Convoy Headed West From Redway

ConvoyThis morning a convoy of law enforcement gathered between Redway and Garberville at the Cal Fire station then some, at least, headed west on the Briceland Thorn Road. There are reports of over 10 vehicles and between one and three chippers.

According to Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Samantha Karges, deputies from her department are again assisting the Department of Fish and Wildlife with serving a search warrant. Yesterday, they were in the Elk Ridge Road area. Today, they are in the Blue Slide Creek Road area.

We’ve requested more information from the Department of Fish and Wildlife.



  • The real gangsters don’t like competition. Hope they’re actually taking out cartel or dirty grows.

  • Good luck, to those who deserve it

  • Same old same old. No.matter what the “law” says. Thanks for letting us know, either way, when militarized police are swooping through neighborhoods like they are in Vietnam or Iraq all for a plant that should be as legal as tomatoes. . ironic that funding for these actions now comes in some part from a lot of people that have either been raided or had to deal with raids. Most of the permit holders have been rocking for years, in the “black” market, now under the guise of some white market savior’s coming into the light. Gimme a break. The biggest joke is listening to people that have made their entire adult living selling her talk about the “”black market” y’all are too priveledged. Until it’s treated like a plant, nothing has changed. Hope everyone has a awesome spring. And don’t piss off your neighbors, they are more likely to rat these days for their own well being.. such a silly spectacle to watch. I notice a lot of guys and girls who grow now ask “did you guys get a permit” ? In colloquial conversation. None of your business.

    • It kind of parallels how the working people of this nation pay taxes so that people falsely claim they are disabled due to headaches and backaches so they don’t have to work, too funny

      • There’s an older guy with a beard tied in a ‘pony tail’ that drives a blue Ford truck around Fortuna and Rio Dell. He has a handicap placard, yet he rides a Harley all over; and walks and moves just fine. He takes handicap parking from the real handicap people who need it.

        • Who qualifies for a Disabled Person (DP) Parking Placard or DP License Plates?

          You may qualify for a DP placard or DP license plates if you have impaired mobility due to having lost use of one or more lower extremities, or both hands, or have a diagnosed disease that substantially impairs or interferes with mobility, or one who is severely disabled to be unable to move without the aid of an assistive device. You may also qualify if you have specific, documented visual problems, including lower-vision or partial-sightedness.

        • Veterans friend

          I did not realize you were a doctor, able to diagnose a disability via sight alone.
          I was married to an amputee who rode a motorcycle with great skill, he had disabled parking. You are perpetuating a myth & it is not appreciated. Having one’s head up one’s ass is also a diisability.

        • That’s Curtis he deserves that plate and that’s all I’ll say. [edit]

      • How about the good old days when you could get ssi for being a addict


        Professional baby-havers are ruining the country

      • Gotta speak up for the migraine and cluster sufferers in the community. If you have these everyday you are disabled. End of story.

        • I said falsely claim, and the fakers don’t run a handicap plates, that way no one knows that they are getting money for doing nothing .

        • This was a direct copy from California DMV

          Most states consider drivers disabled if they:

          Don’t have full use of one or both arms.
          Can’t walk a set number of feet without stopping to rest. Some states set this number as low as 50; others, as high as 200.
          Can’t walk without using a cane, crutch, brace, prosthetic device, wheelchair, or the assistance of another person.
          Have a Class III or Class IV cardiac condition, as set by the American Heart Association.
          Must have portable oxygen to walk.
          Have a visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with correcting lenses.
          Have a visual acuity of 20/200 but with a limited field of vision in which the widest diameter of the visual field subtends an angle of 20 degrees or less.

    • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

      The entire history of humanity can be summed up as people murdering other people for resources. As long as ganga sells for more $$ than heirloom tomatoes, it’s gonna be a valuable resource, and people are gonna get murdered. Taxes and arrests and militarized police swooping through neighborhoods and environmental degradation are just ancillary details to the resources-murder narrative. (Though the environmental degradation narrative is finally maybe eclipsing this soon.)

