[UPDATE 8:20 p.m.] CPR in Progress on Victim Extracted From Crash on 36; Helicopter Responding

Reach helicopter by Dottie Simmons

Stock photo of a Reach Air Ambulance [Photo used with permission from Southern Trinity Area Rescue]

At approximately 7:45 p.m., a vehicle went over the bank around mile marker 29 on Hwy 36. A female victim had to be extracted from the vehicle and CPR is currently being preformed as of 8:07 p.m.

A Reach helicopter has been dispatched to the area to medevac the victim to a hospital but their estimated time of arrival isn’t until 8:44 p.m.

UPDATE 8:20 p.m.: The victim had been pronounced deceased.



  • Oh Dear!!!! Best thoughts.

  • Highway 36 wins again, sadly!!!

    • its misfits that are the cause of this, not hiway 36. these people drive like they want to die on that road. the increase in accidents on 36 has paralleled the increase in pot growing out there. arguably the most beautiful part of the triangle now ruined by the marijuana industry.

      • I live there. It’s not ruined

        • logger's daughter

          I live there, too. and I have my entire life. and I would say that it is just about ruined. Humboldt county has a rich history that is being buried beneath hydroponic soil.

      • Not ruined.
        The corner speed signs are very inconsistant, always have been. If you do not know this road, and you look to them for guidance, you are already in trouble. Then there is the fog to limit your vision, the rain to slick the road, and the disappearing yellow line in the middle that keeps westbound traffic on one side and eastbound traffic on the other. The number of impaired drivers has increased because population out here increased. Always a road populated with drunks though, fisherman through the winter and river rats in the summer.

        • logger's daughter

          I see way more $80,000 pick up trucks doing ninety right outside my house than fishermen and river-goers. people living on a taxed income can’t afford trucks like that! not the majority of us, anyway. whether alcohol or drug impairment has anything to do with it, I’m not sure but I do know that people get way too cocky out here with their big ole trucks and it is lethal. stay safe everybody and God bless! 🙂

          • logger's daughter

            and rest in piece to the woman who passed away last night. May God shed grace on her family in this time of loss.

          • Have you ever heard of loggers, construction workers, road crews!!! It’s funny someone can see a nice truck and just assume he or she grows!!!!!

      • Sure let’s blame pot! Come on now, people have been smoking weed since the beginning of time, just because it’s legal isn’t going to change what’s always been!
        Distracted driving is the main cause these days, people on their damn phones because they are self-centered and don’t care about others lives let alone their own!
        Shit also happens, maybe a deer jumped out in front of her….. Stop blaming shit that’s doesn’t matter!!

      • Oh really, how come people just wanna blame the work someone’s doing. Did u even know this person of have any idea where they worked!!!!!! When a road worker dies on his way home do u blame the roads or caltrans!!!! Maybe it’s because it’s the windies road in Northern California!!!!!

    • You should probably think of the person’s family before posting comments like this.[edit]

  • RIP. Thank first responders and those who stopped to help.

  • So sad. People need to slow down and enjoy the sights. So sad for the family.

  • Is it just me or does it seem like more people are dying on Highway 36 now that the construction has happened? All of the trees have been removed with the reflectors and crosses warning people of the dangers of the corners . People who are unfamiliar with this Highway may just see the posted speed limit and might not understand that they need to keep it between 10-25 on certain unposted corners. Even the locals don’t always remember each corner now that the reminders are gone. : (

    • It’s not the construction… that’s past where mist of the recent issues have been.
      36 has always been a death trap… there is just no room for error.
      But, now, with all the increased traffic and people who don’t give a shoot it certainly seems to have gotten much worse… or…do we just hear about it all now….

    • Except this is nowhere near the construction. Your comment is misguided and misinformed. Get educated before you speak.

    • it’s not the construction or removal of crosses /reflecters, it’s the people driving the road too fast & not paying attention. Once again it’s not the road or the vehicle, it’s the drivers!!!

    • Was not in the area of construction However looked bad RIP

    • Sharpen your pencil

      You obviously don’t know the road, or travel it very often. People think they are in the Indy 500 when they drive this road. Throw in a couple beers and other crap, and you have a recipe for disaster. Or are you just another cal trans whiner? The highway has gotten incredibly better over the last 10 years, one thing that hasn’t gotten better is people’s ability to drive it, don’t get it twisted!

  • No name civilian

    I have lived here my whole life it’s not the construction or the road it is dumb a**’s that think they can drive like a**holes that make this whole road look bad maybe slow down and have respect for the road and other drivers and you would make it through just fine

    • Yes, respect for other drivers would really be nice… Respect the drivers behind you and don’t be an obstacle.

  • bumblebee inna da tree

    i agree with you..the construction area is much more dangerous now..not only for the reasons u mentioned but also because they have damaged the road w all their heavy machinery..alot more cracks,humps,bumps and crumbling edges.they wont be repaving/putting n new road until this fall if then since they are way behind. hwy36 is full of “death traps”as we jokingly call them but its no joke. i also agree that its the idiot drivers that make it the most dangerous.i have lived near mad river for 18y so ive been around..used to love the drive out,people always givin a friendly wave..mellow,beautiful trip..good old days.

