Two Arrested in Ferndale Burglary, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department

Two suspects by a barn

Left to right: Brandon Buchholz and Ryan Whittington

Two men face felony grand theft charges after an alert homeowner and law enforcement worked together. According to Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, about 11:45 a.m., a homeowner arrived at their home to find two men stealing power tools. When confronted, the men fled.

The Sheriff’s Department then posted the photos and broadcast a bolo for the suspects.

About 3:30 p.m., Karges said, “Fortuna Police conducted a traffic stop in the area of…School Street [and] they detained two men. The two have been arrested [and] all property has been recovered.” [UPDATE: Karges said she had new information that it wasn’t a traffic stop. It was a vehicle investigation. “A Fortuna officer spotted the vehicle parked at a residence on the corner of W. School St. and Webber St.,*” she explained. “One suspect was in the car, another was inside the residence.”]

Brandon Buchholz, born May 7, 1990, and Ryan Whittington, born August 1, 1987, face felony grand theft charges.

*Note: We have learned that it was a Fortuna Fire Chief.

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  • sum-a-na-bitch,,,ah cudah sworn dem boys wuz smarter’un dat

  • Ha-ha!

  • Saw that happening when I went to town. Don’t know if they live in that house or are friends, but the place has always looked a little shady. Good job FPD!
    “So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance” !!!

  • What d ya got? tractor keys. What do you want for them? couple o grams. Knock knock knock.

  • Wow, that was fast! Good catch team!

  • honestworkingman

    buchholz is a regular on loco booked. he will be out stealing again tomorrow

  • Hopefully bucholtz gets to spend his 28th b-day in county. Peice of shit theives. Dare them to set foot near my house

  • Thank you Kym for all that you do everyday!

  • Any surprise they were picked up at Bagley’s house? If they could ever bust Bagley for selling drugs out of that house and put him away it would clean up Fortuna a little.

    • That dude is a complete POS. Anything within walking distance from that house is his to take. There is a female as well that walks the streets at night opening car doors. I think she is associated qith him. F@ck Bagley!

  • Wow: Be alert homeowners- it is very rare burglary suspects are nabbed, if left up to Humboldt Sheriff, this would never be solved, sheriff dept only cares about asset forfeiture revenue….. business as usual, always snap a picture before confronting suspicious vehicles or individuals…. great job Fire Chief, smart thing to snap their pics and let them go….. caught am and didn’t risk injury

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