      The solution is to inspire about 10,000 “Johnny Ganjaseeds” to grow enough of this resource and sharing it freely that it costs about the same as juicy tomatoes.

  • What happened to the lame “send a notice to the paper and hang one on a neighborhood gate-then collect $10,000 a day per violation” method? I thought that was going to make fieldwork irrelevant?

    • They have been abating parcels regularly. Ten in Orleans two weeks ago. They are posted on the TS marketplace/public notices. They are usually posted on Saturday mornings @ 12 AM.

    • The sheriff still has to justify his job I imagine.. even though the planning department is proving their technique is much smarter and more efficient!

    • Some bought into it last year and cleared, but then watched all those who didn’t continue without any issues. $10k a day isn’t enforcible, it was a scare tactic and is less scary without enforcement.

  • I would like to know who got busted I find it funny that ,a person gets a ticket ,and the whole world knows ,but it seems to be hush hush who gets busted for a grow .its like we still dont know who got busted for that huge grow a few years back up on island mountain they had water bags the size of tennis courts it was right buy the hartwood institution? So who got busted yesterday ,and today .

    • Nobody ever got charged on that Island Mountain bust. They replanted and pulled off the full season with no interference. They had been turned in by that guy running again for supervisor who has the operation across the creek on Bell Springs. So yeah- shitshow all around…

    • We all know it’s a pass the buck situation. The guy who actually grew the dope works for the guy running the scene, who works for the guy that owns the property. Which is how all corporations operate. Somebody at the bottom takes the fall and the show goes on.

    • Veterans friend

      They aren’t going to tell you, and unless they are arrested the won’t show up in “booked”.

      • …or the owner is someone far up the Humboldt county food chain (dirty politicians or well-connected business people).

        • You can look up the property and the ownership pretty easily at the courthouse. Pretty sure the owner of record at that time was [edit]? But he was off [edit] Anyways there was zero follow-up and zero consequences beyond the loss of the dep. It looked good in the media but it only was used to illustrate that “we need legalization” so yeah- all mom n pops got played hard and blamed and now pushed out is the real result.

    • I too wonder. And you’re right- it’s very quiet out there.

  • Clarification please


    I don’t understand why you’re alerting potential criminals that the law is on the way. That gives them the opportunity to flee and/or hide their guns/illegal money/drugs etc.

    If your purpose is to inform the public about what’s going on in their community (which is important), why not wait until after the busts have occured? As it stands, you’re giving aid to the criminal growers, since a legal grow has nothing to be concerned about from a caravan like this.

    I’m confused. Do you support protecting illegal grows from being shut down?

    • People always say that but they fail to point to even one incident of someone being warned. Let’s look at the facts.

      First, notice where the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department is answering my questions. When they answer, it is because there are already law enforcement at the scene.

      Sometimes they don’t answer. That means law enforcement is not yet at the scene of the alleged crime. So let’s look at those cases.

      There are an estimated 10,000-20,000 people directly involved in marijuana growing in Humboldt County. Most of these posts go out when law enforcement is headed down a main road. Let’s just assume that half of the growers would be affected by law enforcement heading south. What do you think those 5,000 to 10,000 people do? Do they suddenly flee their farms? We’d see a huge influx of traffic on the road is so. But we don’t. If this is so helpful to growers, why don’t we see them fleeing?

      That’s because it isn’t going to let people know that their one grow is the subject of today’s convoy. Do growers feel better being informed about what is happening in their industry? Do they feel calmer knowing that a media outlet is paying attention to what law enforcement is doing? Yes. That is the service I provide and KMUD has provided for years. Instead of rumors, people get facts. It’s better for everyone to know what is going on then to make it up.

      • Clarification….. an old hippy once told me. “ all news, is old news!”

