[UPDATE 9:19 p.m.] ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ Dog Shot in Eureka Near Ross Park

Ross Park area on Google Maps.

Last night about 7 p.m., a dog was shot in the yard of a residence on 11th Street in Eureka near Ross Park. Cynthia Bowser, who has helped rescue animals for the last 18 years, said she usually walks around the park in the evening in with her two elderly dogs. “I saw a brown dog run across the street,” she explained. She said it looked like maybe it was a mix of Staffordshire pit bull and Boxer.

She was concerned so she kept an eye on the dog. It appeared to be very friendly she said. “It wasn’t bothering anybody–just a happy-go-lucky dog running through the park.”

At one point, she described hearing a boy whistle the dog over and pet it. “I asked, ‘Is that your dog?’ she said. But, according to her, the boy said, ‘I don’t know whose dog it is, but it is really sweet.’

Bowser said she watched the dog leave the park and she decided she had better try and catch it to be sure it was safe. “I’ve been in Rescue for years with Friends for Life” she explained. “I’ve worked with the Shelter. If I see a dog out running, we try to help a dog get back to its owner.” So she hurried towards home to leave her dogs and get a leash.

Then she heard a shot. “I got a sinking feeling,” she said. “I grabbed the leash and got my phone.”

She hurried towards where she had last seen the dog. It was dead. “I saw the dog laying in the yard,” she said. “He’d been shot. I just started screaming, “Who shot this dog?”

A couple of the little kids around saw the dog and they were upset. According to Bowser, a little girl asked, “Is he okay?” Bowser said she told her she shouldn’t look and the dog wasn’t okay.

Bowser said other people started gathering saying they had heard the shot but they didn’t know if it was a firecracker or something else.

Bowser said she went to the house where the dog was in the yard. “I went up to the house and banged on the door while I was calling 911. I was horrified… horrified…The operator said she would send an officer.”

While Bowser was waiting, she says she went next door to another house and and “banged” on the door while she was still on the phone with the operator. “The guy burst open his door,” she explained. She said the operator told her, “Do not engage that house. Back off.” So she did and the man went back inside.

“All the other neighbors were coming out but no one came out of the two houses,” she said. “The police got there. I just I told them what happened.”

One officer thought he recognized the dog and called the owner who came. “She had scrubs on and a tag,” Bowser said. “She was in shock and she was crying and screaming. She was shaking.”

Bowser said she saw the officers looking for a bullet casing. Then one of the police officers started to pound on doors. “It’s EPD…Open it right now,” Bowser said she heard. With an officer’s permission, she said, she left.

“Shock was just awful,” she said. “I just needed to come home…I sat down and just bawled. I don’t understand why someone would do something like that. ”

Later, with her dogs cuddled in her lap, she told us, “There were people in the park. There were kids. It was seconds after I saw [the dog] cross the street…Why did they shoot? The dog wasn’t doing anything.”

Bowser said, “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life…I hope to God they are going to be able to find out who did it.” Then she added, “Now, I want to warn my neighbors not to let out their dogs.”

According to Eureka Police spokesperson Katie Hill, “It doesn’t appear that a suspect was located at this time…[F]iring a gun inside City limits is a misdemeanor if it’s done in a reckless and negligence manner.”

UPDATE 7:45 p.m.: Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

On April 22, 2018, at about 7:07 p.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 1300 block of Eleventh Street for the report that a dog had been shot by an unknown suspect.

Upon arrival, Officers located the dog (a brown and white pitbull/mastiff) with what appeared to be a single gunshot wound. The dog was deceased. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate any witnesses of the actual shooting, but did locate subjects that heard what they believed to be a single gunshot. The owner of the dog was located and responded to the scene.

This is an open investigation being investigated by both Eureka Police Department officers and our animal control staff. Anyone with information is asked to call the Eureka Police Department Animal Control at (707) 441-4327.

UPDATE 9:19 p.m.:
Mugsy was the dog that was shot and killed. Mugsy with birthday hat



    • if your not smart enough to keep your dog locked up you shouldn’t have a dog. its the owners fault there dog is dead. none of you bleeding hearts know what happened when the dog got shot. sorry about the dog. they should fine the owner $1000 . stop blaming others for your fuck ups. its your fault your dog is dead. do dogs a service and dont get another dog.

      • I’m sorry, have you read the comments? The dog accidentally got out because the wind blew the door open. Accidents happen. What kind of person are you? Read the comment I made: Here is a little lesson we teach our children from the beginning of life–be kind, don’t hurt people. Simple. So, when you see someone down should you kick them while they are down? Ask yourself, are you helping or hurting the situation by the comment you make? Could you look someone in the eye, face to face, see their pain, feel their pain and still make that comment? This goes for anyone who makes an comment online and on any social media page”. Have some compassion for the owners. Seriously!

        • Anyone who takes online comments to be on par with face to face interaction should probably just stay off the internet all together. The owners of the dog should never even open this web page. There are people on here having valid debates which often get emotionally charged. If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

          • Debating is fine. Cruel accusations are not. There are people on here actually responding to the owners with intent to hurt.

            • The owners should be nowhere near this thread. Why would they want to put themselves in the middle of a emotionally charged discussion in which they should know that about half the people won’t be on their side. They should be grieving and not exposing themselves to potential disturbing content when they are in an emotionally fragile state of mind. Take a little responsibility for what you expose yourself to in life. Not everyone is going to care enough to handle you with padded gloves.

              • Yes, you are correct. I believe the adult owner is not on here any longer, but her teenage daughter is and should just leave it alone. It’s hard. I also will no longer be reading comments after this. Thank you.

        • accidents happen when people are lay and careless. and the dogs dead. fuck the owners hurt feelings. THE DOG IS DEAD. WHAT ABOUT HIM KIM F. [edit]

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Wow man, accidents happen. It was just running around, not bothering anyone. Someone should’ve called animal control, not shot then poor thing. [edit]

      • Dogs get out all the time, to blame it on the owner is so fucked up, especially because she just lost her dog, that is not ok [edit]

      • Your words are unkind and unnecessary , I am very responsible dog owner who always has my dog on a leash when in town and in a couple of occasions accidents have happened and he’s gotten out and ran around the neighborhood , to think someone would shoot my dog and then blame me is discusting. I would really hate to hear your opinion on runaway children. Try to have a little compassion for the folks that just lost a member of their family .

  • Anonymous Humboldtian

    I hope they find the guy. What a disgusting thing to do.

  • I have lost a pet to a dog attack and would do my best to stop another attack but to shoot a dog just for being loose? That’s disgusting. Arrogant and disgusting.

  • An eye for an eye
    A life for a life

    • What eye for what eye? What life for what life? Apparently in this situation there was no reason to take an anything for an anything so your comment doesn’t make sense

    • Lol, so they are wrong for killing a very scary looking dog running loose with no owner but your right for killing a human? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! By the way, killing the loose dog on your property isn’t illegal and is common practice for protection in the country, shooting in city limits was the only crime. Don’t let your dogs run free, duh.

    • …leaves the whole world blind and dead

  • Misdemeanor? Welcome to America. Guns are free, everyone else is imprisoned.

  • Some mentally ill moron shot a dog????? WTF is wrong with people???

  • TreeFairyPrincess

    I’m sure some pitbull hater imagined themselves heroic saving all those little kids lives in the park-IGNORANT MF!!!

    • Or someone so delusional that they think a dog bred for killing only opens his mouth to let the rainbows escape. Ignorance is found in all sorts of people.

        • How about these that contradict your link??





          I would still rather be nipped or bit by most other breads than be maimed or killed by a pit.

          I’m not saying this is the reason this dog should have been shot, because quite frankly I think it was total BS someone would do this to a dog in a residential yard without someone being in immediate danger. I just get tired of people saying pit bulls are harmless cute cuddly dogs that never hurt anything. Some are great, others are nothing short of a wrong turn away from an attack.
          I have a very gentle old female dog that weighs 35 lbs. A pit attacked her on my property simply because the owner dared pet my dog. All was fine until his female pit got jealous the second he touched my non aggressive tail waging 13 year old dog. It took over 3 minutes of beating his dog on the head while my old girl cried to get that damn dog to let go of her. Thankfully the pit got a mouthfull of my dog’s collar and only did minimal damage to my her.
          There’s a reason home owners insurance will not insure certain breeds, pits being on the top of the list, and it’s not because they don’t like their looks. Insurance companies go by statistics, if the statistics say a certain dog is a higher risk they will charge more or flat deny coverage for that breed.

          • TreeFairyPrincess

            86.8 percent of American pit bull terriers have passed their temperament testing according to the American Temperament Test Society, Inc. This is a higher number of American pit bulls to pass their testing than collies, beagles and even golden retrievers. Of 122 different canine types tested by the society, pit bulls ranked fourth for passing temperament testing.

      • Agreed, “people” like YOU for instance!!!

        • Really? Do a news search of people killed and maimed in dog attacks.

