Concord and Dublin. Top Veterinarians and specialists. No egos excellent bed side manners and they give you discounts! I really recommend taking your dog there.

    • Nancy Harmeyer

      A little bit of a DRIVE from here! 5 hours or more, plus the vet price, NOT even an option, unless you are going to FUND it!

      • Chill out. Yes it is a drive, however,worth it if you want to save your dog. Do not limit your fundraising efforts to this blog. Look online for Emergency Vet Funding. Have faith. Ignore the callous idiots on this thread. Did you call the Sage Center to see if they had an emergency funding?

  • the best thing you can do for your animal or anyone ever with a cat anything is charcoal,liquid charcoal from most feed and seed stores. cover all wounds with it,, if not able to build a fire and use the white ash and cover the wounds.

  • My two dogs battled a mountain lion a few years ago. Both required surgery, and one nearly died. Their wounds were a bit different – clawed from behind that ripped their sides open, both in exactly the same way. My neighbor witnessed it. I think they only escaped because they’re very agile and athletic small greyhounds.

    • Blue haired Hill Billy

      I think our survivor is part greyhound too. We ended up with her after the attack, but are good friends with the previous owner. Our kids were there when the dog was attacked.

  • All of you jerks with your negative comments can just go kick rocks.. you heartless d##%@.. she is a young hardworking girl who lost someone close to her.. pull your heads out of your asses and get a heart

  • So sorry for your loss!

  • Is there proof that a mountain lion is indeed what hurt the 2 dogs?


    The wounds sure do look like dog fight wounds. I’ve personally witnessed living but injured and dead livestock from both mountain lion and dogs. Dogs go for the head and legs, cats latch onto the back.

  • Mayweather luv forever!
    Sad ending to a traumatic experience. So sorry, to say goodbye to a fur friend is heartbreaking.

  • Guess Mayweather didn’t have his guard up that night, eh . . . .

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