[UPDATE 12:27 p.m.] Wildfire Estimated to Be 100 Acres Burns Northwest of Hyampom

Grape Fire

The Grape Fire yesterday evening. [Photo by Marilyn Renaker ]

Yesterday evening around 5:40 p.m., firefighters began responding to a fire burning in brush approximately six miles northwest of Hyampom near Grapevine Creek. Overnight the fire spread to approximately 100 acres. According to Carol Underhill, spokesperson for the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, crews from her agency as well as from Six Rivers National Forest are on the scene.

A good deal of smoke is covering the area making it difficult for firefighters to get an accurate size of the incident.

“No structures are threatened at this time,” stated a tweet from the Shasta Trinity National Forest Service.

Aircraft, fire engines, dozers, and fire crews are at the scene of the blaze, according to various sources.

UPDATE 12:27 p.m.: Helicopter 901 has been requested to return to the fire, according to scanner traffic.

Earlier Chapter: Five to Ten Acre Fire Burning Near Hyampom



  • Didn’t they say they “stopped forward movement” and called off support last night? Looks like someone made an oopsy!

    It’s WAY too early for wild fires! Is this a sign for the season?

    • That may be true but what I should have posted with this is my caution: Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

      Reports from the scanner, etc., are less reliable than that issued thoughtfully by agencies after the heat of the moment has passed.

    • They didn’t call off anything, they released the aircraft for the evening as none of it flies at night. Engines and crews arrived into late. Remember neither the USFS or Cal fire have their seasonal firefighters on yet until May..

  • Jeez, it is early and I just had to call in a fire on Pickett Peak in the burn scar from 2015.

  • Holy crapola it’s WAY TOO early for fires yet!!! As was asked/stated I hope this is NOT an indicator for the rest of fire season!!! Actually it isn’t even technically Fire Season as yet!!! :-C

    • There is a lot that goes into whether and how wildfires burn. It sounds like much of this fire is in the burn scar of two recent fires and is thick with young regrowth. This means smaller, flashier fuels that can dry out relatively quickly after cessation of precipitation. The larger fuels are still moist in their cores and this will tend to temper the intensity of a fire starting at this time of year. Here is a good place to keep track of conditions in northern California: https://gacc.nifc.gov/oncc/predictive/weather/7Day.pdf
      Everybody in forestry and wildfire has been warning of extended fire seasons for the past few years. This is becoming the new “normal.” For practical as well as ethical reasons (proper land stewardship) it is incumbent on residents to proactively care for their land and “fire harden” their homes to achieve wildfire resilience and ecological health. Disclaimer: I make much of my living from this sort of work so my comments may be construed as “drumming up work” for my crew. However, that does not change the fact that they are true. I derive great satisfaction from gaining my sustenance from helping my friends and neighbors achieve these goals. Consider that my only response in advance if any blog trolls decide to question my motivations in posting.

  • Any preliminary suspicion as to how it started..?

    • This is a possibility that few folks know:

      Clear glass containers, with just a bit of water in them, like from condensation, can act like a magnifying glass and start a fire! Happened here, can happen there.

      NEVER leave clear glass where it doesn’t belong; stop and pick up road-side trash; if you drop your reading glasses outside DOUBLE BACK AND FIND THEM; remember to bring your water bottle home, and so on.

      The sun is rising in its arc; these two fires could have a connection. Take care.

      • Some motivation along those lines, my neighbors sweated for years waiting on the determination on if they were liable for the firefighting costs from a mayo jar fire on their property…they had every aircraft in Redding on that one so it would have been big bucks.

        • How did that turn out? A neighbor of mine had a similar situation with a tossed-out clear Miller High Life bottle along his access road.. He wasn’t held responsible as it was obvious that some passing jack-ass littered.
          Moral of the Story: MHL sucks on several levels.

          • I think it was too old to be determined their direct responsibility.

            • Thank goodness. I have a friend who had a burn pile escape, and the charges were ENORMOUS…and I might add…deserved. (But we’re still friends.)

      • You are correct. Fireing off rifle or firearms into unregulated sites can also can spark a flare up. Not to mention the government’s “ray gun” that was used last year. Ha ha

    • It started as a control burn by none other than the Forest Service themselves. See the link provided above.

  • Add the recent robberies of volunteer fire dpts. And stations along 299 from Redding as far as big bar that I know of so far… Brings up a new set of worries and fears. Is it all related some how, is there a plot to pose as fire crew during this or…… The list goes long way. Fire is bad enough w/o other things that may be going on.

  • I burnt some yard waste the other day, and I got the hint that it will be a very scary fire year.
    It had been raining just a few days before. This pile was uncovered, and it burnt HOT and fast.
    Now here is hint #2.

  • Prescribed burn that got a bit wonky, but is still within the project boundary perhaps?

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