          • To say nothing about my ducks, cats, chickens, sheep, and goats. Thanks for your attitude.

          • In my 1911 I trust

            And you wi find that press canarios hold the number one spot, closely followed by German shephards, Doberman pinscers, and Rottweiler. While a lot of pit bulls have dog fighting blood in them, they were originally bred to be used as all purpose ranch utility dogs. Only after that did people see the sizeable head and start using for dog fighting. Pit bulls are one of the most people friendly dogs on the planet, which makes them terrible guard dogs. The only thing that makes them off putting to intruders is their looks. The only dog ever bred for hunting and killing humans is the Doberman Pinscer, bred for hunting and killing Jews by the Nazis. Th Rottweiler was bred as a German guard dog. And the German Shphard was used by the Nazi secret police. Please educate yourselves about dog breeds before posting.

            • Dobermans were bred as personal protection dogs by a German tax collector way before WW2. They were not bred to hunt down Jews or anyone else for that matter. They are “velcro” dogs- not used in any kind of hunt. They are however the only dog bred specifically to guard and protect humans from other humans.

      • Please seek help. Only people train animals to attack for no reason. Any NON ‘ignorant’ person knows this.

        • Anyone who believes that dogs, friendly enough with their own pack, don’t kill as a matter of instinct is probably never going to understand the true nature of dogs. They can be bred to minimise their insticts to hunt and kill as in livestock guarding breeds or they can be bred to increase those instincts as in dogs bred from fighting breeds. I have watched a good guard dog care for livestock as if they were part of their own family, trying repeatedly lead them to safety.

          But, as one who was forced to stop a pair of well taken care of and loved dogs from killing more of more of her small herd of goats than they already had, this idea that these dogs were somehow “taught” to kill is ludicrous. They followed their instincts true to their breed just as the guard dog was true to his.

    • Nah, they just dig killing dogs, ya know like most folks.

  • And yet if you did the world a favor and shot whomever did it, you’d be the one who went to jail.

    • Yes, killing humans is illegal, duh! PS the human went to jail for killing the loose dog that was only out due to owner neglegence.

      • Went to jail for it? Nobody went to jail for killing this dog and nobody neglected him either people like you are sad and heartless, my family’s dealing with our sad loss and you say he was neglected? DOGS GET OUT ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. HOWEVER my dog was actually really loved and he was killed out of pure evil by some sick people that knew he was a playful dog as the neighbors who were outside said they watched him play and when people next door went inside they came out an everyone heard a gunshot and came over as the group went inside and locked the door then didn’t answer for the police.! THAT IS WRONG. if it were any different they should have answered and explained them selves but they knew they were wrong for it clearly.

  • Your loose pit bull comes around my house its dead also. But i live in the hills. Shooting in your yard in the city isn’t the smartest thing to do. And the “happy go lucky” part is bs. Its all good till it kills your dog or kid

    • TreeFairyPrincess

      So,then what kind of rights would that grant me if you happened upon my pitty’s property,since apparently you are a much larger threat to them then they could EVER be to you…?

      • If your dog is on your property it can do anything it wants.

      • My neighbor has a sweet, happy-go-lucky dog. He is the happiest little dog. Never thought he would sneak into my chicken coop and rip up my birds. One chicken was still alive with half the skin ripped off it’s right side. If I would have caught him, I would have kicked his little ass, happy-go-lucky or not. If it would have been a stray or a large one attacking the deer or turkeys, I would have shot it.

        • TreeFairyPrincess

          Why?…would shooting him bring your chickens back to life…? I would imagine if you returned the dog alive,you’d much more likely be reimbursed for your chickens than if you killed it. Of course,taking for granted that it’s owner is responsible…if they had to buy new chickens every time their dog escaped,I’m sure they’d learn to be much more careful

          • Not really. There are those who immediately blame those their dogs harm for being uptight morons. Or who think other people’s animals are unimportant. Or the real common delusion – “my dogs would never hurt anyone.” In fact someone who rountinely lets their dogs roam free on other’s property is guaranteed to not be caring of other people’a animal period.

          • In my opinion, there should be far less ownership of pets and animals. I think confining animals in basements, cars or kennels all day long, making them into accessories, or training them to do tricks for our entertainment is pretty strange. There should be less mass production of meat, and more habitat restoration, hunting and home gadening. Unfortunately animal life is cheap in this world. I didn’t make it so, and I don’t like it. Our government is a prime example, read Playing God In Yellowstone if you want to learn about tax dollars going to needless slaughter and waste of animal life. So yes, I would swiftly dispatch a stray or large vicious dog killing my chickens. More so if it was attacking wild animals, who like the native Americans, had no say about this wasteful arrogant society and it’s problems imposed upon them.

          • problem maybe he loves his chickens like we do dogs

            • Unless youre blind, maybe you have a dog to satisfy some subconcious mental longing. I have chickens to supplement my needs for sustenance.

          • Chickens one day, toddlers the next. Once a dog gets a taste for blood they are ruined.

            • HAHAHA a lot of dogs will chicken because that is their natural prey. My dog would never hurt a human but would kill a chicken. And he’s the friendliest most docile dog ever.

      • You would and do have lots of rights in that situation. You have the right to shout, “You’re tresspassing! Leave!” You have the right to sick your pretty pitty on him. You have the right to run into your house and call the police. You have the right to hope you don’t get raped or killed in the 90 minutes it takes them to get to your house. You have the right to shoot and kill that person if you feel your life is in danger. You have the right to a fair trial. Pretty cool to live in America huh!

      • Yeah, Real shame we jail people for killing people, this could be paradise



        Dogs do not have the same rights as humans. No, really, ask your kindergarten teacher tomorrow at class.

    • I totally agree. It’s a shame the dog was shot but it shouldn’t have been running loose. How am I supposed to know some random loose dog is not going to decide to attack me? Just because he looks happy go lucky means nothing, people need to remember dogs are still animals, not humans. They rely and act on instinct and cannot be reasoned with.

      • It’s the fact that they seen him outside being friendly an shot him anyway

        • Maybe. Are there any facts yet about who did it and why? A “happy go lucky” dog might just think killing a cat is just part of the fun. Or the person who shot just might be an bad tempered jerk.

        • Not THEIR responsibility to know YOU’RE AGGRESSIVE breed of dog is not aggressive.
          (If this was your dog I am soo sorry for your loss. He was very beautiful and probably very sweet. Unfortunately that is not the issue. An aggressive breed of dog running loose in a neighborhood full of children IS very much the issue. It simply is not safe for everyone else. The part that is all about you is the responsibility issue. Mistakes DO happen all the time(i.e. wind, gate latch ect.), these things may happen out of our control, hence without fault, however it does not alleviate responsibility, that remains with the owner/caretaker of said animal.

          If my pet tiger gets out of his cage because of wind or otherwise am I not responsible for it’s actions. Sure he is a tiger, but he really had a happy go lucky kind of attitude. What, you couldn’t tell that when he jumped into your yard? Did you take the proper time to get to know him? Give him a scratch behind the ears? No, nothing huh? Just shot him to protect some stupid kids, like there is any shortage of them running around. Jerks!

          • The person who did it was not scared in this case he and his friends were standing outside watching people play with him and pet him and as soon as the people from HRC stopped petting him and went in for there meeting they shot him. These people who the cops are investigating then went inside and shut the door and would not open for them. They were not scared our dog was being friendly an they didn’t have a reason to do it, from what we have been told. The cops are taking this seriously and have much information but not enough to take legal action because there were no witnesses to who exactly pulled the trigger. They do know however which house it came from.

          • To J, you should fully read the article before you open your mouth to comment the kids were in no danger from my dog they were petting him at the park, the kids were in danger from the person who shot a gun off right across the street from them!

      • Actually if a dog looks “happy go lucky” it most likely is. Pretty simple to read a dog. Tail wagging, ears resting normal or perked not pulled right back close to their head. Perhaps what people need is more education on the matter. You know your not going to get attacked because you’re not being attacked. Leave the dog alone and call an authority, either the police or the pound.

        “They rely and act on instinct and can’t be reasoned with” please tell me more about how a dog “can’t be reasoned with.” I train Personal Protection Dogs, Sport Protection Dogs and PDK9s, I reason with “vicious” dogs all the time and honestly the only time I’ve EVER been bitten by a dog that wasn’t supposed to bite me while wearing a bite suit is from trying to break someone else’s little ankle biters up from fighting each other and in that case the dog doesn’t usually know it’s biting you it just thinks your hand/arm is a part of the other dog.

      • That person shot this particular dog for no reason, and put humans at risk by firing within city limits in a fully developed area. This dog was not out killing chickens or being a menace. It had unintentionally gotten out of its yard, probably shortly before this incident. There is no justification for the shooting and I think it should be a felony to discharge a weapon recklessly, as this shooter clearly did.

