Expect up to 30-Minute Delays on Bald Hills Road Starting May 1

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Department of Public Works:

The Humboldt County Department of Public Works, in cooperation with the Yurok Tribe, will be replacing culverts and paving a portion of Bald Hills Road beginning on May 1.

Motorists can expect up to 30-minute delays. Lane closures with one-way controlled traffic will occur at various locations on Bald Hills Road between post mile 13.46 and post mile 16.05.
Construction is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, May 1 with a completion date in early August 2018. Traffic control systems will remain in place until the project is completed.
If you have any questions or concerns, please, contact Angi Sorensen, Humboldt County Public Works Construction Engineer, at (707) 445-7448.



  • So, 3 months or approximately 60 working days or 264 feet a day for this project?? Who’s the contractor, Molasses Engineering?

  • A whole bunch of abatement letters were posted this morning for grows up Bald Hills Rd, out in Weitchpec, Hoopa and Orleans. Is anybody covering the issue of abatement letters? There were some issued a couple weeks ago for grows in 3 Creeks and Titlow area…I have seen nothing on this site regarding them so. I know Kym is very busy- this is no slight at all. It’s just curious that no media is mentioning them at all. I’d think people would be concerned about it and such… You can see them for a few days after their posting in the Times-Standard classified section.

  • The letters are still going out and growers are handing over cash at the planning dept hand over fist. I wonder who’s keeping an eye on all that cash.. hope someone is. Regardless the planning dept is making some serious money, every notice netting between 20-80 thousand dollars (usually cash) for them.
    Pretty good racket

    • Why aren’t people protesting the fees? Most pictures are of greenhouses w no evidence of what’s inside. Planning Dept is on a roll. Looking forward to their fall

      • Well.. I think because it’s a civil procedure the courts aren’t a recourse. If you protest the charges they threaten to call in fish and game or Water board assholes. Dealing with the county is much easier then state agencies.. and cheaper. The planning dept let people harvest without problems last fall. So it smelled very much like third world corruption .. pay to play.. but not many option for growers.

        • Ok. I understand the civil charges- you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. But you say that if you attempt to prove your innocence the Planning Dept. then threatens to bring in the state agencies? That makes sense. It’s a grand strategy for the Planning Dept! Of course it undermines the entire democratic process and property rights but I wouldn’t put it past them. They’d better be very careful who they send the compliance letters to! I hope they are keeping all the proceeds in a special account they are ready to surrender when they make that first big mistake, where the property owner refuses to back down- and they have their pants sued off of them!

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