Found Two Fluffy White Dogs

fluffy white dog
Two fluffy white dogs wandered onto property south of Ruth by the Van Duzen. The finder has discovered the owner is ‘Chuck’ at (707) 672-9615.  Chuck is not answering calls or returning text.

The dogs are people friendly, according to the finder. But they are “very hungry and have terrible matting of coats and ticks.”
If you have any information, you can reach the finder at

fluffy white dog

UPDATE 7:32 a.m. Sunday: According to the finder, the dogs’ owner has contacted them.



  • I wonder if someone should do a welfare check on Chuck.

  • Definitely notify animal control for the good of the dogs. Sounds like they need someone’s help.

  • Chuck’s mailbox is full.

  • Could someone near Chuck set out some food and water for dogs?

  • I love all these sweet thoughtful comments! !

  • They are great pyrs

    I have 2 of them myself,

    There is a rescue for this breed, please be kind and send them there, as most owners do not realize that the cute fluff ball gets huge….(mine are 130lbs)
    And require a lot of monthly care.

    They are neglected and should be taken from that person, and not be allowed to adopt again.

    I will foster for a short period till the rescue comes for them.

  • The Humboldt County Animal Shelter. They have a few rescues that work with them, in addition to, knowing breed specific rescues.

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