    • @west benbow. Why go out side? Why not call animal control if you are that scared. Also check to see if his tail is wagging… My dogs are pit mix, one is great dane pit mix and the other is mastiff pit mix. They are raised around a 2 year old and the oldest was raised with my daughter he is also gentle with my 2 year old neice. When my daughter was 5, she put her hand in his mouth to stop him from choking, and he didnt bite her.. To me people like you, are ignorant assholes. If someone is not sure about a dog call animal control. Thank god our neighbors are dog lovers. If you would had assumed my dog was mean and shot him for no good reason, I would sued the crap out of you. A person Better have a bite mark if they want to shoot my dog. There are other ways to deal with a dog. There is no reason to shoot a dog Because they get loose on accident. It happens.

      • Animal control? Thats funny right there. I’m 2 hours away from a cop let alone animal control. Sit in my house and wait for help? Sounds like you’re the one that’s afraid. Sue me? I love that attitude. Never responsible for your own actions. Anyway thanks for the complement

        • Animal control came when my animal was killed, photographed the dead animals and the bloody dogs, gave the dog’s owner a heads up that some of the animals that were killed were pets and not likely to be brushed off lightly then left without doing a darn thing.

        • You obviously dont live in a neighborhood in eureka so your situation and this one are totally different.
          Shooting a weapon in a neighborhood with kids running around is just f’n stupid!!!
          Get some mace and a rock salt gun and you’ll be set.

      • You are soo right! ❤❤

    • My dog is nice he doesn’t fight with other dogs he runs away when dogs bark or growl at him. He was playing with the kids and the neighbors a where he was shot at HRC all said just seconds before he was being pet by them outside he is a loving baby an he only breaks out of the yard to go to the park an play with the kids.

      • So sorry Alexis, this mf needs to be shown what justice feels like

      • Care for your dog like you would care for a child and, unless you ALLOW your dog to “break out of the yard” we’ll get along just fine.

        • Shit happens. It does not excuse some gutless SOB to shoot a dog near a park just because he can. No one has the right to shoot dogs just because they got out of the yard!

      • Eileen McCready

        According to my understanding, it wasn’t actually at HRC. I only mention this because I want it to be very clear that the negative in our neighborhood isn’t generally coming from there directly. I am disgusted and disappointed that this pup was shot. The pup was clearly shot very close to there, which despite being out of town seems to be common knowledge in the neighborhood. I am hoping this disgusting act is a reference point for positive change in our neighborhood. I am with you on that. My heart is breaking for your loss. We lost a pup a month ago ourselves ♡

        • No it was next door to HRC and the HRC members had been outside with him playing an petting him just minutes before it all happened an said everyone was playing with him an he wasn’t being unfriendly at all what so ever.

      • I am sorry Alexis. People are awful.

  • I am glad we are out of city limits. If one of my dogs got shot, I would just be horrified. I can’t imagine what this owner is going through right now. What is wrong with you dog haters out there? This is not to any comments,just to dog haters out there. There really needs to be a law for our animals. Because they are not human they get no protection at all and are always getting discriminated over their breed or how the look, and is why so many dogs are in shelters being put down because Realtors, who don’t like dogs make it impossible for anyone to keep their kids! Then people hating them so much they murder them by their looks!! Something seriously needs to happen.

    • Sorry but yes dogs get killed because of the way they look. If your dog looks like a chihuahua I’m not going to shoot it. If it look like a 100 lb killing machine that won’t let go of you or your dog till you beat it with club or kill it then it better not be in my yard. There is no time to see if it is friendly

      • From the hills of so hum

        [edit] People like you shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. Any of the hills I grew up on would send you packing for that kind of behavior. You don’t shoot your neighbors dog. That’s bad neighbor behavior. Only psychotic losers go for their gun first. [edit] You are probably the kind of jerk that shoots at hikers because a trail cuts threw a little bit of the corner of your property. People like you give the rest of us hill dwellers a bad name.

        • No. In the good old days, a neighbor would shoot his own dog if it turned against someone else or their animals. That was considered a good neighbor.

        • Who said anything about my neighbor’s dogs? I know my neighbors and i know their dogs and they know mine. Im talking about a random pit bull. Not a cattle dog-not a lab- not a cat. Born and raised here. What hills did you grow up in? Oakland?

        • Not true at all, unknown mastiff/pitbull running loose on my property, its dead. Everyone i know would do the same. I love my children more. As do my neighbors. To let it run is totally irresponsible, and dangerous for your community.

      • whokilledourdaddy

        i wish there was as much concern to find the Shooter in the Unsolved Casey J. Campbell case that is 3+ years old…

      • My dogs looks like the machine you speak of and is trained extremely well. Trust that if my dog is biting you, it means you tried to harm me as well trust that it will let go but not if you beat it, that will only make them bite harder and longer, they will let go and come directly back to as fast or faster than it left but only if it hears one word from my mouth. You do have plenty of time to know if the dog is nice, tail wagging, ears in normal position or perked not laying flat back on the head and then, just leave the dog alone. If there’s any need to do anything you stay away and call the authorities.

        • And there is much of the ideal that creates the bad image. Advice to avoid having your arm torn off? Don’t hit the dog. If the dog attacks you, you deserved it.

          Get over yourself.

      • The most vicious dogs I’ve ever met were Chihuahuas. Seriously. I’ve been bitten quite a few times. Cute and deadly.

  • calif. leash law , county and city leash laws are there for a reason . its there to protect YOUR dogs against this very thing. dont matter if friendly or the worst attack dog out there . leash law IS A LAW .
    hope whoever killed that pup fries in hell
    animal cruelty of this sort is a felony

    • @clearlake fool.I agree with you on the leash law. however, sometimes a dog gets loose on accident and when mine does I get on panic mode looking for them. And when I mention laws I am going much deeper then a leash law. Also people should contact animal control instead of shooting the poor dog. What it sounds like to me is someone called that dog over and shot him. My dogs hate being squirted by hoses and this is most dogs so take a hose and squirt the dog, they will run fast. Dogs dont mind swimming just dont like baths, hoses or rain. But securing the dog and calling animal control would make more sense

      • If you dare “secure” it. I pack a spray bottle of ammonia on my ATV. Only have a problem once…and that’s enough to get my point across.

    • You know sometimes dog slip out when the owner is away. Sometimes something breaks and they dont know until it’s too late. Just because a dog got out loose doesn’t mean anything. This is disgusting. I hope they burn in hell.

      • Apparently from the owner’s comments, this dog has been out without consequences before. The opinions are in. The facts are not.

        • Eileen McCready

          I am hoping the picture of the dog goes up. I live in the neighborhood and believe that people who think this dog gets out regularly are mistaking this dog for a also very friendly dog that lives 2 blocks away who regularly does get out, but is grey. Not the same dog.

      • Again, they aren’t talking about a weiner dog here.
        It is a threat based on an established cycle of violence well known to that breed of dog.

        Not rocket science.

        • And what breed do you consider this dog to be??? Please link to the science and resesrch and published papers that show what youre talking about. Otherwise I say BS.
          For that matter, what dog breed hasn’t been “proven” to be dangerous?
          Given the right circumstamces they all are dangerous if you want to go that route.
          Are you a master of statistics snd reading scientific articles??? In case you’ve never done so, there are many ways to bias a “scientific” study.
          Read the comment by the person who actually trains dogs instead of everyone searching the stupid internet for articles that prove their point but may not be accurate.

          Its continually surprising to me that folks dont consider certain types of german shepherds as dangerous, if not more so, than pits. Do some research on that. Why do you think the nazi regime and police forces today use them rather than pits???? Duh.

    • I have a Rottweiler husky mix it was always my biggest fear that he would get out and scare someone or just come across someone who doesn’t like big dogs. He looks like a killing machine, but he loves people, and he loves cats, just not other large male dogs. I always keep him in with me and when we walk he wears a prong collar.

  • Everyone. The dog owner and the shooter are at fault.
    Shame on the trigger happy dick; and ma’am, securing your dog is for HIS safety above all else.

    • Yup, nailed it!
      The Dog should not have been shot.
      More importantly the dog should not have been in a position to be getting shot.
      Not good dog ownership, even though she loved her dog a lot. Neglectful to have your dog running around neighborhoods unattended.
      Very sorry a dog died.


        • So sorry this happened

          I’m so sorry this happened to your family. Ignore all the hateful ignorant people. I hope EPD catches these assholes.

        • Alexis and her family have owned many dogs in the past, and have always loved and taken care of them. They have always been the nicest and loving dogs despite their size and breed. “Neglectful” is the last word I would ever use to describe these dog owners. A great family all together! The people who shot this animal was abusing their rights to own a firearm. They shot the dog just to shoot the dog. There was no threat, no danger, NOTHING! All this debate is useless. I have been attacked by more cats then dogs and even though I don’t see a feline being able to kill me should I harm them because I “felt” like I was in danger? Use your brain, there is a reason we have a dog catcher or the pound to call. I guess all cat owners should lock their cats up as well. 🙂 Silly people.
          I’m so sorry Alexis! I know how close I am with my dogs and would be devastated if this was one of them. Keep your head girl. I know you are going through a lot right now as it is.

