Stolen Vehicle From Oregon Located in Garberville

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Isidro Pedroza,Sheriff’s deputies in Southern Humboldt recovered a vehicle last night that was reported stolen out of Oregon earlier that day.

On April 16, 2018, at about 9:30 p.m., sheriff’s deputies conducted a vehicle investigation on a silver Honda Civic parked near the 600 block of Thomas Drive in Garberville.

During the investigation, deputies learned that the vehicle and its keys had been reported stolen out of Tillamook, Oregon that same day. The driver of the vehicle, 32-year-old Isidro Pedroza, was taken into custody without incident. While searching Pedroza, deputies found the keys to the vehicle in his pocket.

Pedroza was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for possession of a stolen vehicle. His bail is set at $25,000.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • Yep, he looks innocent!

  • “these aren’t MY pants!”

  • Glad they got him. Kinda thought there would be more than that going on there tho. When I drove by there was literally 6 sheriffs there lol

  • Finding stolen cars seems pretty easy these days. I assume that’s because police cars all have license plate cameras on them that then run the plate info through a data base. Otherwise it would have to be officers who have a list they keep checking.
    If it’s the former, I will further assume that the info from all plates is put into a database, about where and when that vehicle was seen. That becomes a privacy issue that is disturbing.

    • Can’t think of anything about that that bothers me. Maybe knowing that would make me get the current sticker out of the envelope and on the vehicle before it is expired for a change.

      • I drove around for a year and a half without putting the new tag on my plate. Never got pulled over, it was just sitting in my glove box. At first it was just i wanted to clean off 15 years of stickers, but never getting around to it cause of a complete lack of energy. But near the end it was a matter of “really nobodys noticed this”, and “when will they notice”. They never did, when the next years tag came i made sure to put it on though.

        • Chances are, it was noticed but officers chose to run a reg check prior to stopping you which showed current reg. Just because there is a minor violation visible doesnt mean they are mandated to stop you….its call discretion.

          • I would of thought so too, but in the past i have been pulled over for missing tags, when someone stole the tags off my plate despite being currently a valid registration. My understanding is that those are the little things they are suppose to be pulling people over for. Cause they often yield other things, like someone driving a vehicle without permission/recently stolen and not reported yet.

            I am all for discretion, but at the same time i have had years where i get pulled over constantly for nothing, and just harassed as well. EPD is so hit and miss most of the time, it seems like half they time they are out, they have blinders on when it comes to traffic laws.

      • Hark! I hear the sounds of privacy rights being chipped away! Very slowly. …….That’s how it happens.
        The government (or private companies) want to know who attended a certain political or social meeting, or who goes to some types of stores (think cannabis, gun, adult, etc.).
        Who’s cars are parked at 4AM on THAT residential street….. And what is HE doing there???
        Call me paranoid. But I grew up with A LOT more privacy than I/ we have now. I I think we should SPEAK OUT to preserve the privacies we have!!!

  • All in the same day? “Drive it like you stole it” I guess.

  • Score one more for HUMCO’s finest. Thank you! Measure Z at work.

  • Guess I’m bad , cause I pointed out he might not be local. My comment was deleted.

  • Hey TJ, driving up and down your driveway to check the mail isn’t driving around… all LEO’s look for tags that are past due , it’s the easiest stop for them to check you out

    • LOL touche’, and quit stalking me 😛

      I don’t drive a ton these days, but I do drive past the EPD offices about 2-3x a week as well as back and forth from arcata to eureka.

  • Wait until the owner finds out how much money he has to pay to get his car back.

  • Missing from Washington mental illness please contact his family 509-305-6094

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