Sierra Club Endorses Steve Madrone for Humboldt’s 5th District Supervisor

Press release from Vote Madrone:

Steve Madrone

Steve Madrone

America’s oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization, the Sierra Club, is supporting Steve Madrone for Fifth District Humboldt County Supervisor.

Steve Madrone’s accomplishments and forty-plus years of community service are widely respected. Steve brings passion and vision to his calling, and he has successfully engaged with many diverse people and groups, in both the private and public sectors, over his long career in conservation. An Eagle Scout, Madrone holds a recent MS degree in watershed management and is a Lecturer at Humboldt State University’s Department of Forestry and Wildland Resources. He has brought $20 million to Humboldt County for worker re-training and salmon restoration projects.

“In particular, Steve Madrone’s advocacy and actual construction of alternative modes of travel, for example the Hammond Trail, fit very well with Sierra Club objectives. He continually proposes constructive solutions to various public problems, both local and global,” said the Sierra Club.

“Please join Fifth District Sierra Club members in voting for Steve Madrone on June 5, said Ned Forsyth, Political Chair, North Group Redwood Chapter.

The Sierra club joins scores of organizations and individuals supporting Madrone for the Fifth District seat, including the National Union of Healthcare Workers, the Yurok Tribe, the Democratic Central Committee, the Hoopa Valley Tribe, The Humboldt County Public Employees Association, and the North Coast People’s Alliance.

For more endorsements and other information, go to (707) 955-5674.



  • I know Steve Madrone, and if I lived in his district I would vote for him, as I believe he would best represent the interests of protecting our environment. I wish Madrone the best of luck in his run for 5th District Supervisor.

  • Thanks for this article. Now I know there’s no way in hell I’m voting for him. Anyone the sierra club supports is going to be against your freedom to enjoy the outdoors in any freedom-involving fashion.

  • No time for nonsense.

    I would never vote for anyone endorsed by the Sierra club. To close minded. I’m sick of extremes in either direction. Someone right down the middle is what we need.

  • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Anyone but incumbents! This endorsement may end your race, but good for you!

  • Mr angry sungnome

    This Sierra club’s endorsement will have zero affect in terms of sungnone winning. The vast majority will vote for ANYONE but sunnome madrone.
    He is not electable just from the sheer fact that he is not likable. He is known for his bad temperament and “anger issues” , which makes it impossible for him to work with people.

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