      • Yep lets blame the dog and its actual working class owner, who is not a ” fortunate” grower who gets to sit around [edit] and make judgements, while real mf go out and work while you collect assistance

        • Ignorant much? If your so jealous of growers, why not get off your ass and work it? It’s just sweat and labor, you don’t have to be any smarter than you sound.
          And nobody is blaming the dog, it’s a dog. Owner is ultimately the responsible party here.
          Whether your insecurities force you to buy a mastiff or a gun, it is your responsibility when it goes off. Or just use some common sense fellas, if it’s really that small, get it enlarged!

          • You confuse words- jealous means to envy, while the word you can’t seem to use is resent. As in resent someone self centered taking advantage of others. That is not envy.

            • Nope, I mean jealous, as in covetous. Thanks for playing though!

              (While you are looking up covetous, you might want to refresh on resent as well)

  • I’m disgusted and appalled. What about Penal Code 597 PC, which makes it a crime to kill, physically harm, neglect or overwork an animal?

    • PC 597 should apply to owners of loose dogs then.

      • And to commenters like you anon!
        Your list of pets you wrote above that you think a dog will kill, well theres lots of predators that will kill any of those critters and your keeping them in fenced area just ups the chances for a predator to come get them.
        So should you be charged for having goats and chickens that draw in mountain lions which could attack kids???
        Must be nice in that glass house of yours.

        • Humans are allowed to have predators too you know…

        • The difference is that a wildlife predator is making a living out of their killing while an irresponsible dog owners bring dogs into the environment, sees it is fed then abandons their obligation to see that they do not engage in recreational killing.

        • The deaths were caused by Newbie Neighbors whose dogs were for their “protection,” although from what, I’ve never been certain.
          Always I was told that “Precious” wouldn’t do a thing like that, even when I was a direct witness. Trust me, “Precious” will, has, and does.
          On the other hand, when night comes, all my critters are secure, dry, and safe in their housing.
          I’ve lived with a Mountain Lion (who drinks from my Koi pond) and assorted others for 48 years, and my only problem has been with loose dogs. And there have been many.
          I’ve watched neighbors come to hate each other over this issue. Personally, I prefer to introduce myself to new neighbors and explain my position and experiences. I make certain that my warning is heard, and that if I must act, I will.
          I get along with them just fine, even pet-sitting when the growers take off on Baja vacations.
          My little cabin is made from recycled redwood and glass panes cycled up from Oakland.
          You will be welcome here, Enuf, and if “Precious” is leashed, it too. I love my neighbors, but I do not suffer fools.

  • Another example of reckless gun ownership.

  • Maybe the (mixed breed) dog got out of the yard, nobody knows what happened…..when, what or why. It didn’t sound like it was doing any harm to anybody, especially the kids that did pet it. Before any ignorant people judge, stop and think about it, what if it was your dog????!!!!

  • This was my dog his name was mugsy he was the most sweet innocent loving dog ever would never hurt anything. I just want to say thank you Cynthia Bowser for helping in everything you did for him. My heart is broken right now and I just want to find out who did this to my baby.

  • The wind blew the door open and he ran out while my mom was at work. I had no idea the door swung open. I was in my bedroom. My mom came home from work walked through the door and walked right back out. She immediately got in the car and I called to see what happened an why she left an she said muggsy was shot and I ran to the HRC house from mine. It’s nobody’s fault but the person that seen my dog being friendly with the people at the park an the HRC house and still chose to just go outside and shoot him then to go back inside and shut the door WOW you discust me. It’s not as if my dog was being mean or they were afraid they had been out on there porch watching went back inside and came out and shot him. For someone that can do that your a horrible person.

    • TreeFairyPrincess

      I’m so sorry for your loss…

    • Oh, Honey, I am so sorry for the pain and anger you and your mom are going through.
      I know you will miss Muggsy and it has to be absolutely sickening to know that someone who would do such a terrible thing lives so close to you.

    • Sorry about your dog. A different situation than what we have been debating.

      • This is our cuddly baby

        • TreeFairyPrincess

          he’s beautiful

        • Gorgeous dog. I’m so sorry for your loss.


          Rest in peace beautiful baby…so sad…we lost our pooch to cancer recently and it is absolutely gut wrenching to think someone would take your fur baby’s life with no regard for the love and bond you shared! I hope you find who did this and they can rralize the extent of the damage they have caused…bless you and your family and bless mugsy 🐕

        • God bless you! Muggsy is so beautiful. I hope you find some peace and I hope you go on to rescue many more doggies. Some people just don’t have any hearts… we DO have hearts… so its hard to understand why somebody would do this. I really hope y’all are okay I’m SO SORRY for your loss. REST IN LOVE SWEET MUGGSBY!

        • So sorry Roberta and Alexis,
          We met Muggsy a couple of weeks ago. He was down the street around 9th, At first I was alarmed cause He ran for me, then past me, into the house, checking things out, then tried to get into my truck when our blue heeler nipped his nose. He then ran out into the street and jumped on a car door. Everybody was trying to catch and contain him. We realized quickly he was an over enthusiastic pup, too big for his personality. One neighbor finally contained him, said she knew the owner, and was going to get him home. He looked well cared for, and certainly had an enthusiastic personality. Having four legged family members, we share your loss. Thank you to Ms. Bowser, and others that would stop to help a loose animal. Accidents happen and in that moment we all dread, awful things occur. To shoot a loose dog in the city, and then to run and hide, rather than stay and explain your actions is inexcusable, and cowardly. Muggsy will await you at the Rainbow Bridge, until then, he is in the company of, and playing enthusiastically with many of our beloved pals.

          • Clearly was just a matter of time before the owners neglegence cost the dog its life.

            • Owners negligence? read what people say before you run your mouth, the wind blew the door open and when he got out before it was because the fence broke and he got out while we were not around but the second we came home an found him gone the fence was fixed. DOGS GET OUT IT HAPPENS NOBODY NEGLECTED MY DOG. YOU SOUND LIKE SOMEONE WHO KEEPS THERE PETS TRAPPED IN A KENNEL LIKE REALLY? no we give our dogs a lot of love and take very good care of them sorry I didn’t inprison my dog in a kennel and gave him freedom in our back yard. You don’t know our dog and you don’t know our situation so why don’t you not comment negative things judging people you don’t know.

              • please do yourself and your mom a huge favor and Stop reading these comments, block them if u can’t stop. people are so awful and u are right they Don’t understand. much love to u both, so sorry

                • I want people to understand what happened this was an act out of pure evil there was absolutely no reason they had to do it in our situation and every person around that house an neighborhood that were outside including the people at the park that played with him an followed him to the corner all know the same thing. The people staying in that house had been all standing outside on the porch watching for a good amount of time and several close neighbors going in an out of there own homes seen them. Nobody seen what happened but once they heard the shot and seen the dog laying in there yard they seen the people had went inside and shut the door, not opening for the police when they knocked. That it’s not the act of someone innocent. They had something to hide because they were in the wrong and knew they didn’t have a reason. As far as we have been told it’s a bunch of tweakers that stay in that house.

          • Totally agree. Shooter absolutely responsible to explain the cause to fire his weapon(not to an angry mob outside his home, but to authorities if they bother to show up certainly).

    • So sorry for your loss

  • And to all of you who are saying its the owners fault fuck you! No one has the right to shoot a dog that’s not doing anything wrong I could understand if he was being aggressive or threatening but he wasn’t and isn’t that type of dog so keep your mouth shut cuz you don’t know!

    • Afraid it goes with the responsibility of choosing to own particular breed of dog. The dog has NO fault in this. He was a beautiful animal doing exactly what he does. I knew a 4 year old that was mauled to death by the sweetest most beautiful pit/mastiff mix with zero history of aggression. This is by no means an isolated incident, the problems with this particular breed are well documented and have been for some time. The responsibility placed on the owner of a labrador is not the same. But, either way, your dog, your responsibility.

  • It is absurd and shameful that law enforcement left without finding the culprit. My condolences to the owner(s) of the poor dog. This situation is heartbreaking and infuriating. This violent behavior is not okay. The lack of action by law enforcement is also not acceptable.

    • What the hell do you think they’re going to do? Hold everyone hostage until someone admits they did it?

      • I’ve hunted my whole life, I’m not a law enforcement officer trained in ballistics or crime scene processing, but if the bullet passed all the way through the dog it shouldn’t be too difficult to tell which direction it came from. Dogs are low to the ground, people stand on two feet. There could be a bullet in the ground or in a wall there.

      • True, it’s a difficult situation, and I don’t know how much more they could legally do when the guilty party refuses to come forward. I would hope that firing a weapon in ones front yard, across the street from a public park would have some consequence. I would also like to think there is legal consequence for killing an escaped pet, particularly if unprovoked. This is my neighborhood, and the situation concerns me. You are right, I should change “shameful” and “unacceptable” to “upsetting”.

