Hwy 36: Full Closures Won’t Resume Until Tomorrow

Information from Mercer Fraser Construction:

There will be no full closures…Monday April 16th, 2018. There is a chance that flagging with 30-min delays may take place if we need to address issues with the project due to the rainfall but aren’t anticipating this. As for the rest of the week expect full closures to take place starting Tuesday April 17th. Attached is a flyer to remind everyone of the closures that began April 2nd and will continue during the duration of the project this upcoming season. Let me know if you have any questions and/or comments.HWY 36 Flyer



  • I think it’s crazy that they have the had closure.open every two hours how hard is that. When you have a doctor appointment in midday you leave early and have to wait all day. Road rage is worse for the opening time. But thank you for letting us know that they won’t be closed they never change the sign and I’ve been assuming and planning around the craziness. Last year was insane.

  • Covelo or busted

    map would be helpful.

  • Everyone wants their road fixed, but no one wants anyone there to fix it. Always inconvenienced. Call the feds to complain and don’t use the new road.

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