Motorcyclist Dead After Crash on Broadway in Eureka

CHP Feature FatalityAccording to Officer Paul Craft at approximately 2:35 p.m., a motorcyclist riding a Yamaha traveling northbound on Broadway in Eureka collided with a vehicle and was killed.

Craft said that the vehicle had pulled out onto Broadway to make a southbound turn from Highland Ave. The motorcyclist “tried to avoid a collision, laid the motorcycle down but slid into the vehicle,” Croft explained.

The road was briefly closed but through traffic resumed at 3:50 p.m.



  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Stupid drivers not paying attention when they are pulling out into traffic from a side road. I’ve had to hit my brakes numerous times to avoid hitting them broadside. I hope this stupid driver pays dearly for his/her idiot driving habits. Also, hope they have good insurance for a major lawsuit.

    • life is good OG

      This is a bad spot to try to merge whether south or northbound. So sorry to family of victim.

    • You don’t know they’re stupid, Eldon, they may have been sending an important text or taking a selfie and updating their FB page, geez. Thanks tho for your input. Be sure to glance at the other articles and feel free to write down your opinion.

    • It’s a terrible place to try to hang a left. Sometimes on intersections like this you might feel like ya gotta gun it and go…not excusing a bad pull-out but maybe there’s a good spot for yet another traffic light?

  • Very sad to hear this two days in to motorcycle awareness month. My condolences

  • Omg, two families are hurting right now. One little mistake can cost a person his life. Sad…

  • Don’t lay it down. Stand on your pegs so you might be catapulted over the car. Better to land and maybe roll. Taught by CHP in the 70s. Saved me in a head on.

  • it happen to me once and i barely stood up on the pegs out of panic i think and sure as hell i shot forward hit the car with my chest and then over the top im not sure how i landed but was concious within a few minutes, scrapes bumps and bruises and a totaled bike, but was home with my kids that night

  • Yeah… standing on your pegs, hoping to launch over a vehicle in your lane. Brilliant! Good way to sustain a T-level fracture and be paralyzed for life. Better to ride defensively, always within your capability and skill level to avoid such incidents.

  • Geneva Roybal

    Excuse me but MY brother is Charles Roybal III is NOT dead!!!!!!! I just got off the phone with him!! Someone must have his ID who do we get a hold of to fix this?

  • There is not enough information here for anyone to assign blame, let alone start lawsuits.

    • I was thinking that. It is probably the car’s fault as it frequently is but a speeding, lane splitting motorbike can also be at fault. That road has become so difficult to drive that I try to use an intersection regulated by a signal in every case but some businesses only front the road itself. There are times when I will park and walk rather than try to get into traffic. The city and the State need to spend it’s resources there rather that dribbling out money for social programs.

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