        • Not to mention there were 2 little girls standing just on the corner across the street and ran over to the dog once they seen him laying there when I ran there crying the said they were sorry my dog died and seen everything excepttheperson who shot the gun. Who does that where there are young children by?

          • Someone who is confident in their shot?

          • Someone with concern for the girls safety obviously. That is a good neighbor.

            • If those were your kids I bet you wouldn’t say that.
              Your mentality is what gets kids shot.

              • The dog was in the shooters yard when shot, no children were present for the shooting, They heard the shots from the park they were playing in. This did not happen at the park. That would be a very different scenario with a HUGE police response, neighborhoods on lockdown, and a manhunt would ensue.

                • Jon-if the person who shot the dog was so right in his action, then he/she would come forward, right? I don’t see anyone jumping up saying they did it. Here is a little lesson we teach our children from the beginning of life–be kind, don’t hurt people. Simple. So, when you see someone down should you kick them while they are down? Ask yourself, are you helping or hurting the situation by the comment you make? Could you look someone in the eye, face to face, see their pain, feel their pain and still make that comment? This goes for anyone who makes an comment online and on any social media page. You are not helping so you should probably just be quiet.

                • Pretty sure his freedom of speech in no way hinges upon whether or not you deem it to be helpful. I don’t need to feel anyone’s pain to have an opinion just like they don’t need to feel mine to have one of their own. News flash folks… If you are that sensitive stay off the internet and live in your little safe zone echo chambers where no one will challenge you and make you feel uncomfortable with dissenting opinions.

              • It is extremely difficult to lose a pet, but one does get over it. Not so with a child.
                It is not other people’s responsibility to know your aggressive breed of dog is not aggressive.
                How many breeds of dogs are out there? Not saying you cannot have this one, but it comes with increased responsibilities.

              • Yes, wtf, I would protect my kids also, and yours, and anyone else’s. I love dogs too, I just love my kids, your kids, and anyone else’s kids

            • No the girls that standing on the corner had just been petting him and playing with him seconds before he crossed the street to HRC and they know him well and come over to our home and play with him and my sister they called him by his name and the person responsible had been sitting one house over watching with his friends. WITNESSING HIM PLAYING AND BEING PET BY ALL THESE PEOPLE AND WITNESSING OTHER DOGS AROUND THAT HE DID NOT GO AFTER BECAUSE HE DOES NOT FIGHT WITH OTHER DOGS. he may be big but he is a baby and much of a scaredy cat when dogs growl at him.

            • The girls were never in any danger not from my dog anyway

      • At the very least shots fired within city limits requires a resolution This needs to be investigated for the crime that it is.

        • Speak at the next Eureka Council meeting. Form a citizens committee. Shooting and killing a dog in front of children is a major red flag. Do not let EPD walk away from this situation. Force an investigation!

        • Investigation to determine if a crime has been committed. It is called due process, innocent until proven guilty….Look it up, we all benefit from it.

      • Maybe do their fucking job? Just a little, between donut breaks

  • He was beyond the sweetest dog ever

  • My first comments got deleted so again I’m going to say thank you Cynthia bowser for everything you did for my baby. And ill keep my replys to others ignorant posts to myself

    • For those who choose to talk about a dog they didn’t know—–heres some info:. Muggsy wasn’t a wanderer. He stayed in his fenced yard or in his home and with his people. He got out on a windy afternoon. He was killed. This could have happened to any of us.
      God bless you sweet boy Muggsy. Your family loved you very much.

      • God bless you! Muggsy is so beautiful. I hope you find some peace and I hope you go on to rescue many more doggies. Some people just don’t have any hearts… we DO have hearts… so its hard to understand why somebody would do this. I really hope y’all are okay I’m SO SORRY for your loss. REST IN LOVE SWEET MUGGSBY!

    • so sorry for your loss hes beautiful

  • People who are saying this is the owners fault weren’t there. My golden retriever got away from my daughter in Sacramento. His sightings were posted all over local Facebook groups. I had groups of people looking for him. I wasn’t worried about him being killed but getting hit by a car. He was found and we were able to pick him up same night. The reunion made the evening and morning news. A GoFundMe was created to help a local “unofficial” dog catcher have more resources to catch roaming animals from this. $830 raised with 24 hours. I was once ignorant to pit bulls. With education from rescue groups here in Sacramento, I’m starting to understand breed discrimination. This is an example of the death sentence to roaming pits. Not acceptable to hear about this tragic death. I’m infuriated. The owners love their dogs. They would not have let him free to roam around a neighborhood. He has been around kids his entire life. The guy WAS NOT in fear for his life or anyone around him. Mugsy WAS NOT in a field but across the street from a park. The a$$hole could have gone into his house and called animal control or even the police. He wanted to shoot this dog because of his breed. This story will go beyond Humboldt as it should. Who shoots a dog just because…. And, anyone on here who says you would shoot him if he was on your property just because is also an a$$hole. A handsome furry pet is gone. Senseless.

    • Thank you Jolene I love you! very well written and truthful! I just want the person who shot my baby for no reason to pay for what he did

      • The reason was that your pit bull was running loose in a neighborhood in town. You might know him as a gentle soul, but the person who shot him in said person’s front yard did not. Sorry, but this one is entirely on you.

        • Seamus, do you know of said person and the reason he/she shot the dog? If this person fired at the dog in fear or felt the dog was being aggressive then said person would come forward right? Because then the person would have perhaps not been in the wrong to fire, correct? And, if you you know the story and why said person shot at the dog, then where was the bullet located in the dog? And, if you don’t know the truth of the story then you shouldn’t speculate. Is it a felony to shoot off a firearm in city limits? What about the fact that the person shot near a park where children were playing? Here is a little lesson we teach our children from the beginning of life–be kind, don’t hurt people. Simple. So, when you see someone down should you kick them while they are down? Ask yourself, are you helping or hurting the situation by the comment you make? Could you look someone in the eye, face to face, see their pain, feel their pain and still make that comment? This goes for anyone who makes an comment online and on any social media page. This was my sister’s dog. I hear her pain, I feel her pain. He got out, it was an accident. We come from a family who have had many pets and have rescued many animals. We take care of our pets. Everyone, please don’t be nasty. If something horrible happened to you or someone you loved, would you want people to blast nasty hurtful comments? No.

        • Sorry but it is entirely on the pos who shot him for no reason and knew they were in the wrong hiding in their house not answering the door!

    • Beautiful and sweet, yes, they are dogs. If you are a dog person dogs are beautiful and sweet. If you are a kid person, so are kids. That doesn’t alleviate you of responsibility for your dog. If your dog is of a particularly aggressive breed than your requirements of responsibility DO increase. If you cannot grasp that, then get fish instead. If your particularly aggressive breed of dog is out of your control and roaming the neighborhood alone, someone more responsible than you is going to have enough sense to kill it. It is simply not worth risks it presents to others who have not personified it. Your dog, your responsibility.

  • Most dog owners ignore Eureka’s leash law. I used to exercise on the waterfront but got tired of the loose hounds jumping on me and the owners laughing like it was nothing.

    • Eureka has hired a Ranger to patrol the waterfront trail. Hopefully, owners caught with dogs off leash will be ticketed. We’d like to walk our dogs on leashes without being harassed by dogs off-leash.

  • I live in Wyoming and this was my daughter and granddaughters dog in California. He was the sweetest dog with kids and everybody else.I cannot understand why you would go out and shoot a pet. I hope you can live with what you’ve done, you will pay someday soon.

  • So? The E.P.D. just leaves it at that? They are not concerned that some lunatic is shooting firearms and killing dogs across the street from a park? There were more laws broken than just discharging a firearm in city limits.

    • Theres no money or goods for the EPD to confiscate and sell so they won’t do anything about it. Or theyre embarassed that when they unloaded over 30 rounds in the middle of eureka they didnt hit their mark (person).

      If the 911 operator told that wiman to get away from that particular house, that means the EPD know its a druggy and/or dangerous place. & obviously something they dont want to deal with. Maybe if they did their job the jerks in that house woudnt have been there at all.
      Im appalled that a shot was fired in a neighborhood & the officers pounded on the door & then said oh well theyre not answering and took off! Since when is that their policy???
      So i guess the EPD is saying if you shoot a gun off in a neighborhood with kids around nothing will happen to you. Good to know, will not be letting the kids outside anymore. Thanks epd!! Way to go I wish I could unpay any taxes that have gone toward your salary. And you wonder why none of us trust or respect you.
      Cops in our county pick and choose what crimes they’d like to deal with.
      Is no one else picking up on this???

  • I doubt that most dog owners haven’t had a mistaken escape by their pet at least once. The wind blew down a portion of my fence when I was at work one day and my husky and my malamute went galavanting all around my neighborhood. Thanks to some thoughtful, kind strangers, they were caught and held for me until I could get home. Seriously, have your dogs NEVER escaped unintentionally? Think how you would feel if you dog accidentally escaped and was shot dead for no apparent reason.

