22-Year-Old Dies in Crash on 36

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Hwy 36 Fatal fatalityOn April 30, 2018, at approximately 725 PM, CHP Officers responded to State Route 36, west of MPM 29.15, for a report of a single vehicle collision with an ambulance responding. Prior to the arrival of any CHP personnel, emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene, extricated the solo female adult driver, and started CPR. Unfortunately, the driver succumbed to her injuries at the scene of the collision and was pronounced deceased by medical personnel at approximately 820 PM. The driver was identified as 22 year old Chelsea Renee Cash of Quincy, CA. Notification to next of kin was made by the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office.

The preliminary investigation indicates the driver of a black 1999 Dodge Intrepid sedan was traveling eastbound on SR-36 near mile marker 29.15 at a high rate of speed. For unknown reasons, the driver allowed the vehicle to travel onto the eastbound gravel shoulder before veering to the left and across the westbound traffic lane. The vehicle traveled off the roadway where the right side of the vehicle struck a tree, causing major damage and intrusion to the passenger side of the vehicle. There were substantial tire friction marks left in both traffic lanes by the vehicle.

At this time, there is no prosecution anticipated and it is unknown whether alcohol/drugs were a factor or if mechanical issues with the vehicle may have contributed to the collision.

Anyone with information related to this collision is asked to contact the California Highway Patrol at 707-822-5981 or 707-268-2000.



  • I would love to see Kym do an interview with CHP on why they leave this stretch of road completely lawless and deadly. Embarrassing. Just curious as I worry about my wife and 2 babies coming home today from grandma’s.

    • Because it’s what people living out there want. If they improved the road, even more city idiots would drive that way. And traffic laws don’t actually reduce traffic accidents – the accidents are usually caused by people doing moronic things, which no law can prevent. It’s like the people so defective as to think putting up gun-free school signs will somehow stop school shootings… obviously someone planning on committing mass murder will be deterred by concern over violating a policy. Road safety will only improve when society stops treating alcohol, drugs, and cell phones as cool.

      • Not to mention traveling at unsafe speeds on narrow winding roads such as Hwy 36!!! Another excellent thing to remember is Redwood Trees DO NOT MOVE!!! They will just stand there & let you kill yourself on them!!! So Slow Down & stay away from them!!!

        • I don’t care at all if people hit trees. I’m only sad about multi-vehicle collisions, where an innocent party is involved.

          • Peoplearerudetillithappenstothem

            So your saying that people that hit trees are not innocent? Wow [edit] Tell that to my 10 yo nephew who lost both his parents due to a car accident, pigs they hit that caused them to hit trees and die. Tell that to my 2 cousins who both their parents hit a tree and died. I pray that you never lose a loved one and have to read insensitive comments [edit].

          • ‘bushy’ is good at those kind of comments. [edit]

          • So you’re saying the trees aren’t innocent?

        • I agree. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Peoplearerudetillithappenstothem

        “Road safety will only improve when society stops treating alcohol, drugs, and cell phones as cool”

        So every person that has been in a car accident injured and or killed , was drunk, high on drugs or on a cell phone? Wow. Your ignorance and lack of sympathy is appalling.

        • Anti troll league

          No one said made perfect. Just improved. And no one said every person either. It’s perfectly obvious that eliminating the causes of so many accidents would certainly improve the accident rate.

        • One of the local papers did a study a few years back and found 23 of 26 traffic fatalities, if I remember the numbers right, that happened that year were due to drugs or alcohol. Maybe not every person, but that’s a pretty damn high percentage.

      • That’s right about the area where you start to receive text messages for a short distance

    • CHP told me today that they’re shorthanded. They have one CHP officers assigned to is 36, they also told him he had to do 101 today too. He told me to call the station CHP station. And complain. He said keep doing it maybe the captain or call Redding and ask for funds to get more officers over here. So you guys can help and do that tooo he told me to call you station CHP station. And complain. He said keep doing it maybe the captain or call Redding and ask for funds to get more officers over here. So you guys can help and do that too

      • Yeah, no thanks. Pretty sure they are over staffed as it is. You can drive around the entire western United States and not see as many in all the states combined as you will see in one drive through Humboldt.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          You’re joking, right? Definitely not my experience, but OK, I guess.

        • I guess they’re so overstaffed that’s why it took them 50 minutes to get somebody out to the accident the other night. I know that is because they passed my daughter by CR and 50 minutes later I heard the sirens on 36 by Highway marker 21.5. I don’t know why you would think they are overstaffed? We’re talking about highway patrol not patrolling officers as in the sheriffs department. CHP is what it is they patrol the highways. They actually do a pretty good job. If you’ve ever run out of gas or have a flat or broke down, They do help to you. I think Trucker Don has A pretty fair understanding of their duties. Although I know that they have also tried CPR on many people before having to pronounce them. Sometimes folks just need to give credit where credit is due. Even all your cop haters should understand they have a job to do. You just might need them someday. I know they worked on that young lady the other night. It’s not an easy job.