      • So well spoken..again

      • Exactly. I remember a day last year I was on my way into town very early, I saw a convoy headed up Titlow and soon after you posted an article stating so. I remember thinking “damn is today going to suck like that?” Long story short they hit neighbors fairly close to me with around 14 ish 100’ greenhouses but left us alone. Still I didn’t call my folks freaking out and tell them to abandon ship lol, I did tell them to keep an eye out though. And ya if my memory serves me hasn’t KMUD done this for like ever?

      • Clarification please

        Thank you for the well reasoned clarification! Makes sense.

      • If they don’t disappear, why are there so few arrests?

      • Because they don’t answer means they are not at the scene. Now that’s factual information.

  • Food for thought

    Anyone ever notice busts this early in the season before growers funded their own demise With permit fees?

    • That is what I have been contemplating. Answer: no I have not. 35 years in. I dont remember busts this early in all directions maybe like end of june a lone bust or 2. Hidden agendas.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        I remember those years. Most people 30 or more years ago were growing one harvest from seed or maybe clones outdoors with natural light. Not much to bust until mid to late summer. Hidden agendas? CAMP was very nasty and comprehensive and the agenda, then and now, was eradicating marijuana and punishing marijuana people. Decrim is happening and laws are changing but the agenda lives. The “agenda” was and is obvious. Are you SURE you were here, in Humboldt County in the industry because your post seems phony as hell.

      • Wasn’t the purpose of the laws to regulate unpermited grows? Seems there is no hidden agenda when the fees used from permitted grows are used to eliminate unpermitted grows as per the regulation. I wonder if the permitted growers are ok with having their undercutting competition eliminated.

    • Except it’s not there own demise, it’s more like the demise of those that didn’t care to play ball and cut in Uncle sam

      • Need to keep the military industrial complex well oiled. Lots of brown skinned nations to drop bombs on. You feel good about that? That’s what is done in the name of the USA. Just meditate on that for a minute.

        • Nonsense. The US has conducted lots of military actions against white people. And at the request of non white people too. You’re just viewing it through prejudiced race colored glasses. You need to meditate further. Nothing is a simple as that

        • The unconstitutional military industrial complex is the very thing that the POTUS is working hard to destroy-abolish-end. The mic is not our military defense dept, which is a necessary and much loved dept for securing and protecting our country. The MIC is a totally rogue outfit created by the neo-cons with a insatiable appetite for evil.

  • It’s a matter of keeping the cops safely employed and off the city streets where they might get hurt, that’s all….
    Summer Day Camp and (hopefully) Fitness Training.
    I assume they’re more or less “local” and won’t resort to the excesses I remember from a quarter of a century ago – looting and plundering and terrorizing innocents – as the imports from SoCal were wont to do.

  • MustyDreadBush

    This will go on all summer! Get ready for the long arm of the law boiiiii
    Water up early and be outta there

    • Not sure there’s a budget for that much! Follow the money. Pretty sure Fish and Game got some funding and they are the lead agency here. HCSD just following along for backup and perhaps as a requirement? The state Fish and Game budget for enforcement is where you’ll find some basis for a good guess- possibly it’s broken down by region? Anyways a good thing to be aware of is that Fish and Game does not need a search warrant if they suspect an environmental crime. So yes- we have gone backwards in civil liberties with “legalization”. Fish and Game is now the lead enforcement agency. Where most of us used to feel they were the “good guys” like CalFire they are now worse than the sheriff ever was. Think CAMP. It’s sad. I’ve worked with them on stream rehab projects but now would never dream of allowing them anywhere near my place. They are creating new infractions every day so do not think you are cool with them. Do not be fooled! They can find something on any property and it will cost you $10,000 a day!

  • Look look
    As Agents representing the state of California make their own protest against capitalism on this May 1st of 2018.

