A Group of Juveniles Followed, Assaulted a Couple Near Eureka High School Yesterday, Says EPD

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On April 24, 2018 at approximately 1:23 p.m., officers of the Eureka Police Department responded to the 1700 block of K Street for a report of an assault that had just occurred.

Upon arrival officers spoke to several subjects and determined that a male and female were approached by several subjects, who appeared to be juveniles, at the 1900 block of J Street. The juveniles then followed the couple, yelling taunts. The couple was followed to the 1700 block of K Street, at which time several of the juveniles began assaulting them. The suspects then fled in a vehicle.

The couple was ultimately transported to St. Joseph Hospital and treated for their injuries. The Eureka Police Department is actively investigating this felony assault and following up on leads. We are asking for the public’s assistance with identifying the suspects and locating any video. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Officer Jenkins at (707) 441-4060, refer to Case #18-0002815.



  • This what school kids do these days. They yell out outrageous things trying to get a response. Best thing is to ignore them.
    Yes, I have been experiencing this for a while now.

    • “The couple was…treated for injuries”

      • These kids are lucky no one let the air out of them. I carry a knife or karambit and would use if taken on by a group.

        • That is the same street me and all my stoner friends walk down every day to my buddys house to get stoned at lunch we walk that street befor school at lunch and after school we never pulled any bull shit like that if anything help people that needed help thar is no reason for that kind of bullshit them peaple would of been protected if that shit happen when we wher thar

    • They assaulted them…im sure they were trying to ignore them, then that just pissed them off more. What they need is their asses beat, see if they like it…but wait…they need to be scared somethings going to happen to them first, like im sure this poor couple was.

  • sue the parents.

    • How about, catch the kids!

    • Anyone that thinks a lawsuit is the solution is part of the problem with this state

      • the problem nationwide is due to a lack of education, look at the punk kids in Maine. the parents of these punks only learn the hard way. anyone that thinks their punk kids are not a problem is literally the problem. you should read William Honsal’s interview where he mentions our punk squad problem and discusses how to deal with it.

        • STOP giving them excuses for not growing up or asking for help on how NOT to behave! It is not due to lack of education—- it is likely due to LACK of PARENTING skills. Someone below blamed it on Ritalin. B.S.

          Education in self reliance, respect of self and others, and belongings of others used to be givens as common teaching points for parents; BOUNDARIES and kindness also (Christian or not).

          Bring back common sense, and common courtesy!

  • I really like to think the parents are reading these comments about their little fucking heathens and how everyone in the community would like to kick’em in the teeth,kiss their rosy red cheeks, pat’em on the head and send’em out to play. Er,,,something,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AND yes,,,,this is California,,,where our state motto is,,,”SUE THE BASTARDS”!!!!!!!!

  • Yes there are times when parents lack of care cause hooligan behaviour. But not always, we all come into this world with our own personality and unfortunately these days we are seeing the long term problems of kids who were given Ritalin and other drugs. It messes with brain chemistry. Nicholas Cruz being one.

    Some kids just go off the rails even with good parents, & much like dogs, when they pack up (especially males) they often act more aggressive and do things they never would on their own.
    Put the teens in a hard core backwoods trail building team for the summer. It can do wonders. Otherwise they may end up doing the same work for a dollar a day in the con camp.

    • I agree totally. Other neighborhood mothers and I decided “Not with MY kid, you don’t,” and home-schooled (w/o Imaginary Friends.) When the kids entered public High Schools, they realized what we’d done for them and were/are grateful. They still are, and planning to home-school their own, someday.
      We all had a good 8 years with the project, and although it involved personal sacrifices, the rewards were huge. And the H-S kids helped the effed-up ones integrate into the Bigger Picture.
      Win-win. Not easy, illegal, but immensely satisfying.

  • Wait till one of these punks run up on someone who fights/ trains daily in a gym . I’m actually thinking of walking down that street just to see what happens , just so I could teach these punks a lesson and let my nut$ hang on em…

    • Brilliant. That’ll really help.