      • I’d much rather complain to them about cops wasting their time targeting traffic violations rather than doing something useful like addressing drugs, property crime, violent crime, homeless crime, or any of the other things that’s actually harming people.

        • They are the highway patrol, their primary duty is in their name, to patrol the highway and traffic violations are their primary duties, at least that’s what it originally was, anybody know different places enlighten us!

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Good question

  • I hate driving 36, so I very rarely do so, because of the a’holes that think it is there own little racetrack, and will try to drive through you if you are obeying the laws (or common sense).

    • The best thing to do, when someone is following you too closely for your comfort, is to find the nearest dependable turnout then pull over & let them continue on with their date with Death!!!! Hopefully Death will NOT claim them, but are you willing to bet your life it won’t catch up to you???!!! I live on this road but I seldom drive any more than 5 MPH over the posted speed limit!!!

    • It is so easy to blame the faster drivers on Highway 36 as the source of all of the problems. But really there are some locals out here who have lived here for a long time and know that road like the back of their hand and can travel safe at a faster speed than someone who’s not familiar with the corners.
      What really irritates me is when the city Folk get out here and think you’re going to teach us a lesson and drive 30 miles an hour on Highway 36, causing people to do unsafe things just to get around them.
      People need to move over and let those behind them pass, not be Road Hogs and try to control long lines of traffic with slow speeds.

      • “..causing people to do unsafe things just to get around them.” Seriously?

        36 Girl, ever hear the expression; “Maybe YOU are part of the problem”?

        • I agree, if 36 girl knows the road so well, shouldn’t have to do anything dangerous, as far as expecting people to pull over for her, the owner of the highway, why doesn’t she pull over and take a break, calm her mind and then get on with her day, heck that might even save her life!

  • Highway 36 is Murder Highway. Slow down people or out of the gene pool!

  • Sick of excuses

    Single vehicle accident, driving at a high rate of speed, skid marks….read the article people and stop blaming the damn road!! Or the state, county or people whom live on the road. I’m sorry for this young ladies family and loss of her life, but stop making it someone else’s fault.

    • Exactly. People who drive in an intelligent manner dont kill themselves and others. Blaming the road is ludicrous. How many people drive that road every day with no problem? A road is a road. People are the problem and danger.

      • Anti troll league

        The closest I came to going over a cliff was driving under 25 miles per hour. A very light rain had just ended when I lost traction on a sharp curve and skidded sideways. I was able to stop at the point one tire was over the edge of the hill, one tire had just bumped off the pavement but luckily the two back tires where still on the road. Turned out I had driven over the exit to a logging road where dirt had been dragged onto the pavement by the truck. The rain made this invisible layer of dirt slick as glass. If I had not been going up hill, there would have been no stopping in time.

        Sometimes it’s the road, animals etc.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Sometimes, yes. But not this time, obviously. And not most of the time. Apparently, there is no drivers’ ed in California high schools. Drivers refuse to slow down for ambient conditions like narrow, winding mountain roads or bad weather. It’s very sad for this young lady but it is pure luck that she did not take out another vehicle in a head-on collision. Living with this danger tends to anger people who are trying to stay alive and drive safely.

    • Most highways and Speedways have banking, higher edges thatto allow your vehicle to safely hug the road as you go around corners.
      Highway 36 does not have banking, rather it has water diversion.
      Since we have so many mudslides and rain in the winter the highway is not sculpted for the driver for proper banking, it’s sculpted to allow the water to run off without causing landslides.

      There are corners that are marked 20 miles per hour and you can safely do them at 45, there are corners that aren’t marked at all and you have to slow down to 20 miles an hour or you’ll flip going around the corner.

      And that coupled with the wrong angles and the lack of banking, so many of the city folks are completely unprepared for Highway 36 and unfortunately lose their life trying to navigate it.

      So, in a way Highway 36 is the problem.

  • I am not saying it was the case in this instance, but I am constantly surprised by how many drivers I see looking at their cell phones, especially on winding dangerous roads.
    Be careful out there folks. A text message is not worth your, or someone else’s life.

  • Anyone have statistics on how many people have died driving on hwy 36 each year over the past 30years??

    Sad for chelsea cash and those who loved her. Pretty young to die. My condolences.

  • I drive 36 couple times a month people drive so crazy speeding, cutting corners etc

  • “At this time, no prosecutions anticipated. ”
    Prosecute What? This young lady died. Is it the Tree her passenger side rammed into????
    I don’t get it.
    Life loss for such a young lady.

  • Prosecute to the max

    You cant just drive however you feel on public roads nor with passengers.
    Prosecute the driver!
    Ince you have passengers in your vehicle you are obligated to drive in a manner that doesnt cost them their life. You certainly cant be wreckless or doing high speed maneuvers!
    The moreso charges need to be filed if the driver was sober when he killed his passenger!
    This is unacceptable

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