    Cite and release
    We do as we please
    Running down rednecks
    We are your police

    Public names
    Not in this game
    write a ticket take your game
    Making sure you feel shamed
    talking shit breaking things
    all over some goddamned weed

    Judge and jury
    in the truck
    pulling along corporal wood chuck
    Spitting out toxic fumes while writing tickets for to much that pollutes

    Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt
    hippy scum
    Get a job get off your couch

    MP4 in your face
    Making sure you don’t escape
    Former marine you couldn’t be
    I thought we were on the same team

    Too many years in the Afghan place
    Protecting poppies for a foreign state
    Back at home on our soil so much for being loyal

  • Someone didn’t do enough palm greasing.

  • I find it hilarious how the Governor and his pet teams of legislators and lawyers decide for themselves which Federal laws to nullify and which ones to keep.
    I find it sad that the people are so indoctrinated, they believe that the “officials” have reign over them.
    READ the constitution. Don’t follow talking heads who spin you every which way from Sunday.

    HINT: The Constitution limits the government to mostly FOREIGN Commerce (including drugs across the borders), FOREIGN Negotiations (including who they can make deals with which, btw, doesn’t include YOUR city-county-state- officials), FOREIGN Peace (keeping the peace is their main job, so our country can be secure in our own homes), Foreign War (not homeland division propaganda stirring up wars between the citizens), … key word is FOREIGN.
    Notice, it is ‘mostly’ limited to. What does that mean? That means that govt can ask a state for permission to build a railroad, port, post office, ammo dump, fort, … things relating to the DELEGATED duties set down in writing for them to do, so they can fulfill their duties delegated to them. You can’t have communications without post offices, or training areas without forts, or travel without federal hiways and ports, … ect…

    What is a slush fund? How do they fill it? Why do they fill it? What is kept secret? What is being exposed? How many trillions of dollars went missing? Why did it go missing?
    This video explains more than you’ll ever know. You’ll see.

    • I think many of us know what is going on, but have almost zero opportunity to do anything about it. “They” hold all of the marbles.

      • Yes, you’re right. Soapbox-r-us is my thing today. I get so irked when the shills for taxes and oppression show up.
        I don’t agree that there’s zero opportunity to do anything about though. Nope. Not at all. WE HAVE THE POWER. We just need to keep educating those who’ve been in the fog too long.
        Wash, rinse, repeat until EVERY person knows the drill.

        • Divide by Zero

          Precisely, and that’s why required reading should be the works of Francis Hutcheson, David Hume, and Adam Smith. Then, and only then, can you understand the philosophical foundation of our Constitution.

          • LOL, hardly.
            The Constitution secures the rights of every individual to seek happiness, contrary to those like you’ve shared who believe we should tell the unhappy to f**k off. “Hutcheson’s devotion to natural rights was weakened still further by his being the first to adumbrate the chimerical and disastrous formula of utilitarianism: “the greatest happiness for the greatest number,” (Mises)

            Read the Constitution, not university indoctrinational books.

            • Stop referring to the Declaration of Independence and calling it the Constitution. They are not the same. You make the assumption that someone saying you are confusing the documents is against whatever it is you are talking about. However is just means the Constitution does not say what you think it does. Read it yourself.

              • Guest,the Declaration of Independence was the promise; the Constitution
                was the fulfillment. The DOI explained why the people broke away from tyrants and why they were forming a new country. The Constitution was the fulfillment of the declaration.
                The Bill of Rights is an example list of what the Blessings of Liberty is. The Blessings of Liberty are our inalienable God given rights that each individual is born with. The right to be left alone without hassle from anyone is one of the strongest desires of mankind. The BOR cements that right.

                “We the People of the United States, in Order to form
                a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure
                domestic Tranquility, provide for the common
                defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure
                the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our
                Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution
                for the United States of America.”

                Right before the articles begin, in the Constitution, you’ll find the quote above.
                Until one knows what the blessings of liberty means, one will forever be held as captive slaves in their own minds.