    • Veterans friend

      You will then go to jail, but only for five minutes

    • Internet gangsters lol gotta love the millennial era 😂, the difference here is these type of punks and their choices will send them eating up nut$ in the state pen. And trust that I live down the road so I will be walking through . Good ole saying is …if you lift weights remember … you can not lift weights with your jaw , and … there is “trained” and there is “untrained. “ You all will see one of the other in this life time . Karma will catch up .

    • Hahahaha YES!!!! I want to go with you 10toes!

  • They’re juveniles. This is California. Nothing will happen but perhaps probation and they know it.

  • Officer Jenkins is useless. WTF do they have the school resource officer involved? this didn’t happen on school grounds. Better off having the real cops deal with it. [edit]

  • Maybe these juveniles would enjoy an extended vacation at Barrow in Del Norte or C.Y.A. and or a field trip to San Quentin Prison so the inmates that have to live there for the rest of there lives can tell them not to end up like them and get there act together just like on one of those reality prison shows. REALLY! Up the river with out a paddle!

  • Kids these days don’t know shit about discipline,or any type of structure to build a functional , determined human being that respects any authority is undermined by everything in daily life (Via everything Internet )and other influences socially. schools now need to focus on these types of social and financial aspects in building mindsthat can flow in the real world and be financially stable is more important than most things taught these days . These kids are lucky they didn’t get hurt or killed .

    • The problem is that school funding is constantly getting cut, which closes many programs that used to be offered. Some of those are music, arts, sports and various clubs. They allowed kids to be part of a group, which in turn helped them with socialization and building self worth. More and more, teachers are responsible to teach more than ABC’s. They are being held to a standard to ‘raise’ kids because of parents’ lack of time, or concern, to raise their own kids. Schools barely have the resources to educate, let alone the time to help with socialization skills. Blame our elected officials who continually take money from education.

  • Well this is why my daughter was spanked and raised with dicipine. She just got her cap and gown uc davis bound. Got teenagers. Go to the thrift store and buy some mismatched clothes for that brat then seize the rest of there wardrobe. A few days of that you win

    • But… what if they love thrift stores. And y’all know that crazy mismatched dressing is common here. Yea, kids need discipline & kids need to be taught kindness & empathy or they’re going nowhere fast. They learn by example.

      • “The learn by example” is absolute correct. No one should consider breeding unless fully prepared to be a model for that kid’s life. 24/7.

      • They need to be taught good manners. Kindness and empathy is all well and good but that does little to teach self discipline. In fact the emphasis on talking about empathy has lead to demands for being made to feel good oneself rather than anything else. We’ve become a nation where everyone feels it is right to carp relentlessly.

  • stupid press release without any hint of why those people were victimized..were they random, racially selected, acquainted, what?

    • IOW, i saw a Facebook post by a friend of the girl’s mom. As far as i can tell, it was completely random, as in, the couple was just walking along minding their own business when they started being harassed. Race wasn’t mentioned so i don’t think that was a factor. Sounds like bored hooligans just wanting someone to bother.

    • You can't stomp out violence!!

      There is a strong string in the posts that violence towards these juveniles is what they deserve. That has never worked before and that still stands today. For a majority of our history the Gov’t had this notion we can bomb people and counties into submission. And check the body counts. Violence just gets you escalated violence. There is a reason the U.S. incarcerates more of it citizens than most of the world put together. And what does that cost us? The role models young people see today hovers around, Might make Right!! You can hear it in mosts of the posts. And few consider the costs we spend on defense to protect America’s insistence on violence. We are killing each other in record numbers. And people in other countries in even larger numbers. And Trump wants to spend even more money trying to make us the biggest worst bullies in the world. See what September 2011 got us. And the tens of thousands of American lives that were wasted and still are being wasted. If we don’t figuare ways to change our violent missions this violence cancer will consume us. Sending people to prison is not the answer nor is it economical. This year California will spend $63,000.00 per inmate per year. At the rate we send violators to State prison in 25 years we will be spending half of the state budget financing the Penal System. And that money will only come from taxpayer’s pockets. The result is overcrowding prisons to levels that State prisons will be releasing offenders. affecting County jails to incarcerate more violent felons and incur the added costs. It is a self defeating systems that needs to be corrected soon. Theses young people are tomorrow’s prisoners. And if you want a young person to learn to become violent member of our communities send them to any State prison. They are cesspools of survival of the fitness. If we don’t show these young people there is a better way with positive outcomes as a people we are doomed. Columbine HS was only the tip of the iceberg. Ninety percent is hidden below the surface. And like infected skin it WILL surface as violent pus.

