[UPDATE Wednesday] Five to Ten Acre Fire Burning Near Hyampom

he sun is nearly covered by smoke as spires of burned trees from the Sims and Saddle Fires rise from the area northwest of Hyampom.

The sun is nearly covered by smoke as spires of burned trees from the Sims and Saddle Fires rise from the area northwest of Hyampom where a blaze is devouring more vegetation tonight. [Crop of a photo provided by Marilyn Renaker]

A five to ten acre fire is burning northwest of Hyampom in the area of two former fires, the Sims (2004) and the Saddle (2015) this Tuesday evening. Secondhand reports indicate that ash is falling on houses and that weather is windy.

Scanner traffic reports indicate that the nearest home is 1/4 mile away from the flames.

Flightradar indicates that a forest service plane, N421DF and a Cal Fire helicopter C901 are in the area.

Resident Jennifer Lance worries that this fire started in the controlled burns being used by Forest Service to rehabilitate land burned in the Sims Fire. She explained, “[I]f this is from their control burns, it is the third time they have made very bad decisions in our neighborhood. We expressed our concern and lack of confidence in their ability to control prescribed fire at many meetings.”

We want to stress that the cause is unknown at this point, however. We have been unable to reach US Forest Service.

UPDATE 7 p.m.: The USFS tweeted, “At 5:40 p.m. Shasta-Trinity firefighting units responded to the Grape Fire near Manzanita Ranch. The fire is approximately 5 acres in size.” A spokesperson told us that no structures are threatened.

UPDATE 7:52 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, forward progress of the fire has been stopped! There are approximately 20 firefighters not counting the Hyampom Volunteer Fire Department. The aircraft has left.

Grape Fire

The Grape Fire. [Photo by Marilyn Renaker]

UPDATE 9:15 p.m.: More forest service firefighters joined the incident about an hour ago, according to the scanner.

UPDATE Wednesday: Wildfire Estimated to Be 100 Acres Burns Northwest of Hyampom



  • Damn bit early for that

  • Humboldt Original

    This is a wild area with very limited private inholdings surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of wild public land. The beneficial fires currently living on the landscape are rejuvenating a long lost connection while actually minimizing private property risks later this year for said private inholdings. The seasonal “residents” should be thankful.

    • One of the most intelligent remarks I have ever read on a comments section.

    • We are counting our blessings!

    • There is a post fire rehab project going on. The Sims Fire burned in 2004 that was caused by a PGE transmission line. There were 25 year old , untreated plantations that helped the fire take off. 12 years later they started work on the rehab project with the $12 million that was awarded through a court order. Before any work started, in 2015 we had a lightening fire within the Sims footprint, the Saddle Fire, that burned some of the proposed project up before we could get to it. We also had a forest service burnout operation that got away during the Saddle Fire that burned the rest of a private landowner’s property that didn’t get burned from the original Sims fire. They almost lost their home from it.
      The brush had come back so thick that it was a concern for many of us residents that it would be a difficult task for the remainder of the project to burn the piles without causing another big fire. We were given assurances that they would be careful.

      Look closely at the google map and you can see that area has been ravaged by unnatural fires and bad management decisions.

  • Right near where I use to live. There’s some good people in Hyampom. Oldest cemetery I’ve ever seen is there. Four tombstones that you couldn’t even see who they belonged to. I was told they were there way before Hyampom. Belonged to four gold miners and that one of them had his mule buried with him.

  • If this was a result of USFS control burn, it is nothing new. 10 or so years ago, they refused to let CalFire help them on a small fire in So Cal foothills (Angeles Crest area). CalFire offered to use air support to put it out. USFS left a small crew on it overnight and the Santa Ana winds picked up. Long story short…………it burned from Pasadena to the I-5 in Sylmar, over 175,000 acres plus many homes. USFS is not the most responsible agency.

  • They should let it burn if it’s not threatening structures .
    People may wish they had let nature do it when it’s not an explosive situation

    • Too many snags left from the previous fires in that area. Already burned hot in the 2 previous fires, doesn’t need it again yet..

  • I saw the forest service fire crew head in last night on corral creek rd

  • Regardless of where you live around there, here, or anywhere, HERE WE GO AGAIN! The work of fire-prevention is hard and time-consuming, but must be done. I use small fires to create fire-breaks, and I encourage you to, too. It’s hard, it’s hot, and it is SO worth it.
    Good luck to us all.

  • 100+ acres today

  • ONCC command center in Redding (USFS) is calling the fire 100 ac. 0% contained as of this a.m. No spread stopped. “Fire burned actively throughout the night until 0400”. No threats at this time.


  • Well… who started it ? No lightning strikes.
    USFS or some sort of ‘trespass’ activity ?

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