Agitated Man With Gold Teeth Brandishes Handgun at Couple

Agitated man in Winco Parking lot

The suspect holding a handgun and a cup. [Photo and video by Jessica Gregorio]

Yesterday, before 4 p.m., an argument in the parking lot at Winco led one man to brandish a firearm at a couple. Coya Romero said she and her fiance Tommy Guzman had gone shopping at Winco. As they pulled in, they could see a vehicle that was getting ready to leave. While they waited for the slot to open up, a man that had been loading his white car was now ready to go but his vehicle was blocked by their little truck.

“He started backing out,” Coya Romero explained. “I’ve got a car behind me so I can’t back up…He stopped and backed out some more.”

Another shopper, Jessica Gregorio, had been watching because she was also waiting to pull out. She said, “A man in a white car reversed out of his parking spot very quickly and recklessly, nearly hitting the truck that I was behind. The truck honked. The white car stopped.

Romero said the driver began acting very agitated towards her. “He’s throwing his arms inside his car,” she explained. “The guy flipped us off through the window.”

According to the driver behind Romero, Jessica Gregorio, “The driver of the white car then jumped out of his car and walked briskly towards the truck, hands halfway up, in a confrontational manner. The way he was walking and his demeanor led me to believe he was under the influence.”

Romero said watched the driver of the white car come towards her truck. ” He was pretty slim…in his twenties. His upper front teeth were gold,” she said.

Gregorio said that while Romero remained in her seat, but her partner, Guzman, “opened his door and stood up a little, hands also half way up and said ‘what the heck (or) hell.’ The driver of the white car then stated loudly, ‘[Y]ou’re gonna get it.'”

Gregorio explained, the driver “went back to his car briefly and grabbed something. At this point, I turned on my camera. I was anticipating the guy was going to vandalize the truck or something. I figured the people in the truck might want some photos for insurance, or for a report in case the guy took off quickly.”

She said, “What transpired next, happened quickly, but felt drawn out in the moment. The white car guy had a black handgun raised in his right hand, and a cup in his left.”

From inside the truck, Romero said, “From my memory, he raised the gun and pointed it at our truck. It wasn’t a blatant straight on. He raised his arms so we could see the gun and it was pointed at us.”

Meanwhile, Gregorio was crouched in her car. She said, “When I noticed the gun, I got low and tried to hide behind my steering wheel, so my camera was blocked for the first few seconds. The guy with the gun proceeded back towards the truck, now with the gun near his side, and stopped short of the hood. I didn’t hear if he said anything.”

Fairly quickly, she said, “he turned back and got into his car and sped off. He stopped at the end of the lane for a moment, then headed west in the parking lot.”

Shaking badly, Romero said she called 911. Gregorio and other witnesses helped her and Guzman describe the situation to the Eureka Police officers who responded.  Gregorio says she provided photos and the video below to officers.


If you have any information about the driver or the situation, please contact Eureka Police Officer Aello at (707) 441-4060.



  • See this is exactly why honest citizens aren’t allowed to be armed in public, some criminal worthless asshole might get shot.

    • California allows concealed carry. Take the class, meet the requirements, and an honest citizen can be armed in public. However, I would hope most CCW holders would realize that a crowded grocery store parking lot is not the best place to shoot someone unless the criminal worthless asshole is at pretty close range and the line of fire is not obstructed.

      • Anonymous Humboldtian

        It’s my understanding that to get a ccw in California you have to provide a good reason. You can’t just say I want one because I live in a dangerous area. I thought the only reason you would be granted a ccw would be for carrying large sums of money, or valuables. Maybe I’m wrong.

        • No you are right and it’s three really good reasons, if one of them is carrying money you better have a really good ligit reason because you will be interrogated by the sheriff, after your back ground checks and classes and all five finger prints are taken and run, they don’t just hand them out like some would lead you to believe.

          • No. You’re wrong. You have to take a class, pass a test then pass background through the Sherrif. No “good reasons” need to be given.

            • Your high I have had mine for over 10 years and that’s what it takes, and I’m good friends with the person who gives the classes. You also have to renew every two years. Why the mis information? That’s why it’s called a may issue county, they may if you have a good enough reason.

    • This is why I have a CCW!!!!!

