Body Found in Surf Near Where Hart Vehicle Plunged Off the Cliff Identified as 12-Year-Old Ciera

Hart family with three missing outlined

Hannah and Devonte Hart are still missing. [Graphic released by the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department misspelled Ciera Hart’s name as Sierra.]

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department:

On 04-07-2018 the body of what appeared to be an African American Female was recovered in the Pacific Ocean surf in the area of Juan Creek and Highway 1 in Westport, California.

Due to the condition of the body the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Coroner’s Division enlisted the assistance of the California Department of Justice Bureau of Forensic Services Richmond DNA laboratory in identifying the body.

On 04-17-2018 the Coroner’s Division was notified the Richmond DNA laboratory identified the body from DNA analysis as being Ciera Hart, a missing member of the Hart family.

Through an ongoing examination of legal documents the Coroner’s Division was able to determine her legal first name to be spelled “Ciera” and not Sierra as previously released. The Coroner’s Division was also able to determine Ciera’s legal age as being 12 years-old at the time of the incident as opposed to 15 years-old which was also previously released.

The autopsy results including BA/Toxicology analysis for Ciera is pending at this time.



  • I’m so sorry. Just sorry.

  • This whole incident is a crying shame, literally!!!! :-C

  • I’m so, so sorry. So many children. They were put here for a reason and now their time has come to go, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t leave holes in so many hearts.

  • Veteran's Friend

    I wish people had found a way to show the same empathy here as for those in the car that went into the river. You do not know what demons anyone else lives with. This is a tragedy. Nothing more. No one will be adjudicated except in the afterlife (if one exists). Hope for a merciful god. You too have made mistakes I imagine.

  • Yep we tend to sit in our glass houses throwing stones of judgement.

    Cant help but to wonder if the stress of being under constant death threats to your family would make someone snap, after your sons picture went viral&your kids are thrust into the national eye.
    It must have been very traumatizing.
    Not that this outcome is a good solution of course, but murder/suicides are rising quickly in our country unfortunately.
    May our societal ills be healed, and may the souls of this family rest in peace.

    For the first time i saw a guy in garberville with big block letter tattoos on the back of his arms saying “white power”. Made me super sad. Made me think how he wouldn’t see this familys tragedy as a loss. Thats truly heartbreaking.

    • Way to spin it. Way to throw in white power. I’m embarrassed to live in a time when you would make excuses for what is looking like a mass murder. After it happened everyone was sexist now we don’t understand her mental problems. I’m just embarrassed because it is too ridiculous to be upset

    • Hmmmm is “black power” racism? A saw this group of “Africans” once that we’re waving flags that said black lives matter. It accord to me that these people must really hate my white Irish ass and wouldn’t mind seeing me dead! I wasnt sad though..

      • If you said “Irish lives matter,” would that mean you hate people of other races?

        • Certainly the English were hated by the Irish. Maybe still are. So like everything else it’s all in the context.

      • Crawl back under your bridge covetroll sorry to trigger you

      • It is a pretty gross double standard that is only causing further division. If you are white you can’t possibly have ever experienced any discrimination and in fact any you might encounter you somehow deserve. This is horribly flawed thinking that is just as bad as lumping all black people together and assuming they all deserve the same thing. If it is wrong in one instance then show some consistency in how you enforce your social standards or people will rebel and it is back to more division.

      • I didn’t know that Irish Americans are being killed by the police and incarcerated in high numbers.

        • Does that mean it is impossible for racism to be levied against them? I am so sick and tired of this narrative that only classically repressed groups are allowed to experience discrimination. Any single person can suffer discrimination at the individual level. I don’t give a fuck if people of my same skin color have traditionally had advantages or disadvantages in society. That doesn’t necessarily reflect a damn thing about my life and lumping people together like that is just as bad as all the discrimination and bigotry that has people up in arms these days.

          • Nice, but Logic isn’t allowed in modern racism discussions. And the the Irish have always had it easy In this country and have nothing to complain about…. side note I think we need to put more money into schools apparently history is important and not being taught at elementary schools let alone liberal arts colleges.

            • I agree that history is very important. Just because we might not be proud now of how people acted throughout history doesn’t mean we should shy away from it. History is not meant to be celebrated necessarily, but rather learned from. Same reason I am so against the tearing down of statues. Why not leave them up and let people use them in a teaching moment? This fear people have over things that make them uncomfortable is really a glaring weakness in our species.

    • Did you simply make this stuff up to suit? Death threats made her drive children, who she promised to protect, over a cliff? It’s like making a hero out of a drug lord.

      If you want to fight a battle over gay rights, pick an honest one. This one reeks.

  • Barbara Brennan Kerhoulas

    How very sad

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