KMUD’s Throwing a 4/20 Party Today

KMUD is throwing an all ages Community barbecue and movie night on Friday, April 20th Starting at 3 O'clock!.

KMUD is throwing an all ages Community barbecue and movie night on Friday, April 20th Starting at 3 O’clock!.

Press release from KMUD:

KMUD is throwing an all ages Community barbecue and movie night on Friday, April 20th Starting at 3 O’clock!. The KMUD 420 Smoke Out & Movie Night will have an eclectic group of Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jams & Blues Vinyl DJs. With ALL Organic food including BBQ by Moses Danzer from BBQ to you, and local organic pork from The Sabi Sabi Farm, along with MANY VEGAN OPTIONS including Mushrooms, Tofu, and Bahn mi, Plus Tasty Drinks and MORE. 
Talking Trash Productions Will be hosting the Double Feature, The two movies being screened are  TRASHED, a documentary and The God’s Must Be Crazy, a Comedy. Music and Food from 3 pm- 7:30 pm. Movies from 8 pm & BEYOND. All taking place at the Studio in Redway. 1144 Redway Drive, Redway CA 95589. This is a Zero Waste Event and zero plastic will be used in the production of this event, so please bring your own cup, a lawn chair, and a friend!


  • God must be crazy i thick that every day the way this world is of course we humans have self will

  • “All ages??” Doper fun for the whole family? Despicable. That radio station should lose its license.

    • Not dope meat. [edit] Their liscence? For having a smoke out as in BBQ on April 20th and playing into popular local weed culture… Where do you think you live a.) And it’s certainly more family friendly than taking your kid to the mateel for a reggae concert or whereever u folks hang out

  • I guess one would have to be “hip” in order to decipher the poster.
    I’m not hip.
    Are they celebrating a ‘smoke out’ like the cigarette smoke out day?
    Are they celebrating Hitler’s birthday? (which is obviously also today).
    Are they celebrating still being able to light up a BBQ grill despite the epa?
    What are they celebrating?

    • I think a 4/20 celebration in southern Humboldt is somewhat self-evident.

      • Even to the tourists & the not so hip? I beg to disagree with you.
        It would be nice if the public were fully informed so they can make informed choices.
        (the poster should say it loud and proud).

  • Oh my God have fun playing with yourself tonight I guess. Sometimes people like to get together.maybe go support local people you may or not be in personal belief alignment with nut you still share the earth with. Or don’t. Why do they have to celebrate a certain topic or policy. Celebrate being alive. It’s sux to have no friends and be alone all the time.

  • I love KMUD but an all ages welcome kids + a smoke out for dope is not a good combination

  • Marijuana’s terribly over-rated. I gave up the habit a decade-and-a-half ago, and glad I did.

  • Man you all are thick
    Must be the weed
    Clearly it was a play on words and referred to the dank smoked meat that was there. Geeeeesh.

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