  • Another day, another product of the government internment camps, a/k/a the public school system…

  • The vehicle appears to be an early to mid 1990’s Acura Legend like this:

  • Hunboldt county has turned to such trash! Damn that asshole for pointing that gun at my mom.

    • Megan. When He takes off in the car you can get a glimpse of the license plate. And to everyone else .. It Is Illegal to Brandish a Weapon… This offense is commonly referred to as “brandishing” a weapon. If you “brandish” a weapon or firearm in a rude, angry, or threatening manner, prosecutors could charge you with this offense. This is just one of California gun laws that regulate how and when people may lawfully use their firearms.
      California Law as to “Brandishing a Weapon or … – Shouse Law Group

  • Lloyd Christmas? Is that you?

  • Looked like a pellet gun

  • Hope someone can ID this dirty creep and get him locked up ASAP!!

  • So he’s agitated yet calmly sips from his cup as he threatens w a pellet gun, and ? Smiles to show off his gold grill?, talk about passive aggressive,… hes pissed he just got a bad hair cut,…. n who was laughing??

  • Now we have to beware people with guns in Winco parking lot!??

  • I can almost guarantee this guy is from Bulgaria or Eastern Europe from the way he dresses. Definitely a European thug. Look in SoHum for him.

    • Good call actually. That stupid striped Russian Navy-looking shirt is pretty much a uniform for Bulgarians, and that haircut… not quite western…

    • Like I commented earlier. He stays near Dinsmore on a Bulgarian grow. Has gold teeth and heavy eastern euro accent. I wouldnt bet thats a pellet gun..

  • Wait! There is a serial number on his arm! (They all have ‘em). Let me just hook it up to my handy image enhancementizationating scope here…

    Just a moment…

    Aha! It says:



  • Looks like mid town eureka me and its 867 5409 jennie

    • It’s 3 not 4. Everyone knows Jenny. But apparently no one thought to get the License plate number of a serious criminal. He obviously does not have his concealed weapons permit. Those actions would get the permit taken away permanently.

    • Sorry, wrong number!

  • Seriously? Over parking?!?!? Eat a snickers and calm the heck down dude. So glad every is okay, hope they catch that creeps!

  • After giving the video up that could put this guy in jail, don’t know if I would want my last name put out for him to track me down. The guy seems a little out of balance.

  • Sorry it is 3 i punched the wrong # story of my life!!

  • Isn’t it great to live in a society where everyone is armed? If this is your idea of a second amendment paradise.. you can keep it

    • Well maybe if the person filming was armed they could defend themselves in a situation like this instead of cowering down behind the steering wheel and just hoping for the best.

      • I am as pro-gun as you can get, but come on a full scale shootout in the Winco parking lot at 4PM over a parking space? Not everyone has the temperament to concealed carry.

    • That guy didn’t have a CCW and the gun was probley “illegal “. So yes Emily. There’s tons of idiots like that out there and they don’t obey any gun laws. [edit]

    • First off if it’s a pellet gun it’s not a firearm which means it’s not a even a second admendment issue, it could be a sharpened stick and it would be the same thing. I understand women don’t want men regulating their bodies, but I can’t understand why people that don’t even know about a different subject feel the need to lecture everyone else. Secondly about 12 people have died in car accidents locally and everyone was suspiciously quiet about their outrage over “if it saves one life it’s enough and cars kill more people than guns” but one pellet gun at winco and here we go.

    • We live in ca, your comment is insane, so much for your “I hunt I just don’t like military guns” bs, if anything this is the reason to be armed, if this asshole would have pulled this bullshit in Texas he’d be a pencil.

    • And ps Emily. No,we do not live in a society where everyone is armed! Most are “bad” guys with illegal guns. If everyone was armed it would be more peaceful with less murder,robberies,rape,etc. but, thanks to people like you we will only let the criminals have guns while all law abiding citizens will be forced to turn there’s in. How do you like that society??? Hmm?

    • This is actually a good example why trained armed civilians should be able to have guns. You can pass all the laws you want. This guy was obviously breaking multiple laws that are already on the books, but I’m sure that an armed police officer would have stopped him from shooting anybody if he decided to. They just didn’t because there wasn’t any need, they could tell he wasn’t going to shoot anybody.
      I know we can ban all guns like they did in Europe, this would surely stop people from killing each other.