      • How does the logic work that sending violent people to prison teaches them to be violent? They are convicted because they are already violent.

        This is much more complicated than that oft cited stat of incarceration rates. Between 25-35% of incarcerated people in the US are immigrants and the US has a huge immigrant (legal and illegal) population not from a wide range of countries. Then there is who is actually alive and convicted to be in prison. Mexico for example has a murder rate 3 times the US rate but an incarceration rate of 1/3 the US’s. Some places have a fairly low incareration rate and a low murder rate but until very recently had a very undiverse population.

        I suspect that a combination of a low incarceration rate and low murder rate has more to do with a uniform, related population along with strong cultural deterrent more than anything else.

  • Well, maybe. I once stopped a beating by high school students hanging out on the street during lunch time. And the cause of it? One girl was “spreading rumors” about the cousin of another. The rest were partisans, mostly of one side. It doesn’t take much of a cause to start a fight in people not taught better.

  • It’s how they are NOT being raised. Punks come from punks. Dope-smoking lay-abouts get kids like them who vote for burned out reds like Bernie. Spoiled yuppies with three SUV’s and flat screen TV’s in every room get entitled losers. That is why I call Eureka the “parenting capital of California.” Spoiled or gangsters, take your pick.

    • the majority of our arrested punk, whether adult or not, stem from local conservative families. its a fact. try facts, it works out better than political propaganda.

      • As far as I know there are no stats kept on local conservatives, their children or violence. You tend to sweep everyone you don’t like into the term conservative. In fact I think that is your definition.

        • I tend to investigate each mug shot I see. you should try it. some of which I already know. for example the latest guy sexual abusing kids. that family goes back to Cook’s Valley and hence the name.

          • Really? And where does one invesigate political affiliations of criminals?

            • your voter’s registration card is public info. have you ever type your name into mylife or any other personal info site Employers use? mine says I am non-partisan and a Christian, do you know how they know that? I was baptized and have an official cert for it, which is also public info. as an employer I have found these sites helpful.

              • What site did you use to check these? I know at one point some info on actual voters was available online but never knew non voters were ever on line and voter info niwadays needed id info to obtain like DL or SSN. And never ever saw religious affiliation on anything.

  • Uhm our entire culture worships violence. Our time and money go to horrific violent entertainment and media reports that dehumanize any person who doesn’t have the same politics as the source. I do believe parents play a part. My kids have to work really hard to get away with brutal behavior. They education system plays it’s part by telling young people their parents are violating their rights by going through their rooms and phones; leading them to believe they are ready to make very adult decisions about sex and the consequences. Pro-choice or not what do we teach them with the double standards? You have to stay in the dentist if a child is under 18, but that same child can have a surgical procedure to terminate a pregnancy without consent or even notification of the parent. Children have been given adult rights without adult expectations or the fulfilment of adult responsibilities. They havery uncensored access to some of the lowest forms of filth, violence, and exploitation on the phones parents pay for. Lastly children do as we do, not as we say. Be the people you want our young people to become, and carry a tazer or pepper spray!

  • unbridled philistine

    Rowe vs. Wade comes to mind! The drop of crime in the 90’s is a result of all those unwanted children never existing.. So why have kids you do not want to raise properly?

  • Anyone stop to think that maybe their parents are good people and that these little fuckers are running a muck all on their own!?!?!

  • Clint Eastwood

    Kids better be careful bottom line you don’t know who you’re f****** with… I got my concealed weapons permit and got a 40 cal Glock on me most of the time and a knife… There’s a generation my generation for a whole lot of us didn’t grow up and it turned into real thugs… chances are they’ll learn their lesson… the hard way…

  • Loatcoastalpers

    It seems this area is full of crime and old criminals. Are these people aid to go live in Humbolt after leaving jail? It seems like an identified drop of location….

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