Kyle Joseph Kinsinger: Destined to Be Different.

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Kyle Kinsinger

1992 -2018

From the very beginning, Kyle was destined to be different. He was due to be born on Friday the 13 th and decided to grace us with his presence on Leap Year Day, February 29, 1992. He was 25 years old, or 6 ½ when he died, depending on how you apply the math.

His larger-than- life spirit leapt through this physical world, empowered by his towering ginger-haired self. Kyle’s smile and boisterous laugh, that devilish sparkle in his eye, exposed the character that drew many to him. He had no shame in his game. He would do anything for his people or complete strangers. He leaves behind a void that seems impossible to bear.

Kyle was a southern California native. He made lifelong friendships as he traversed Redondo Beach schools, graduating in 2010 from RU High. Kyle inherited his love of fishing from his Dad, and his passion for the outdoors from his Mom. Scouting and family outdoor adventures filled Kyle’s childhood with experiences he loved and shaped him to become the man he was.

While scouting, Kyle hiked many miles, climbed Mt. Whitney, camped over 83 nights, kayaked the ocean, canoed rivers, biked trails and the LA marathon and learned his way to earning all the requirements to become an Eagle Scout in 2010.

Having been born into a fishing family, Kyle learned to fish before he learned to write his name. Kyle began fishing on sport boats when he was 12. After graduating from high school, he worked on boats in LA/LB harbor and San Diego on and off until finding a home the last few years aboard the sportfishing vessel, the Vagabond. He connected with his fellow crew and passengers and became a part of the Vagabond family that extended beyond the work environment. The Vagabond was an aptly named boat for a free spirit like Kyle.

Kyle spent the off-season in true vagabond style. When not killing big tuna, he couch-surfed between friends, partied like a rock star, lived in the moment and worked with his Mom on the family’s mountain farm in Humboldt where he felt truly at home and where he died on February 18th, 2018. Whenever he had a chance, Kyle would check in with friends to let them know he was thinking about them and to share a laugh.

Kyle is survived by his parents Jim and Polly Kinsinger, his grandmother Margaret Carter, aunts and uncles and cousins from Hawaii and the east and west coasts, and by the many friends who were touched by Kyle’s free loving spirit. All our lives will be forever altered and only time will show us what comes next without him.

Soar, sweet boy, and visit anytime. We’ll be watching for you.



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