Fortuna Police Investigate Death of Serbian Woman

Press release from the Fortuna Police:

Fortuna Police Badge.

Fortuna Police Badge.

On Friday April 13, 2018, an autopsy was conducted on the 24 year old female that died on April 11, 2018 after being transported to Redwood Memorial Hospital from the 900 block of Riverwalk Drive. The cause of death is undetermined pending the toxicology results. The female has been identified as Dragana Solaja from the Republic of Serbia.

Earlier Chapter: Fortuna Police Investigating the Death of 24-Year-Old Woman



  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Hmm, do the toxicology tests cover Novichok? Just a paranoid thought…

  • Where was she before she died?
    Was she sleeping in the rough?

    Deaths nearby the rivers are increasing.

  • Don’t Bulgarians or Russians hang with Serbians

  • Sad. RIP…Was she previously trimming on a Bulgarian grow or was she one of the sex workers trafficked in to the Bulgarian grows? Lotsa weird and illegal stuff over there that our sheriff turns a blind eye to…and that’s why they keep coming and growing more every year and expanding their social footprint.

    • No permits. No busts. Bigger than ever. It’s called organized crime for a reason.

      • Europeans are scary. Deport them! Make America Red Again! Start with Cove trash!

        • Estabigone you should get deported with your racist thoughts together. Maybe than America will be great again or red like you said. Most of “Americans” are originally from Europe. The real Americans are Indians. So Estabigone you need to shut up and think before you write something. Thank you!

        • Hey Eatabigone, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is – send a donation through this page to deport the girl’s remains back to her family:

        • Hey Eatabigone
          You should be ashamed of your words here.

          • From the pictures, she seemed like a nice person. Not one to die like this. How very sad. And also sad to see such vulgar and disrespectful messages concerning her death.
            I’m ashamed to be living in a county (Humboldt) that has begotten such numbness towards life and the families that love their own.
            Thank you Old Humboldt for your caring comments.
            I’m so sorry for the loss of your friends’ daughter.
            May she rest in peace.

    • She was a good girl, from good parents and good familly. She was student in America. Europeans are not scary. But, when somebody is not informed, it’s easy to be scared.

    • She is definitely not a sex worker, she is someone’s friend and sister, I knew her personally.

    • You should be ashamed of yourself, Farce. He family is desperately trying to find out what happened to their girl, and the first thing that pops up on Google when one searches her name is this page and your awful comment. You packed so much bigotry and hate in so few words – you are an embarrassment to your nation.

      • A terrible lie. You said bad about Dragana. Now you’re talking bad about her father. Her father has a service and sells Russian Lada cars, not a girl. It’s disgusting what you can lie about. I know this family personally, for a long time. Do not make them suffer more. It’s the biggest lie I’ve ever read. Shame on you!

        • Just ask Miroslav for a sentence he served in a jail. Ask anyone older enough in Cenej what he was doing with Mile. These are the facts, sorry if you can’t accept them.

  • I dont under stand if one walks in to the ER,or even when the cops bring a person in the Er they do a toxicology test with or with out ur consent and they get them back from the so called lab with in a few hours,and they always claim every one is got every thing in them and they get treated like dirt right away true or not,& go to jail right a way if it cops that forse them tohave test done,That is at red wood,anyways but if some one dies there and the dont even look at other posablitys,& then they take theyre time desideing to take the test then it always takes days to get it done and resolts tocome back.went it finaully does come back I bet it will be the only blame for her death.I dont know but it seems like wrong to do that instead of trying to save her,& they should be investagateing how she got there,with who,what happen. Now they will just even up saying overdose,or suide,just not to have to dealwith it. Its been happening alot more and more,exspeaully if they dont want to investigate a death o its suicide,case closed. Not everyone believes in suicide,and wouldnt do it.but just because they lazy or just dont care to find out the truths easyer to say O suicide closed,so they can move on. Sorry I didnt mean to bitch but ive had a personal experience with that happening still hurts.

  • Dragana was one beautiful creature of a beautiful girl from Serbia our beauty and model from
    a wealthy family who came to America as a student of the fourth year of hotel management. She loved traveling and she did not even think about what is awaiting her from her family and friends. I write this as someone who knows from Serbia and whose death has shaken her and her whole family. We can not reconcile ourselves to having suffered so badly. She was a great athlete, she has been playing folklore for many years and has never taken drugs.
    Please leave appropriate comments on our Dragana who was killed in a foreign country away from her loved ones.

    • I am so sorry for the loss of such a young woman with a life of adventure before her. This is my website. If there is anything I can do to help, you can reach me at

    • I am very sorry for the loss of this young woman. My comment above was not meant to insult or criticize her. I made the comment because we have a large problem with Bulgarians illegally growing marijuana here and then importing trimmers and sex workers to service the grows. Some Serbians work there. Our sheriff chooses to ignore this. Certainly not every Serbian visitor is involved with them…I am sorry for the family’s loss and hope they find peace.

      • Veteran's Friend

        Really you made the comment because you jumped to a conclusion based on one word, Serbian…which is called PREJUDICE. Own it!!

    • I am very sorry for your loss of this beautiful soul, this young woman whose life was cut short for some reason here in Fortunate. You must know however that his area has a very long history of abuse and murder and missing persons.

      If she was killed as you indicate in your post please insist that local law enforcement investigate fully. What was she doing there on that street. Was she alone? How did she get there? Who was she with just prior to her death and what does her cellphone and social media profiles say? If she was a healthy athlete who never did drugs, what did she die from? Was she being held by someone against her will? Was she coerced into using drugs? Did she have an undetected heart condition that made it look like she was intoxicated and wandering a lonely street at 6 am and then subsequently die? Did she die of alcohol or some other poisoning like Ayahuasca? If you are family you will be given some of these answers. Many questions and yes because of the cartels around here, law enforcement would rather not delve. If you loved her, come here and insist to know what happened to her and maybe help make it so it doesn’t happen to other young people. Northern California and southern Oregon have a long list of missing females that fit Dragana’s age and physical description. Someone is preying on this demographic of women and they are showing up dead or missing with their skulls being found nearby on the river bar.

    • Najiskrenije saučešće porodici od sairgača.

  • I known Dragana for years, she’s was my friend, we went on college together. She went there for work and travel program, don’t judge if you don’t know her. We are all hit by the news here and in incredible shock for everyone. I still can’t believe she’s gone.

  • I worked with Dragan, and I liked him like a sister as a friend. An exquisite woman, beautiful intelligent, traveled half the world. She never did drugs. The people who used drugs used to call losers. She hurt her. Do not write bad about the angel that I had the honor to meet

    • It’s a tragic loss of a young bright lady. Dragana was an extremely bright girl ( I remember my conversations with her) and It puzzles me how come did she get involved with Bulgarian / Russian scumbags ? These scumbags don’t give a toss for one young life obviously.

  • For those who can help, here is the GoFundMe page for sending donations to Dragana’s family to help with the costs of repatriating her remains to Serbia:

  • I hope some clarity can be found from the autopsy for the sake of
    her family. It seems so mysterious.
    My condolences with her family in Serbia.

  • My dearest neighbour,my student, my friend, my daughter, always ready to help, pure heart. I still can’t believe she is gone. I don’t want to believe. I am still hoping to hear her dear voice and laughter. We will all cherish the memory of her. I just hope police will find out what happened. I believe she wasn’t stupid enough to do drugs. Either way there is nothing we can do that can bring her back. She will stay in our memory as the most beautiful girl inside and out. We love you Gaga.

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