      Well then we could just band knives for personal protection..

      • [edit] dang if u gun nuts had a decent argument it would be something. But I’ve never heard anything convincing.

        • There are more good arguments than you have ever had on any post, but unfortunately you can’t open a closed mind, not every person who believes in our constitution is a gun nut, but feel free to spread your ignorance, thank the second amendment for that.

          • I belive spreading ignorance is the first amendment….which ironically is protected by the second!

          • Hey.. I’ve got an open mind. I’m a critical thinker I would say… I’m a gun owner, I hunt (I have a freezer full of deer and I grow my own veggies) and have a couple pistols for self protection, but I don’t buy into the NRAs agenda.
            I see two needs for owning guns: for hunting, I think anyone who eats meat should be able to go get it themselves. For self protection, because there are a lot of low lives out there with guns (like the guy in this article)
            Convince me that anyone needs a high powered automatic rifle. All I hear is ..
            1) it’s my god given right (that’s bullshit)
            2) I need it to protect against my government (that’s bullshit)
            3) I like to target practice (too bad) or…
            4) something along the lines of ‘I don’t know anything about guns and I shouldn’t be talking’ (bullshit)

            So, guest, what am I missing? Or do we just have different opinions and it’s never gonna change? I’m ok with that because, I’m pretty sure the majority of people are leaning my way, not yours. Times are changing old man

            • That’s not what you were implying in your second amendment paradise comment and you know it, there is nothing in this article about hi cap mags or assault weapons, it’s just a hand gun, btw I’m 36.

        • sometimes you almost convince me the 1 st amendment isn’t important, but then I remember they all are.

        • Well maybe you should start listening, then…
          You know, just looking at your posts, you haven’t supplied any type of argument on why guns should not be in the hands of honest, responsible citizens. You have no argument to make [edit]

        • Guest Guestofferson

          Red Dawn

    • [edit] If EVERYONE was armed, this asshole would have thought twice about brandishing a weapon. He knows however, that in the communist republic of ca, most people are not armed.

  • Acting like a tuff guy with that gun what was intent to shot somebody over a traffic jam what a idiot

  • ”TWANKSTA!” “ 5cent “

  • White Acura, the license begins with a “2”. That should be enough for LE.

    • Plate is clearly visible, but [edit] do you realize how many Acuras with plates starting wit a 2 there are in california? Thousands…..

  • ICE we need you

  • All this over someone blocking traffic because they don’t want to park further away and walk an additional 100 feet. Happens all the time at Costco, but without the gun (yet). Also, at the Coop.

    Just one more example of our intolerance for each other.

    • Which makes it fairly easy to avoid the idiots. Just choose to park at the far end of the lot where fellow drivers are less likely to be challenging everyone in the silly proxy self esteem battles using cars. Eliminate gym memberships and avoid conflicts simultaneously.

  • This is standard procedure for traffic issues in Bulgaria, he was probably just confused why the other driver didn’t jump out with a hatchet.

  • Exactly why I have my CCW in this crazy county

  • Good way to get killed for no reason, this human stain need to be off the streets before someone gets killed.

  • Winco parking lot has always been where the best and brightest of this exceptional pool of humanity can be found.

  • No one needs to carry guns !! Wild West days are done !! This is a prime example thereof !!

  • FPS Russia?

  • To gun or not to gun is the question!

  • 2ZG (Y or A) 088 On licence plate

  • Looks like a dent on the back door. Good picture of him. Offer a reward and someone will start talking. Hope they catch him real soon.

  • No community can tolerate people like this to exist in their midst. Modern Prisons are not enough of a deterrent to stop people who have nothing to loose. communities everywhere are loosing(or have lost) the integrity of their own cultures to the chaos that is globalization’s diaspora of souls. Gold teeth on a 20 year old? Gangster cowbowism? My grandmother would be shocked to see what degenerate behavior abounds and is tolerated in today’s normless America.

  • I bet this POS knows something about that Serbian girl who was drugged and died.

  • Has the whole world gone crazy!? Am I the only one here who gives a shit about the rules!? Mark it zero!

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