Mother of Missing Australian Woman in the Area Again Searching for Her Daughter

asha Kreimer
Jeannie Kreimer won’t give up. Her daughter, Asha Kreimer disappeared in September of 2015 in the Point Arena area. Jeannie, a nurse who lives in Australia, said she goes home long enough to earn money to come back to the area and look.

“I go home for two months and work and then I come back and spend all my money and go back and work again,” she told us in an interview today.

“A year ago in Garberville, someone said they saw her sitting in front of Rays [Food Place],” Jeannie said. “They didn’t know she was missing at that point…They recognized her tattoo.” Asha has a red triangle tattooed on her right wrist.

Jeannie explained she has received a number of tips that Asha might be in Humboldt County. “I have also heard she is on a farm in Shelter Cove,” Jeannie explained. “I hear ‘She’s over here…No ,she’s over there,'” Jeannie acknowledged ruefully. “I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been in crack houses.”

As reported here in earlier stories, Asha had some sort of a mental breakdown just before she disappeared and was taken to the hospital. When she was released, she went with friends to a restaurant in Point Arena where she disappeared. (See the earlier article for a more in-depth description of what occurred.)

Jeannie thinks Asha is still dealing with the breakdown. “I don’t think she knows I’m looking for her,” Jeannie said. So she keeps coming back to the Emerald Triangle searching for Asha. “I came here because I hadn’t really searched Eureka really well,” she explained. “I am in Eureka at the moment and it seems there is a person matching her description here…I am going to stay here for a week or two.”

A new missing person’s unit in Humboldt County is giving Jeannie Hope. “I think that is amazing,” she said. “It is a tiny bit forward” in helping the families of missing people.

Another glimmer of hope for Jeannie is that a film crew saw her passing out flyers in Garberville last year. She told us, “I serendipitously ran into Netflix film crew. I was in Garberville handing out flyers. Part of the documentary film is on missing persons.” They interviewed her on film again just recently in Eureka. “Hopefully, I get Asha poster’s poster on there,” she said eagerly. “I want as many people as possible looking for her.”
asha Kreimer

When last seen, Asha had long, brown curly hair and weighed about 145 pounds. She has brown eyes, is 5’10” and has an Australian accent. She has a red triangle tattoo on her right wrist.

Jeannie wants to remind our readers, “The people on the streets are just regular joe’s. Sometimes they have people they need to contact,” she said. “Remember, Asha might not be in her right mind. She is very traumatized. She looks unwell. She looks tired.”

Jeannie is continuing to search for her daughter. She hopes that others will keep an eye out, too. If you have any information for Jeannie call (707) 513-9138. You can also stay up with what Jeannie is doing trying to find her daughter by liking a Facebook page dedicated to Asha. (Click here.)

Asha Kreimer

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  • Sad to think she has not yet been found. I know I met her somewhere. Maybe at the KMUD Block Party. She has a distinctive look. Fingers crossed for her…..!

  • I believe I seen this girl at a trim scene a year ago , the tattoo I distinctly remember as I’m tattooed so I usually almost always look at ink , I believe it was around the cove or between cove and Redway … I know for sure I even seen her get into a black Escalade new body close to whitethorn post office , that is out in the whitethorn area she was looking for rides by whitethorn construction. Mind this was close to over a year ago .

  • I wish the mother all the luck finding her daughter.

  • Good luck mate!

  • The tattoo might be the symbol for the band called YACHT. (or any number of other meanings). The sidebar on this site lists their past concert tours. She may be a groupie and following them. They might remember her if so.

    Good luck, I hope you find her safe and sound.

  • Why does the dog look familiar? Is it similar to one of the pooch’s we’ve seen on Kym’s blog?

  • file this under hearsay but I was told recently that Asha was seen and spoken to recently in Shelter Cove by someone who was interested in her tattoo.

  • I believe I saw this girl with another woman at Target in Eureka last fall getting a coffee. Both were tall and very thin, extremely tan. Dreadlocks and dingy clothes that were strong with body odor. I remember thinking that they must have just come down off of the hills off a grow. Something I used to see a lot decades ago. Both had fairly new cell phones and it seemed like they were prized possessions.

    • No. Those were just Arcatians. They come from a sanctuary planet , best known for public intoxication, shoddy police work,low income housing and racism against any body who is straight and white. If confronted by a Arcatian give “spare”change and avoid a pachouli hug… me!

  • Wishing you all the best Jeannie

  • I cannot imagine this mother’s pain; I hope it works out well for them both.

  • Life is good OG

    If she goes to police won’t she risk being deported? She came here on a visa didn’t she? Those are only for a certain period of time. But I am not savvy on this stuff and don’t know how it works with Australia to US

  • Jeannie Kreimer, you are a brave and loving mother.

  • Garbage bags full of something I would not investigate further at east Carlotta bridge area just as you turn down to the old bridge on the old road

  • dswingin djangleberry

    this is so sad and it makes our area look terrible!
    worst of all you got so many lost and burnt out souls on our streets that may misinform
    this lady of having seen her daughter. Hope they find her!

  • I think I may have seen this woman hitchhiking towards town at Whitethorn Junction on Monday 4/23 late afternoon. My truck was full so I did not stop to pick her up. Feel free to pass on my contact info to Ms. Kreimer, Kym. Best of luck.

  • I believe the circumstances of this case is bazar, there has been similar types of cases along Hwy1 in Mendo as well as other areas in our counties and across the state, things like victims having some sort of mental breakdown before going missing, another point victims missing shoes or clothes at the time they go missing or found, Im willing and able to pass out flyers or help in anyway, thank you Kym for posting this and I can leave my email if anyone needs to reach me

  • My cousin is a tweeker in Humboldt. She lives a life travelling from Indian Casino to Indian Casino. She is often missing. May I suggest that you look at ALL of the Indian Casinos in Mendo/Humboldt/Mendo/Lake Counties?

  • Has anyone seen Asha lately? Even if it’s here say…we’re interested.

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