  • The govt is not our Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE are our Constitution. WE elected the officials that WE felt were honorable enough to obey their oath to US, the people. Their oath is to PROTECT and DEFEND our Constitution that limits THEM (all levels, including city-county-state-feds), from infringing on ANY of OUR natural born rights. Would you grow a plant if there were no rulers over you? Would you defend your family if there were no rulers over you telling you you can’t defend anyone because you grew or smoked a plant? Wake up. Know what is a natural right and what is a civil man made right. Nobody has the right to infringe on another’s right. ESPECIALLY NOT the Govts. In fact, the Govts have NO rights at all. They only have the Powers that were delegated to them in the Constitution. People have rights, not Govts.

    I’m no scholar, but I did learn how to read.

    • Sigh. Governments exist to do what individuals need but cannot coordinate on their own. Mostly people can not coodinate because they can not agree on what is to be done nor how to do it if they do agree nor are willing to sacrifice anything to help if they agree with what needs doing and how it needs to be done. Someone is going to be unhappy with government no matter what. Therefore simply objecting is not such a big deal as you make it. It is far from perfect but anarchy is much, much, much further into ugly.

      The Declaration of Independence mentions unalienable rights but the Constitution only has the Bill of Rights. Further it does not say. It does not even guarantee directly the right to vote. If your interpretation held, it here would be nothing that anyone ever wanted to do that was not a right and therefore no government at all.

      • Well, Guest, I’ll not only call you out on your sigh, but I’ll raise with a long one. siiiiigh.
        We the people created the Govts. All of them. We are the creators, they are the created. They are our creatures, our critters. We created them for several reasons, and not a single one of those reasons consisted of ‘ruling over us because we’re too stupid to figure it out ourselves.”.
        The BOR is an example list of unalienable rights that are to be SECURED by the Govts we the people created. That’s the main reason we created them. Securing, does not mean giving, dividing, denying, partitioning out, micro managing, managing, ignoring, or any of the other scenarios some have somehow taken a notion to believe.
        Inalienable rights are not privileges and privileges are not rights.
        Inalienable rights are every single person’s and their’s only. They have a right in their property and a property in their right. Nobody has the right to take another’s rights away from them. You take another persons rights away, you face consequences. City, county, state and even feds deal out the consequences through a court of law. We the people created these Govts for setting up a system that creates order out of chaos by using a democratic ballot to vote on the constitutional laws that suit. While it’s true that the courts of today are sadly off track and unconstitutional, it is not true that we their creators can’t fix that. It’s up to us to ring the phones off the hooks and get our legislators to listen up and do right. It’s up to us to Protect our rights. It’s up to them to SECURE our rights. We created the Sheriff’s & fire depts for our protection. We built our own schools, hospitals, libraries, saloons, cafe’s, with the fruits of our labor. We travel and shop freely thanks to our Sheriff’s and Fire depts doing the jobs we pay them to do. Without them, we would lose our homes as soon as we left for town, as anarchists came to claim.
        Anarchism wants no govt at all. That’s a totally opposite beast. They want total chaos, so that only the strongest mad max’s in the town take all.

        A little too simplified, but I hope the gist somehow rings a bell.

    • Unfortunately, I think all these things you speak of make for a good bed time story. Until we get over this left right paradigm, the profane will just keep getting used to the long boot getting placed in their behinds. Speaking truth to power isn’t enough. Teach the children how to live in a communist /socialist country because that’s what is coming down the street…..unless the community can put pressure where it needs to be placed.

      • Right like that has ever worked. That has been to political theory of the worse mass murdering tyrannies in the last 100 years. From Stalin to Mao to Pol Pot.

        • Do we think those systems happened In a vaccum?This whole experience is being navigated by some sick peoples. How much of our world is really that dangerous that we need to have such weapons of mass destruction. We are struggling to raise our children and live in harmony, within a budget and the arms of the governing bodies keep reaching deeper into our pockets and into our lives , with ever more money needed to feed the beast. Profits are privatized while the losses have to be socialized. The ever growing mergers and consolidation is NOT going to see our children prosper. We are fundamental to the problem unless we keep the overreaching aspects at bay.

