Eureka Man Arrested for Molesting Multiple Victims

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Andrew Jarrod Cunningham.On April 24th at about 8:00 am, after a month long investigation, the Sheriff’s office served an arrest warrant in the 3400 Block of 18th Street, Eureka, regarding 288(a) PC child molestation and 288.5 PC continuous sexual abuse of a minor. Arrested at the scene was 38 year old Andrew Jarrod Cunningham.

During the course of the investigation several victims have been identified, and the abuse is alleged to have occurred over a ten year period. The case is still under investigation and anyone with information is asked to call Investigator Mark Peterson at (707) 268-3663.



  • WTF! Why would they wait a month while kids are being molested?! Those poor kids! A month is an eternity for an abused child…

    • They didn’t wait a month. It is written a little vague. The 288.5 PC is the legal number code for “continuous sexual abuse of a minor.” They investigated him for month. Probably going through his computer etc. and asking a lot questions to a lot of people.

  • I am so grateful Sheriff Honsal is taking this crime seriously. I spent two years trying to protect a six year old living with a convicted child rapist Spoke with Downey’s dept three times, CWS three times, her principal once. Two years later she was finally removed from the house.

    • I think he’s got the right idea, focusing on hard drugs, violent crime, and child molestation cases. Lord knows the area has huge problems with all three.

    • New Sheriff in town

      Downey was weak, incompetent, and potentially corrupt. He should have been booted by us voters decades years ago, but then again, no-one ever ran against him so there wasn’t really much of a choice. In any case, I’m hopeful now there’s a new Sheriff in town. The biggest change I see under Honsel is that the cartels don’t seem to have the free reign (particularly the “get out of jail free” cards) they used to have under Downey.

      Of course Honsel was Downy’s hand picked successor, so this all could be pre-election grandstanding, but I’d like to believe it’s genuine. Time will tell.

      Now the court system needs to get its head out of its ass and stop acting like ametuer clowns.

  • Do we not even wait until the jury is in to crucify folks these days?

    • Not in this comment section, nope. Keyboard cowboys LOVE to judge and convict. No need to wait for those pesky fact thingys!

  • Hell no if you’re arrested for that there’s probably enough evidence to justify to use you as fertilizer

    • True but let’s start with them

    • Veterans friend

      I sat on a jury for the trial of an accused molester. We found him NOT GUILTY quite quickly after a 13 day trial.
      Be careful folks, wait & see.

      • Thanks for that. And after what that man or woman your jury found NOT GUILTY had been though, by being ‘tired’ in the court of public opinion, their reputation and life they knew was certainly forever changed/damaged.
        The accused criminal activity is serious, no doubt! Yet, what became of the guiding notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’? Do people just disregard that Kym posts that at the top of all the stories about arrested ‘suspects’? (If you click on the [IN RED, ABOVE] that, it will take you to this internationally agreed upon precept:

        • Veterans friend

          The person spent 8 MONTHS in jail waiting for trial and lost EVERYTHING . It was utterly disgusting how he was treated by police on the word of a drug addict mother & clearly coached child. The jury felt terrible for the accused.

      • but were they really guilty is the question, our court system is a joke these days, I have seen a lot of your comments on here.

    • And if there’s not, well, take it up in the next world.

  • Don’t let your dog run wild. Leash law in Eureka.

  • A large proportion of child molesters have rubbery, soft facial features. I wonder if there is some reason for this; a genetic defect or something? I was noodling around on the Megan`s list thing to see who was in my neighborhood and noticed the similar look among many of these preverts.

  • It’s an expression without any emotion, neutral, non-threatening, and so it’s cover.

  • Working for the schools years ago, a girl told someone I entered the girl’s bathroom and confronted her. Most people knew I would not do such a thing. Long story short, she had done this type of things before, so nothing went forward. Be careful judging this guy before all evidence is presented.

  • I’m with Somebody. The stats are much higher for molesters getting away with it for years than they are for wrongful convictions for it. When given immunity for telling the truth to a research team in PA, male molesters who “favor” girls admitted to 50 victims over their lifetime. If they “favored” boys, it was over 150 victims per molester. There’s no stats on women molesters though they appear to exist.
    Somebody I know who worked in Hum Public Defenders Office said one attorney came in and high-fived another one when he got a child molester off. Not someone falsely accused it was proven later.

  • Where did he work? And who did he work for?

  • This man is out on the streets his mother owns all subways in the area and put them up as coladeral for him to be released…

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