  • Thanks Cindy for pointing those things out. It is not the fault of 36.

    To those that blame 36 please turn off your phone and try driving 36 early on a Sunday morning after day break, at a reasonable speed, before the dui, speeding and distracted drivers are out then tell us how dangerous of a road it is.

    Its the drivers that are dangerous.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of these accidents are occurring in the few sections that get cell phone coverage.


    • “And I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of these accidents are occurring in the few sections that get cell phone coverage.” Heh, once I came pretty close to having to intentionally run someone off the road out on the (currently being widened) section before Dinsmore… I was behind a westbound growdozer attempting to get cell phone signal. ALL OVER THE ROAD. Phone held up in front of his face. The __third__ head-on collision he almost caused was only prevented by the oncoming car swerving into the ditch and against the hill. When he just kept driving, I started honking at him… he finally got the hint and pulled over.

      I don’t know what makes people think driving-while-phoned is acceptable…

  • 36 has always been a dangerous road. If there were white crosses for every death the road would be littered with them. Lost many friends over 45 years time. Just a lot more newcomers not familiar with the road, driving impaired, and most way too fast.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Right you are. SR 36 has always been a dangerous road and always will be. You can make improvements, but if people insist on driving like maniacs or simply distracted, the injuries and deaths will continue. Drivers must conform to ambient conditions, not the other way around. Too many think they are in some stupid “Fast and Furious” movie and everything will be fine.

  • I’ve used 36 for years. I always go the speed limit. I’m tail-gated by people who pass me on their first chance. These are the drivers who crash. They think they are Mario Andretti but they are a hazard.
    My post and the many wrecks won’t make any difference people just think they are smarter and better drivers than us slow pokes.
    Oh well, Rest In Peace fast driver. You did arrive at your final destination even quicker than you thought you would. I’ll just keep on driving slow.

    • So you’re admitting you don’t pull over when there’s traffic behind you, and that you’re one of the obstacles that pisses off everyone who isn’t simply biding their time until they die like you are?

      • Redacted never once said they don’t pull over. Just that impatient jerks seem to think that riding someone’s bumper makes turn outs magically appear? For these people faster than the speed limit is not fast enough.

        I’ve been behind people who drive slower than I want. If they don’t pull over after a couple of chances, I decide that giving myself a stroke over the issue is not going to get me there a second faster so drop back and relax. I also pull over when I can to let people pass if they want to. Sharing the road is never all about one person.

        • Veterans friend

          There are long stretches where pulling over is impossible. I drive the speed limit or below, and do not tailgate slower drivers, but am “punished” by aggressive drivers behind me. They will pass in dangerous places & then tailgate the person ahead of me. Leap frogging again & again to get to Fortuna 5 minutes before me. Or die.

          • I’ve never had a problem finding a place to pull over (and contrary to what people might think from my tolerance of speeders, I drive slowly enough that I pull over fairly often), and my rig is big. Tons of driveways, shoulders, pullouts, etc all along 36.

      • You need to give people time to find a pull out! I agree it’s not the road. I also agree with some people who drive the road to fast I had to take a bite of the humble pie one day myself. When I took a curve too fast and I was sideways. thank God there was no one around me I could’ve hurt. I live out here and I slow down. I will move over for anyone who wants to get around me you just have to give me time to Get out of the way safely. I hate to hear the sirens. I’m so sorry for the death last night.

      • In case you didn’t know a lot of spots on 36 there is no where to pull over and people still ride your bumper like there is. I’ve given that road more times than I can think and there are people there who drive like idiots and speed way around the corners and everything else I’ve seen it every single time I’ve been on that road. And trust me I would rather pull over and have some psycho behind me trying to speed past me but the pull offs are few and far between

    • turnoutsaregood

      I’m a cautious driver too,but if and when someone is behind me and wants to pass, I pull over and let them pass the first chance I get!! I’ve been on the flip side of that coin too… Getting stuck behind someone who is driving slowly and refusing to pull over so that I can pass… It’s very frustrating and can cause road-rage in those inclined to anger. Everyone driving has the responsibility to give-and-take for the safety of all out there on the roads.

  • It’s both the road and the drivers and in this case we don’t know if she was 16 on a cell phone or 96 having a heart attack, but please folks spew yer recycled comments, also if you live on 36 you might notice the downturn of growdozing traffic. which would indicate a lack of growers and it’s been nice. Not ruined. All the best to the victims Family.

  • These comments all hit home. I drive to dinsmore from eureka 5 days a week, I’m one of the confident Tacoma race car drivers. I’ll admit, 3 years ago I would do some insane passes and time trials there and back, but seeing accident after accident I’ve slowed my roll a bit. The construction is a problem, not to the people who casually drive it obviously. Road says open at 12 and 5 but yet we always find ourselves sitting waiting for Mercer to actually open the damn thing up on time (only on fridays, go figure 😂). Anyway, drive safe my friends, it’s one of the most beautiful places to commute in the world.

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