    • It would be pleasant to operate under that assumption. The general experience, which may not apply in this case, is different though. In my neighborhood, well over half of the households do not fence in their dogs in any way. Most are reasonably agreeable dogs but a couple are not. I try to make friends with each of these dogs but one is large, aggressive unneutered male who growls anyone in sight, even on their own property. Such irresponsible owners dirty the water for all.

    • Anyone with dogs knows that they get out sometimes even if attempts to keep them contained have been made. I can’t believe so many people on here are justifying such disgusting behavior. Sometimes people’s kids wander off but you don’t go shooting them! Literally reading these comments has wrecked my faith in humanity. Pets are a part of people’s family. We take very good care of our pets, but sometimes they get out. We make immediate repairs to prevent this from happening again, but accidents happen and animals are curious and get bored. It’s a shame that we have to worry about ignorant people making assumptions that every animal is bad when humans have proven time and time again that WE are the true monsters. Good night you disgusting humans.

  • How sad. Poor dog. I hope they find the jerkoff that shot the poor creature.

  • Nobody was scared the people who live in a house known as a drug house had been standing on the porch before watching everyone pet him at HRC an once they went inside a gun shot went off from there home and he was dead in there yard an they shut the door and went inside and when the police knocked they would not open it. Once the police left i later seen a girl come out, walk to the corner store and go back and several people walk in and out as I waited for the cops to do something while driving by. I sat at the corner of the park crying hoping someone would be arrested.

  • So cops just showed up at the house where the folks were that supposedly shot the dog. Someone yelled that you shot my dog then all hell broke loose.

  • Coletta A Hughes

    Where I live my neighbors across the street have a few big dogs that bark at all hours way too much. They’ve even been known to chase after other dogs down the street. But this is what dogs do in rural areas. So as much as these dogs bug me, I still have to say they’ve never bit anyone, or any other dogs. I’m very grateful that I live in an area of Humboldt where we don’t kill our neighbors dogs just because we’re scared [edit]

    • Lol, ya, sounds like a real kind neighborhood. Your neighbors value their dogs “right to bark” more than the humans that pay to live to next them. Sign me up!!!

  • Fans of Muggsy: THE most heartbreaking story about a beautiful, loved, rambunctious cuddle bug in his adolescence out for a quick stroll on a beautiful Sunday in the hood, so very, very sorry for your loss. AND… you: a locked-and-loaded-trigger-happy-ignoramus-ya-I’m-bad-redneck-run-and-hide-weasel. Hope a kid doesn’t get in your way. Get some help for anger, you don’t DESERVE a loyal companion who loves unconditionally. Pathetic.

  • As a person who has been up since 2 am because of a neighbors dog it’s really nice to see a neglegent dog owner deal with the consequences of their unethical dog ownership instead of innocence people.

    • I do feel sorry for the dog as it’s usually not their fault they are acting like that. Usually a product of poor pet ownership. If only you could lock them in a room with a recording of that barking on loop.

    • J–Get earplugs. Your comment is not relevant.

  • Have had several dogs. They do not run free thru the neighborhood. Owners responsibility to keep their dogs contained. Many”happy”and “friendly” dogs are euthanized after killing or maiming a child. Keep your animals under control.

  • I have a large dog, a very large dog and I have understood that it is my responsibility to keep my dog secured because it is not my neighbors responsibility to assume that he is a “good boy”. I’m not saying this dog deserved to be shot but if you have a dog that is large and dangerous looking it comes with certain responsibilities. Something that I’ve never heard a pit bull owner admit.

  • Dear lord this dog didnt attack anyone so can we stop with the stupid completely invalid vicious pitbull stories that dont apply to this in any way. Pit bulls are the number 1 abused dog in the nation. People train circus bears in a kinder way. Of course you see more violent ones when they are beaten, starved, and weighted down with chains and tires and fed raw meat. I have 12 yr old pit who adopted and let a litter of kittens try to nurse from her. Its all how treat and raise the dog. Dont hate the breed. Hate the abusive humans who create vicious dogs of every breed by abusing the animal. Humans raised in such conditions normally turn out to be pretty shitty as well. Kill the pit bulls but keep the rapists alive type of society. Morons.

    • Pit bull attack denial. The morons are those who refuse to admit that pit bulls are way more likely to kill when they attack than other breeds. And attract a lot of people who think that reputation is a good thing and do not bother to restrain them.

    • You said it. It’s all still so upsetting. Muggsy hadn’t done anything to warrant a death sentence. Some people really sadden me & many, including children, have now been traumatized by this ordeal. SMH.

  • BADRAP.ORG!!!!!! Eureka Police Department INVESTIGATE!!! Alexis call the Animal Legal Defense Fund!! Speak tonight at the Eureka City Council meeting!!

      • TreeFairyPrincess

        86.8 percent of American pit bull terriers have passed their temperament testing according to the American Temperament Test Society, Inc. This is a higher number of American pit bulls to pass their testing than collies, beagles and even golden retrievers. Of 122 different canine types tested by the society, pit bulls ranked fourth for passing temperament testing.

        • What an incredibly silly reference. It is apparently used time and time again by pit bull owners in a “polly wants a cracker”, magic repetition. It is based on a test designed by a German Shepherd breeder in Germany to evaluate dogs who would be best for police work and other guard dog uses. It tests for boldness, fearlessness and ability to confront without hesitation. And always on the owner’s leash, never off.

          Yes. That’s right. It’s evaluation standards are to confirm a dog would be most likely to be successful in attacking. Yipee. Just what a pit bull would be most successful doing.

          • TreeFairyPrincess

            ATTS Breed Statistics
            as of December 2017

            The pass-fail rate is not a measure of a breed’s aggression, but rather of each dog’s ability to interact with humans, human situations, and the environment.

            • Baloney. It is a test for suitablity as a police dog, not a family dog.

              • TreeFairyPrincess

                I could continue to cut&paste ACTUAL DATA in response to your unfounded,poorly thought out responses,but apparently I’d just be wasting my time seeing on how you’re set on keeping your mind closed

                • I don’t think you even know what data means nor how to evaluate it. You could cite a statistic that 100% of pit bulls have short hair but it means nothing to the point that they have killed more often than all the other identifiable breeds together. The test you keep using tests for fearlessness. I’m sure a tea cup poodle would likely fail yet packs of teacup poodles are not high on the human attack list.

                  Be real.

    • Absolutely.

  • The prong collar on that dog tells a story about the dogs temperament. If you aren’t familiar, do a search of prong collars.

  • If you own a pit bull or other aggressive dogs you will not be able to obtain home owners insurance with many carriers. This is not based on hearsay but on facts. Insurance companies view these animals as high risk. If you don’t tell your insurer that you own these animals and you should get sued you may find you are not covered.

  • Have you noticed most male pits are intact males? It’s rediculous; owners think it’s cool to have a tough dog. [edit]Pits get a bad rap; I have met lovely friendly pit bulls who are owned by responsible dog owners. Like all dogs socializing is a must. This is a terrible thing to happen; in Eureka.

  • I understand that there are many great pit bulls out there loved by their owners, but what I don’t understand is why don’t people choose one of the many many different breeds out there that don’t come with some many pit falls. (no pun intended). I truly believe this would have not occurred if it was a Labrador or collie or golden retriever type wandering around loose. Seems to me like it would be a lot less stress and worry to own a breed that doesn’t illicit fear from so many people should an accident like this happen where it gets out. This is a sad story indeed, but there are many people out there who are going to go on the offensive when they seen dogs like this instead of waiting around until something bad happens.

    • TreeFairyPrincess

      And that is why we need to increase knowledge &understanding about the breed…
      Once upon a time a nation was very afraid of blacks &Hitler thought he knew which breed was best…

      • Baloney. Pit bulls coild lose the bad reputation by simply having not killed any humans in a year.

      • Well I for one wouldn’t really call different ethnicities of people “breeds”. Although I think I understand where you are going with your analogy. And once upon a time? How about this exact moment in history I would say tribalism is still very alive and well.

    • maybe they rescued Mugsy…maybe u haven’t browsed a shelters adoptable list in the past 15 years but almost every single adoptable pet is a pit bull…people won’t stop breeding them the shelters are jam packed Full of pit bulls it’s like the pitty boom it’s disgusting so yeah great suggestion if u are someone that wants to go shop around for an available ‘other breed’ pup, but if you’re someone that wants to pay it forward or give a home and family and love to one of the thousands of dumped unwanted rescues, it means absolutely zero

  • From an actual reputable study. Not to say certain breeds that have been trained to fight won’t carry that behaviour, but you cant single them out.

    “The most horrifying example of the lack of breed predictability is the October 2000 death of a 6-week-old baby, which was killed by her family’s Pomeranian dog. The average weight of a Pomeranian is about 4 pounds, and they are not thought of as a dangerous breed. Note, however, that they were bred to be watchdogs! The baby’s uncle left the infant and the dog on a bed while the uncle prepared her bottle in the kitchen. Upon his return, the dog was mauling the baby, who died shortly afterwards. (“Baby Girl Killed by Family Dog,” Los Angeles Times, Monday, October 9, 2000, Home Edition, Metro Section, Page B-5.)

