Garberville’s 61st Annual Rodeo & Country Craft & Art Fair Begins June 15

From the Garberville Rodeo:


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  • You know I wonder, when people donated to create a Community Park in Southern Humboldt, did they envision it would become the future home of the Rodeo; that would promote good clean fun? What are the values of the Rodeo and the guiding principles of the Park? Does it include drinking and driving? Or has it turned into a private and for-profit rent-a-park?

    It would seem, in its own way, the Garberville Rodeo Association has renamed the Southern Humboldt Community Park, i.e. “Garberville Community Park” and “Community Park Rodeo Grounds”.

    I guess people have forgotten why the Garberville Rodeo Dance only happens once every decade or so; but it has nothing to do with drinking responsibly, right? I’m sure the CHP could have a sobriety test checkpoint right there at the Redwood Playhouse…

    “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” ~ Big & Rich

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