          • Those sick people are going down. Many have already been arrested, but the MSM (main stream media) is hush about it, because they seem to prefer to do the hate campaigns against an elected president who is taking the criminals down.

          • We don’t throw away the store just because the store’s employee’s become tyrants. We fire the employees and get new one ones who respect the job they’ve been delegated to do.

      • More and more people are awakening every day to the fact that the left right sham is a scam. Uniting into and for the Constitution is happening more than some people realize. We’ll take our countries back from the corrupt yet. Yes, it’s a global thing to rid the globalists. I love it when people make lemonaide out of lemons.

  • More than a plant

    Everyone assumes it’s for “the plants.” If Fish and Wildlife are involved, then it probably involves stream diversion, razing, trash sites, etc. It’s more than just plants.

    • None of this would be happening at all if it weren’t for the unconstitutional prohibitions that created the greed.

  • don't mourn, organize!

    If people are trashing the land, sucking up all the water and scattering poison everywhere then I have no problem at all for the cops and F&G to bust them. Permits or not. I want them busted big time as they are destroying this land we call home. I don’t care if they grow 10 plants or 10,000. In the “old days” KMUD used to let us know where they caravans of cops were headed. Now it’s you, Kym. KMUD is always a day late with most of the news since Estelle left. Now the county has spent tens of thousands on a satellite company that will reveal all those growers who decided not to be compliant. Good grief. The whole thing is a bit fat mess. People are spending tons of money on compliance, and they’re still not done, or it’s a moving target and once you’ve accomplished one thing then another is required. All these people around me grumbling about how our community is being destroyed GO TO THE SUPERVISORS’ MEETINGS OR GO TO SACRAMENTO and tell them what you think. People seem to be too lazy to make the drive and get the results we want. They seem to prefer to sit around and wish they hadn’t voted for legalization. We elect our reps to work for our best interests and now I hear that all that compliance money isn’t going to improve our roads and schools but to pay for law enforcement so that they can go after all the folks without permits. What are most people doing but grumble and complain that it didn’t go their way. Well, if you aren’t part of the solution then you are part of the problem. If the good folks of Arcata can go to their city council and convince them to remove the McKinley statue, can’t we go to Eureka or Sac to get our voices heard. Why aren’t the reps looking at Colorado or Oregon or other places that have legalized cannabis and everyone put their heads together to make this thing work for the good of everyone!? I think there might be a state wide governmental group doing this with, guess who, is their head? Estelle. Strange times indeed. And here we go again. A convoy on the Briceland Rd. It feels like September not May.

  • I want to hear plant counts. Seems like there were quite a few convoys last year that had articles that never were updated with plant counts or where they actually went.

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

  • I don’t have a problem with the busts? What does raise my hackles is these guys racing to and from their destinations hauling a chipper way too friggin fast ,, I would be jailed for driving so reckless ,, slow down buttheads

  • It’s like old times. Keep it closed, covered and out of direct site. Remember loose lips sink ships. So shut your mouths a bit. And start listening to the past.

  • Thanks for being a good neighbor Kim. So important to have good relations with your community when you live in the mountains. A good neighbor gives you a heads up when police are in the neighborhood. 80 percent of growers have no permit and are at risk when these police are on the dirt road prowl. This 80 percent includes friends family and neighbors to many of us. Cutting weed down is one of the lowest forms of policing. These cops are not heroic nor are they saving anyone. Men of honor and heroes in our community are more likely to be firemen. Trash collectors have more integrity than these hired thugs.

  • I’m in neighboring Mendo. I have heard some growers being sent letters or letters left at gate by county to cease and desist because of non-enrollment in county permit program.
    Anyone hearing the same?

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