    In Canine homicides and the dog bite epidemic: do not confuse them, it has been pointed out that the dog bite epidemic as a whole involves all dogs and all dog owners, not just the breeds most likely to kill. In all fairness, therefore, it must be noted that:

    Any dog, treated harshly or trained to attack, may bite a person. Any dog can be turned into a dangerous dog. The owner or handler most often is responsible for making a dog into something dangerous.

    An irresponsible owner or dog handler might create a situation that places another person in danger by a dog, without the dog itself being dangerous, as in the case of the Pomeranian that killed the infant (see above).

    Any individual dog may be a good, loving pet, even though its breed is considered to be potentially dangerous.

    A responsible owner can win the love and respect of a dog, no matter its breed. One cannot look at an individual dog, recognize its breed, and then state whether or not it is going to attack.”

    • Ok. Out comes the good ol’ Pomeranian story. That makes 1 death for toy dogs and thousands for pit bulls. Only the deluded or deliberately misleading would offer that as evidence that pit bulls are no more dangerous than a Pomeranian.

      The simple truth is that pit bull owners love them for the bold, intimidating and protective temperament. Yet so very many of those same owners either don’t care or are in denial about what this means. It means a dog that can kill humans and their owners need to acknowledge that fact by protecting the public from their dogs, not defending the dogs from their well earned reputation as capable of great aggression.

      Maybe owning a pit bull is a symptom of a mental condition as not one owner ever seems acknowledge the clear fact that no one sets out sensationalized poor misunderstood pit bull attacks but that they have earned their place in news headlines each and every year.

      • TreeFairyPrincess

        According to research, an individual is 200 times more likely to die from taking over the counter aspirin than from a fatal pit bull attack. An individual is 60 times more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than they are to be killed by a pit bull attack. Additionally, a person is 16 times more likely to die by drowning in a five-gallon bucket of water than they are to die as the result of a fatal pit bull attack. Yet, how often do you hear of people dying from taking aspirin or from drowning in a bucket of water on the news? Many pit bull and bully breed haters are colored by this media reporting bias.

        • And further down the silliness scale we go. I have yet to be attacked by a five gallon bucket. But I will watch out for any that leap the fence from now on.

          • the one thing I’ve learned over the years is you can’t argue with pit bull owners. My neighbors pit bull came over to my property and attempted to attack a childhood was playing in the yard. I didn’t have a gun so I grabbed the only thing close by, a board and beat the dog til it retreated. I went to the neighbor and told him what his dog tried to do and all he would say is ” my dog would never do that”. Their dog s mouth could be covered in blood and they would still deny it til the end

        • Are you kidding me fairy princess? Hit in the head by a coconut? If you are worried about that its simple,,, Just don’t walk under palm trees. They are rooted in the ground and aren’t going to chase you down like a dog will. You aren’t even comparing apples to oranges, more like apples to hand grenades.

          • TreeFairyPrincess

            I was merely cutting&pasting from an article more in response to the media bias…there must be that many more deaths by other causes every year in order to produce those figures,but the news chooses not to cover them because people’s response would be as flip as yours…not good for ratings. But look-pitbulls get EVERYONE’S attention!!!

            • Kind of like how everyone freaks out over school shootings and guns, but what we should be worried about is paint being sold in five gallon buckets and falling coconuts.

              • TreeFairyPrincess

                Lol! Worry about whatever the news tells us to…no need to think for ourselves

                BTW,they DO put a small child warning on the side of the bucket…very clearly shows them falling in head first…lol

                • I don’t even watch main stream news so I think plenty for myself. I was giving the example of a school shooting as something that while very statistically rare to die from is something that a large number of people worry about. I am not a small child so why would I worry about drowning in a 5 gallon bucket? The same reason I don’t worry about suffocating from a plastic bag.

  • I express sorrow for the dog and the dog’s owner.
    I also express concern as to the intent of this letter.
    If the lady walked her old dogs there every day, why wasn’t she familiar with this particular dog that was known for sneaking out to play with the kids?
    Why was the lady suspicious of the loose dog’s intentions?
    What happened when the lady turned her back on the loose dog?
    How fast was she ‘hurrying home”?
    Loose dogs chase running kids, people, pets, wildlife, bicyclists, cars..
    What happened when she wasn’t looking?
    What was the time lapse?
    Why did she have a feeling the sound of gunfire was tied to the loose dog?

    A letter without intent, would have read much differently. I question the intent.
    If the person who shot was saving the life of the woman as she hurried away…
    or of the kids as they rushed to the next area of the park..
    or of the other loose pet that was about to meet it’s demise…
    We will never know, we will never care, we will be against the person.

    I don’t know which is sicker. The event, the storytelling of the event, or the printing of the storytelling of the event to the community to set a narrative.

    R.I.P. Mugsy.

    • Shak, it isn’t a letter. It is the event as described to me by woman who witnessed it. I don’t know why she wasn’t familiar with the dog. I suspect because it didn’t come there every day but I don’t know. The woman didn’t describe being suspicious but rather, as a member of the animal rescue community, she was concerned about an animal running loose getting hurt. I don’t know exactly what happened when she turned her back. However, the dog was not chasing her, it was going in another direction. I don’t know the time lapse but the woman said it was a short time. I don’t know why she had the feeling that the gunfire was related to the dog but I suspect it is because it came from the area the dog had last been seen.

      • Thank you for clarifying the letter. I’m still confused as to the point of the narrative. What is the point of the narrative?
        Facts: Loose Pit Bull type dog in the park where children were playing and neighbors were walking their leashed dogs. Dog shot as concerned people hurriedly scuttled away.
        Emotions: Such a nice doggy, such a meanie careless person full of malice that needs to be put away, even though the ending of the episode was not witnessed by the storyteller.

        The point?

        • The point was that a shot was fired inside of city limits at an animal. This may or may not have been justified. The witness’s description seems to indicate that there wasn’t enough time nor previous behavior to indicate the dog was acting aggressively. Though, of course, an investigation would need to finished to say that for sure.

          And, with 233 comments, one could safely say this was a topic of interest to my readers.

  • So, the rumor around the neighborhood is that the dog was known at the house where it was shot. There was some type of relationship between the parties. There is also a rumor that the cops know who did this, but I doubt that folks want to show up in court for a misdemeanor.

    I live in this neighborhood, obviously, and have dogs that sometimes escape as all dogs are want to do. I don’t want to think about how I would react if some one shot my dog and I knew who it was. There were no chickens around where this animal was, but there were a bunch of kids that were petting the dog in the park in full view of the house where the shooter was standing. The dog ran up to the house right after the kids were petting the dog and the guy shot it.

    A major concern is for the kids in the park when someone opens fire in their general direction, plus the fact that the dog did not pose a risk.

    As I stated some of this is rumor, but from several sources. I wasn’t there and neither were the people speculating above. Think if it was your dog or forbid, child that caught a stray bullet.

    • Or …..your dog or child attacked by a pitbull wandering the eureka streets alone, a lot of things to worry about that we shouldn’t have to. Which one precipitated the other?
      (And as I understand it, no one opened fire in the direction of the children, or opened fire at the park the children were playing in. This occurred at a private residence after the dog left the park).

      • Well I talked to someone who had his kids at the park, who were playing with the dog, and from the park he saw the guy shoot the dog. I live in the neighborhood and a few people saw the shooter. The dog was shot in front of the house as the dog was running from the park to the house. Direct line to the kids in the park.

        ….but as I said just rumors and nobody wants the hassle from these guys for a misdemeanor….

        • Interesting that this story from a guy at the park with kids completely contradicts what “anonymous” says happened. Anonymous has a bs story. People don’t want to stand up and tell what they saw as witnesses because they don’t want to hassle the shooter for a misdemeanor? That’s disgusting. If a guy shoots a dog for no reason other than he wants to kill something, what else is he capable of? Witnesses please stand up and report what you saw!!!!

  • Agreed that dogs can get out even in the best of circumstances. Pet sitter doesn’t latch gate, etc. I started putting a padlock or combo lock on my gates so no one can get in my dog’s yard while I am gone. I check fences regularly for loose boards and any holes dug by fence lines are filled with rocks immediately. So sad such a sweet canine soul was killed. I am sorry for your loss. I know my dogs are near and dear to me. I love them dearly.

  • If I was the person who did this, which I am not…

    I was at a friends house minding my own business when a pit bull with no collar or leash came running out of nowhere. By the time I looked, he was already within 2 inches of me. I immediately drew and told him to back the fuck up. He did-and ran inside a house with children and small dogs. Chaos ensued as this strange pit bull that we had never seen before in our lives bolted through the house as if it was his, and then he ran out. We sighed in relief.

