Victims of Friday’s Fatal Crash Identified

Traffic accidentPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department:

The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office has identified the two women killed in a motor vehicle collision April 13, 2018 on Highway 101 south of Salmon Creek Road.

The driver of the 2007 Honda Civic has been identified as Emely Selina Carreno-Arenas, age 20 of Eureka. The passenger of that vehicle has been identified as Michelle Segundo, age 19 of Eureka.

Both women were wearing seatbelts at the time of the collision.

Anyone with information regarding this collision should contact the California Highway Patrol Garberville Office at (707) 923-2155.

Earlier Stories on the fatal accident on Friday, April 13:



  • So young. So sad.

  • My prayers to the families of these young ladies. So tragic. This whole week has been tragic.

  • Any info on that rumor that they were doing nitrous? Would info like that get released to the public? I’m not trying to stir- I’d rather put that one to rest …since I saw it in the other thread. Very young age, so sad. RIP

    • Just because it was said nitrous was in the car doesn’t mean they were inhaling it.

      • Right? I see nothing so far indicating toxicology results.

      • And nitrous can be used to enhance auto performance. It may not have been being used as a drug at all.

        • N2O is the chemical make up of “nitrous oxide” used in the automotive industry

          N2O2 is the slightly different chemical make up which is industrially used in most restaurants for making whip cream. Unfortunately, it is a commonly abused inhalant (especially in humboldt county) also referred to as “nitrous”. It is available in any head shop, and most of them do not require a business license to make a purchase.

    • I also heard that the car was swirving in and out of traffic before the collision. Would be explained if they were doing nitrious.

  • I wonder too how the lady driving the other car is doing, if anyone knows.

  • The nitrous may have been intended for racing use. Unlikely the young ladies were racers but boyfriend, brother etc. may be. Not everyone is out to get high on something and nitrous oxide has entirely legitimate uses.

    • Two different things, car nitrous will kill you if you inhale it or at the least make you very sick. Whippets can’t be used in a cars motor, it’s used for whip cream and getting high.

      • Yeah maybe they were starting their own cool whip factory? Or maybe they were revolutionizing whipits use in cars to make them run worse and study the effects on accelerated global warming. Or maybe they were going to use the full canisters to tie together to make a boat so they could float Nation to nation raising awareness on drugs and class separation with regards to wealth….

      • N20 will instantly freeze your lips, mouth, and air passage ways. Also, in a worst case scenario, would freeze the individuals mouth to the tank causing their lungs to burst. I’m assuming it would look even worse than I can describe…

    • There is a big difference between a NOS unit in your car and a box of whippets in the passenger seat. Nitrous oxide racing units do not use whippets.

      • That is so painfully obvious I can’t believe we have to clarify that. If people are going to make excuses at least put some effort into making it believable.

    • Wondering the same!!!I agree!!!

  • Two girls trying to escape the cruelties of life, find their own demise by tragedy of unforeseen circumstances in the same day! Life can be cruel………. Soooo remember and embrace what you got! Here today………..Gone tomorrow

    • How do you no that’s what they were doing!¡ do you no something!! No one No’s!!!!

    • How do you no that’s what they were doing!¡ do you no something!! No one No’s!!!!,what you said is true embrace the living,and love the lost, whether your family,our friend,and be kind people!!! Could be one of yours!!!!

  • >”The nitrous may have been intended for racing use.”

    Uh huh…

  • Breaking news.
    Lost Coast Outpost is broken.
    Their license expired or something.

  • They were driving very erratically. Speeding at around speeds of 90mph. Swerving in and out of other cars. The vehicle contained a large quantity of used whip it canisters. They almost killed the other car driver. My thoughts are with the injured driver.

    • Prayers for Marsha Adams. After stopping and looking at the track marks it’s obvious she is the victim as the impact was on her side of the road. Seems she’s been overshadowed even though she’s the victim

    • Can you tell us how you ‘know’ that? Sounds like investigative knowledge or on-site observance?
      If you are correct, this is a sad but powerful, teachable moment.

  • brutal~tragic and such a young age~heart hurts for the family/friends left behind. Did they determine a cause?

  • Take’s alot more then a whippet to fire a dragster

  • This is one of the girls that die on this tragic accident. She was the passenger and she was from Vacaville, California. Please if you can help or share, will be apraciate it.
    Thank you!! 🙏

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