Mariah Sunshine Coogan: Granddaughter of Local Woman/Instagram Model Memorial To Be Held

This section includes both obituaries and memories. Honoring our loved ones who have died does not end immediately after their passing. We recognize that… so we’re extending our obituary section to include individuals who may have left a long time ago. If you want to remember someone who is gone, either recently or longer ago, please send a photo and a few sentences to CooganLinda Haberstock, Southern Humboldt resident, wants to let family and friends know of the passing of her granddaughter, Mariah Sunshine Coogan. Mariah was killed along with five other Instagram stars when the plane she was riding in crashed in Arizona on April 9.

Mariah had a number of family and close family friends in Humboldt County.

Our beloved Mariah Sunshine was a light whose flame was blown out too soon.  Mariah lived life to the absolute fullest and she inspired others to do the same.  No matter where she was or what she was doing, Mariah always had the biggest heart and exuberated love and joy towards all those around her.  She was a loving daughter and big sister to four younger siblings.  Her love for animals was unparalleled: growing up in 4-H, being an avid & highly trained equestrian, and owner of multiple fur babies.  For that reason we ask for you to donate in Mariah Sunshine’s memory to a fund which we will in turn give to an organization that will help carry on her love for animals. [Mariah’s GoFundMe link]

A celebration of Mariah’s life will be held at The Farmhand at 15025 River Road in Guerneville on Saturday, May 19 at 2 p.m.
Mariah Sunshine Coogan



  • Carolee and Ed Brady

    Linda we are so very sorry for your loss. This is such tragic news and my heart just cry’s for you and your daughter and family. Sending prayers your way

  • She was really beautiful, such a tragic loss. My sympathies to her loved ones.

    This is weird, but she’s been the talk of the underground grapevine lately. Something about her crash possibly being related to something else that the investigators are investigating. Her crash upset a l o t of white hatted fans.

  • The above comment about white hats, is that in reference to the hacking community? All I heard was that the pilot had just bought the plane and was a new pilot….

    • I have no idea where the chatter began or if it’s ended, all I know is that there are people from everywhere chatting about her crash and now she’s in the local paper and the coincidence is too strong to just ignore. If there is a tie in with other investigations, we should hear something before the year is out, I would think.
      The important part, is that she and the others will never be forgotten.

    • Divide by Zero

      I’ll wait for the NTSB report, but what we do know from eye witness reports the pilot initiated a low speed, low level turn. The PA-24 wing design, unlike a Super Cub, doesn’t react well in this maneuver. When the 24 stalls it pays off abruptly.

      • You can fly low, and you can fly slow, but you can’t fly low and slow. It will compound the tragedy if the crash was due to pilot error.

    • Anonymous Humboldtian

      From what I have read the plane was most likely overloaded with 6 adults and a full tank of gas. The pilot also didn’t have his pilots license. Very preventable tragedy…

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Wishing peace to the survivors of this beautiful woman.

    My condolences following your loss.

  • life is good OG

    So very sorry. Blessings to family and friends. Very beautiful young woman. Too young to go.

  • im never going to fly in a plane.terrible loss.she was an angle.

  • As a plane crash survivor I can relate to how she felt in those terrifying last seconds. Especially since my crash was not meant to see anyone survive yet we all did…

    Some get chosen to continue living some not. I will try to make the best of that life given to me. And to those who take it for granted cherish every second of it . You will never know when it is gone…

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