    Then we heard a scream. I turned to see the pit in the front lawn with a 5 pound puppy. He was not “being friendly”-unless your definition of being friendly is closing your jaws on your “friends” throat”/ Two grown men grabbed its jaws trying to pry them apart while begging “Muggsy , the innocent enormous pit bull with a birthday hat on” *cough cough sarcasm cough cough* to let go. I walked up. He was shot at point blank range. He let go of the puppy, threw up, and staggered a few steps over. He was alive on the lawn for 15 minutes before he died, his last breaths were staggered and sounded hauntingly human. Nobody wanted this to happen. Nobody saw your dog and shot it for the fuck of it. He had no collar on or any way for us to know he had an owner. He came to quick for us to take any action to close our door or otherwise evade him. He could have been killed immediately as soon as he came onto the property, as a matter of fact, the gun that killed him was drawn three times on him before it was used. Had he killed that puppy, he would have been put down anyway. 2 for the price of one? Id rather save the defenseless puppy who was in HIS OWN house minding his own business when a strange dog 20 times his size runs in and attacks him. By the way, if “the wind blew your door open” then your dog could have just as easily pushed it open. THe dog was obviously unsecured, despite the fact that previous encounters like this happened. You knew he had a habit of escaping and running into other peoples houses and did not properly secure him. It is YOUR FAULT THAT HE IS DEAD, AND NOBODY ELSES. WHY SHOULD I GIVE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT TO A PIT BULL IVE NEVER SEEN B4 RUNNING INTO A HOUSE WITH CHILDREN??? PIT BULLS LIVES ARE NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN HUMAN LIVES. I wish it didnt happen, but what had to be done was done. Id do it again in a second. by the way, leave that guy alone. He didnt do it, [edit]

    • Life can change in the blink of an eye. Only those who didn’t blink during that moment would know the truths of that moment.
      Thank you for sharing, Anonymous.

      • Yeah, thank him for his bs story. An innocent person would have answered for law enforcement. An innocent person would come and say his name since he is so f’n innocent and heroic saving a puppy and kids. Way to go “anonymous” trying to make yourself look good. OH and by the way, where were the kids and puppy when law enforcement arrived? Um yeah, nice story you are telling.

        • S/he said s/he didn’t do it. S/he filled in the blank spots of the OP story. Get over it. His/her scenario was just as likely as the OP’s.
          Only the moment knows for sure.

          • He/she said in one of the end sentences “Id do it again in a second”. Completely contradicts him/her self throughout the whole thing.

            • S/he/I was a third person fictional character filling in the gaps of the story to offer a new perspective on a narrative that was created through emotion instead of pure fact.

            • This quote is haunting. “He was alive on the lawn for 15 minutes before he died,…”
              Haunting because it’s sad.
              Haunting because the narrator of the OP led us to believe she had turned her back for only a second.
              There’s a world of difference between a second and 15 minutes when there’s a dog on the loose.
              But the vigilantes still hate on the person who saved the life of a puppy?

              • What the anonymous commenter says may be true. But don’t you think it odd that you choose to believe that comment totally rather than the full account of a woman who gives her name and came forward and willingly talked to law enforcement. The people who shot the dog did not speak to law enforcement at the time, according to law enforcement themselves. After investigation, the anonymous commenter may turn out to be correct and I am open minded enough to wait for the evidence. But Jesus to hop into blindly believing them with no evidence means you aren’t basing your argument on anything factual but what may be someone just writing fiction.

                • @Kym. My point is, neither one are factual. They both leave us with loopholes to question. Those who don’t question are the ones who would rather believe one narrative over another, instead of questioning all narratives.

                  adding: Thanking a person for highlighting a possible scenario that counters another scenario is not usually considered worshiping one over another.

                  Once again, I question the narrative.

                • “But the vigilantes still hate on the person who saved the life of a puppy?”

                  To me, that sounds like you believe wholeheartedly in the narrative of the anonymous commenter.

                • I believe wholeheartedly that there are other scenario’s that were not displayed.
                  You are free to believe what you believe, but in this particular case, you are wrong. I do not believe the 2nd person at all, but I DO believe there is a scenario that fills in the gaps that the OP lacks. Is this where I am supposed to thank you for putting words into my mouth? I love you Kym, but I love truth even more. If we aren’t allowed to question the narrative, without being bullied on your blog, then I guess we well know why you have a blog.

                  FWIW, it’s not illegal to fire a weapon in the city limits when it is used in an act of defense. Nice try though.

                  There is a mystery to the time lapse that is not to be discussed or it will ruin the narrative.

                  Acting aggressively towards the home owners in the area, obstructing justice, and not being one bit afraid of confronting someone who is obviously armed, all come into question too.
                  What is the take away hoped for?
                  The take away taken does not jive with the hoped for.
                  You were a teacher, put on your critical thinking cap and get out your red pen for something other than spelling corrections.

                  This is in response to your last post that lacks the reply button.

                • When a thread gets too long, my software doesn’t allow any more replies. I think it tops out at eight. It can be frustrating.

                  I don’t mean to bully you. I don’t feel I am. I’m just a little incredulous that you, who even if we differ in opinion on something, usually have facts to substantiate your opinion. And that makes me want to discuss this with you. I don’t know how I put words in your mouth. Can you quote me?

                  I think that the situation should be investigated before judging completely. I just tend to lean towards believing people who reach out to law enforcement asking for help, and stick around to offer their names are more likely to be mostly correct than someone who apparently only comes forward anonymously on the internet to offer information that contradicts that of the witnesses.

                • One last thing re your last post. ““But the vigilantes still hate on the person who saved the life of a puppy?”

                  To me, that sounds like you believe wholeheartedly in the narrative of the anonymous commenter.”

                  Why don’t you or guest care about the painful experience of the puppy? Instead, you both jump to the conclusion that the poster was for real. Maybe the person was, maybe not. The scenario might be true, might be not. But, the person described a scary and painful event to which neither of you cared to respond to, because it hurt the narrative.
                  Have a nice day.

                • The anonymous commenter didn’t present any proof of their statement that there was a puppy. Say for instance a picture of the puppy’s injuries? If there was one, why not show the puppy’s injuries to police?

    • Your story sounds good if that’s what happened why did you all run in the house and hide? Why didn’t you answer the door for law enforcement? Funny how your story changes from “I wasn’t the one who did it” but then changes to “I would do it again”. Sounds to me like your now trying to cover your ass now that you know people are doing something about it. My dog got beat up by a cat ran like a little coward from it but your trying to tell me he attacked a puppy sorry that’s a little hard to believe

      • A. it wasnt anons house. Police didnt have a warrant. THATS WHY THE DOOR WASNT OPENED FOR THEM.
        B. Anon left the scene 20 minutes after the incident. LEO was nowhere in sight.
        C. The gun used was not registered in anons name.
        D. 9mm between the shoulderblades.
        E. You know, there are people aho realize that police exist to oppress and harm, and nothing good ever came out of interacting with police. Furthermore, they have no reason to lie, they dont care if you think they ars trying to make themself look good- which is irrevelant seeing as their post was anonymous. It was an attempt to explain what happened and to try and give you and your daughter an apology and closure. Unfortunately, you refuse to listen to any narrative that places any iota of blame upon you or your dogs shoulders. Therefore,all that was accomplished was wasted time and energy. Its obvious that you and your daughter and your friend who hallucinated children and people from the HCR house playing with your dog already have your minds made up. And by the way Kym, the puppies injuries WERE shown to the police. But you wouldnt know that, because the police dont have any reason to announce it.
        By the way- Shak, thank you for being unbiased and reaching your own conclusion based on logic and reason as opposed to emotion. I had expected that from Kym, but I guess I overestimated her. Im not covering my ass because people are doing something about it- because nobodys doing anything about it, and I couldnt care less if they were. [edit]

    • Anonymous—Your description of the dog’s death shows what a inhumane sick person you are. And if this drama story you are telling was so horrific wouldn’t you or one of the other characters in your story have called 911? Oh that’s right…..you ran and hid from police instead. Why doesn’t the “innocent” come forward with his name and face and tell his side?

      • Person in question prefers to wait for the police rather than deal with a crazy emotional woman and her ever growing vigilantes.
        Crazy emotional woman without the full story, submits her emotional side of the story to a local paper, to gather even more vigilantes.
        If the person steps forward, the vigilantes won’t care to hear the facts that fill the holes in the story.

        All of the above could have been avoided, but instead was enhanced by thoughtless vigilantism.

        Will we ever know the truth? When will it be safe for the person to step forward? Will the story be told without favor or bias?

      • No. Anyone who has experience with the results of complaints about dogs knows that no official will do anything while the dog’s owners will behave irrationally aggressive and miscellaneous dog lovers pile on the hate as if it was the injured party’s fault that the dog did what dogs do.

        No one here, not even the owner knows what happened. Yet it has not stopped the outpouring of hate for harming a dog.

  • I doubt it was a person that shot the dog. I think the investigation will uncover that it was a cat who fired the fatal shot.

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